6 Crucial Pieces of Advice From My Mom

“Do you have the money for it?”

Living within your means isn’t easy, especially when every store offers great deals when you open up a credit card or simply give them your email. Apparently this is necessary to get the good coupons. Then there are times when things need to be charged because the money tree in the backyard is bone dry. I have a tendency to become a little overzealous when I have a little jingle in my pocket; really I burn through it faster than it comes sometimes. Thankfully I have my mother’s voice in the back of my head saying, ” do you really need another t-shirt?” or “But you already have a dress to wear!” My shopping Jiminy Cricket comes out just in the nick of time and thankfully has saved me (let’s get real here) thousands of dollars. We need to be money conscious because there may come a day when we need to go without, even if it’s just for a little while. Never going overboard mean never getting so far in debit you can’t get out.

“Be happy with your body.”

It’s normal to be insecure, to compare ourselves to others, to find faults with our body especially in this era of perfectly airbrushed images, of beauty contests, of online fame. But it doesn’t mean we are meant to do all that, to be so harsh on ourselves for nothing. It took me a long time to learn and understand that I am me and this is the body I was given. I am going to make it the best MY body can be. I had the support of a mother who constantly praised and loved me. She also taught me to just be more than your looks. She taught me to be kind and generous and thoughtful. She taught me to love and no to be shallow, to never judge those or think I am above anyone else. She never dwelled on what I was eating or if I got a workout in, she just ultimately wanted me to be happy, that will forever be her goal.

“Get some rest!”

Seeing my mom on Sunday morning after a long night of friends and beer always leads to conversation about getting more rest and why do I look tried. It’s a good reminder to slow down and not keep going until I crash. She knows that I don’t like to sit down and stay in so every so often I need to reminder to just relax and have some down time. I think in this fast paced world we all need to take a breather and just have a lazy day. She was never one to make me feel bad for napping or not really accomplishing much on a Sunday, she actually encouraged it. Life gets hectic and we need to slow down once in a while.

“Relax! Stop worrying!”

I am a worrier by nature. From stressing over work to what others think I often need to be reminded that a lot of this in not in my immediate power to worry about. I don’t know about you, but when I’m worried, I’m not at my best. I think when I’m worried, I actually get stupider. When I tell my mom about whatever it is that I demeaned worthy enough of my tears and stress, she always has a resolution but I know when it’s nothing I should waste my time with she slightly laughs and tells me to stop. It’s my calming mechanism that allows me to then renationalize in my head and more forward. Worry has never helped you solve any of your toughest problems and you should only be interested in solving tough problems. My mom reminds me time and time again that you rarely have the power to change the thoughts and opinions of other people so just stop worrying about it.

“Just try it on.”

This one makes me laugh because I think of all the times my mother yelled this into the dressing room as I looked with disgusted eyes at the hideous things she thought would look good on me. I would, without hiding my annoyance, try on each piece. And the funny thing is that 90% of the time she hit the nail on the head. From prom dresses to heels my mom was very good at realizing what would work well on my body. She also would find things that I would never necessarily pick out for myself, which would open my eyes up to new styles, patterns or colors. Now I find myself sending her pictures from inside dressing rooms asking her opinions on things and taking hers over my friends any day. She would never lie and say something looked good when it really doesn’t because she would have to be the one to hear about it.


“You’re just like your father!”

Anyone who has ever seen the two of us in action knows this is truer then true. From our sense of humor to the fact we are always the first on and last off the dance floor, my father and I are cut from the same cloth. Fluent in sarcasm, we both know how to take it because aren’t as well versed in the receiving side of things. I’ve seen the strongest resemblance over the years in our emotions, mainly our sensitive nature. Unable to watch E.T., choking up over the Mother’s Day episode of Rugrats or hearing a sad story involving a child or dog, forget about it, the tears are already flowing. Who better to see the strong resemblance than his ex-wife? From our ability to aggravate and love like no other I am proud to say I’m my father’s daughter.


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