40 Timeless Things That Will Never Go Out of Style

  1. Red Lipstick
    It gives every girl a little more confidence and adds just enough vava-voom to a look.
  2. Billy Joel
    He can still belt it out like no other. His lyrics are modern day poetry and he speaks to all of our emotions.
  3. Ray-Bans and Aviators
    From the Blue’s Brothers to Top Gun, these styles of sunglasses are clean and effortless.
  4. Hand Written Notes
    It shows that you’ve taken the time out of your busy day to write someone a piece of literature. If it’s out of the blue, it makes it even more special to know someone is thinking about you.
  5. Thank you notes
    It’s common courtesy and such a nice gesture especially in this crazy world and all of the technology.
  6. Harry Potter
    Harry Potter has not stopped growing since 1997 when the first book was published. From the books to the movies to the recreation of their world, Harry Potter is the new fairytale.
  7. Champagne
    It’s always represented a celebratory event and good times to come ever since I met my best friend is college. Good champagne is a great gift for anyone because you never know when you need to celebrate.
  8. Sex and Politics
    Bill and Monica, JFK and Marilyn, Olivia and Fitz, Carrie and the Politician, need I say more.
  9. Natural Make-up
    Hey, I get it. Kissing a face full of gloss and powder is no fun. But us natural beauties also know that the natural look isn’t totally organic but it makes us feel confident and feminine.
  10. Leather Jackets
    In a fast-fashion world, leather sticks around for the long haul, both in terms of style and physical performance. The more you wear this piece, the better.
  11. Beards
    While the handlebar moustache and the soul patch have all enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, there are good reasons you don’t often see them around these days, namely, they’re too strange. So let’s leave our men with that stubble or full on beard (sans that neck hair).
  12. French Manicure
    French manicures are a classic when it comes to simple glamour. They’ve stood the test of time and are a staple for weddings, formals or the office.
  13. The Oscars
    From couture gowns to that inimitable golden statuette, the best talent in the industry gathers together for one night to take over prestigious categories.
  14. Pearls
    “Pearls are always appropriate”- Jackie Kennedy (the queen of class)
  15. Levi’s
    There is a reason that generations of people had Levi’s grace their doopas, a reliable brand with quality material. Just ask Cindy Crawford.
  16. Coco Chanel
    From Chanel No. 5 to that quilted bag to menswear done right, Chanel is the definition of class and style.
  17. Sending flowers
    Some don’t enjoy the idea of flowers but I think they’re an amazing way to show someone you’re thinking about them, cupcakes are another way to my heart.
  18. Tiffany & Co.
    When you think of diamonds there is only one option, I mean c’mon Sweet Home Alabama still has girls drooling over that scene.
  19. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana
    They are the epitome of classic women who inspired people in a way that most can’t come near today.
  20. Gossiping
    Gossiping will never go out of style because there will always be people who are jealous and unhappy. Make sure you don’t become someone who belittles others.
  21. Tailoring
    Having clothes that fit in all the right places that look like someone made them specifically for you says something about your style.
  22. Well used cookbooks
    Stains and bent pages show that many meals were made over the years and that means that so much love and happiness occurred while eating them.
  23. Valentine’s Day (sorry I don’t think it’s going anywhere)
    A day for people to show their love for each other and while most think it’s only for couples, think again because it will forever be my dad’s holiday to me!
  24. Converse
    Bennie “the Jet” Rodriguez was the first person I ever saw to rock Chuck Taylors and I fell in love. Still to this day you can find them in all patterns and colors.
  25. Chivalry
    Holding doors open and pulling out chairs are things I can do by myself but when there is a man who treats you like a lady, it makes you heart flutter.
  26. Dancing
    You want to be the person who dances, at wedding or in a bar, you want to dance and enjoy the music.
  27. Music festivals
    From Woodstock to Coachella, music festivals allow for days of our favorite artists all at one venue. Plus with each festival allows for people to rock a particular style.
  28. Acting in a ladylike manner
    Listen girls we don’t need to be ratchet here. People claim guys don’t act like that gentlemen but that doesn’t mean we need to stop acting like ladies.
  29. Hand me down jewelry
    It’s more about who the jewelry is coming from. People receive meaningless presents all the time but when it comes from someone who wants you to have their lock or favorite ring, you tend to see the piece in a different life.
  30. Sense of Humor
    It’s hard to believe right now because we are young with perky boobs but there will be a time when we will actually need our personalities. So in the meantime surround yourselves with people you can have a real conversation with.
  31. The Beatles
    Their music is still played in movies, concerts, and even bars. They have generations upon generations of followers.
  32. Film
    Everyone with an iPhone is a photographer, you can take hundreds of pictures over a few minutes. Film allows us to think about what we are doing, the angles, the lighting. Everything is purposeful and thought over for more than just a quick second.
  33. First Kiss Jitters
    The first intimate moment between two people gives you once in a lifetime butterflies. So take them in and never forget the feeling your significant other gave you.
  34. Trench Coats
    Ask any fashionista which fashion item she considers to be the most timeless and versatile of them all, and I bet you she names the trench coat. The typically double-breasted, classical camel-colored that’s been worn by pretty much every fashion icon under the sun.
  35. Martini’s
    The Classic American Cocktail
  36. Stripes
    If there’s one piece that most of us probably have in our closets, it’s the classic striped shirt. The one that goes with everything you own.
  37. Cotton
    Pleather, Rayon, Polyester are all fabrics that really have some type of comic affiliation but cotton is popular enough that it has its own commercial.
  38. Best Friends
    People who understand you no matter what and who will love you no matter the crazy shit you do. That type of friendship is timeless.
  39. Education
    Continuously learning and growing in this ever changing world is a necessity. Educate yourself on the world you live in, you’ll never regret that.
  40. Being Kind
    Treat others the way you wished to be treated. No one likes to feel bad or be hurt so don’t make people feel that way.

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