Let’s Talk About Miscarriage and Infertility.

Far too many couples go through what a friend of mine and now local blogger is living through. Hear her story and how she is trying to raise awareness about the loss of a pregnancy. “When you suffer one or more miscarriages you not only mourn that loss, but you also mourn the loss of ever enjoying pregnancy as so many women do. You will Never fully enjoy it. ” Read her story and help spread awareness. I told Jill, that if her message reaches just one person she did her job and more.

So Many Stories

My response to that recent viral Facebook post, the one pleading for people to stop asking when women are going to have children…

I say ask, ask everyone and ask often, and then ask more questions. If you don’t want children, say it. If there’s infertility, say it. If there’s miscarriage, say it. There needs to be more discussion about infertility and loss. We need these discussions so women know they are not alone. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can say that too. But we should not stop asking.

Here goes my (our) big secret for 18 months: I’ve suffered quietly with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL), with no living children.

This discussion needs to happen. Awareness brings education and research. Did Breast Cancer get their own month by staying quiet? No. You see pink everywhere in October. Did you know that in 1988 President Ronald Reagan…

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