Duck Boots

Like many things from the ’90s, duck boots are HOT HOT HOT once again, and have been for a few years. The rise in social media use for fashion tips has only propelled the desire for these boots, which have never been completely off the radar; they’re just having a true moment right now. They are so hot that last year, they were pretty much sold out everywhere by October. Surely the manufacturers have more inventory this year. I have no idea, but it’s a good bet that these will sell out again in 2015. So if you were one of the disappointed masses who couldn’t take a photo of her duck boots on a rainy or snowy day for Instagram (I admit to seeing each posting with a pang of nostalgic jealousy), consider buying some now.

These boots have a soft, padded inside that keeps your feet warm, dry, and comfy through any condition. The front of the boot has a rubber “duck-like” appearance combined with a leather, lace-up top half, designed by L.L. Bean himself, as the “original antidote to wet feet”. They’re rugged, durable and extremely stylish. They provide a great alternative to Uggs.

How do I style?

cozy winter style... I am liking these boots for snowy winter days!: LOVE it #UGG #fashion This is my dream ugg boots-fashion ugg boots! gingham shirt + monogrammed sweatshirt + dark skinny jeans + Bean boots: Colorblock sweater with plaid collar shirt and jeggings and LL Bean Duck boots: #LLBean Boot style via blogger Gimme Glamour - Southern, Classic and Stylish #Bean Boots: cute outfit with snowboots: Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Winter Blast: Perfect for fall!: A master class in how to make duck boots look stylish. A perfect snowy-day look for gals at a loss when it cone to looking cute in inclement weather.:

See something you like?
Click on the pictures and shop!

Saltwater Quilted Duck Boot, Red, dynamic,rgb&qlt=80,1&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.5,1,3,0&icc=sRGB%20IEC61966-2.1,relative&iccEmbed=1&rgn=0,0,2000,3000&scl=4.47427293064877Old Navy,0,1950,2250&scl=4.55607476635514&id=ehZbQ2Women's Mad Love® Wanda Shearling Style Boots

Comment below! I want to hear your thoughts on these boot.



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