I Wish I Was More Like Her

We compare, we lust and we want.all the things we can’t have. I look on with jealous eyes to those who have flawless skin, long legs and beautiful hair. I am envious of those who don’t need to workout and look incredible in a bikini. Why can’t I be more like her? Because she isn’t you. These girls I constantly compare myself to aren’t me, they don’t have my smile, my laugh, my heart. You have to be able to see everything from your complexion, to your shoe size as a unique and perfect part of you.

Free yourself from beauty trends, people’s opinions, and who you think you should (but never will) be. Accept yourself and what you have been given. Love and embrace every bit of it. Show others what you have to bring to this world, don’t become the girl you want to mimic. Who you are and what you are capable of is not restricted by your body, curves, skin or hair.

You are seen as more than bone and flesh, even though it does not always seem that way. You will be felt, from the heart, by all souls that want to see past the facade we paint on. Because that’s what you deserve and what you will get as long as you let it be. You are a collaboration of your beliefs, what you give your heart to, what you find funny, how you’ve been raised and so much more.

Comparing yourself to another is poisonous. You will constantly fail on trying to be someone or something you aren’t. Your body brings life, it has cared for you this long, it’s time t return the favor. Having a healthy body includes having a healthy mind with pure and kind thoughts. Start there and see how it goes.

It’s hard to do when there is this that nagging voice in our head that keeps seeing something wrong with us. It says we’re too much or too little, never enough and we need to change. But just for a moment, try to turn that voice around. Look at yourself with curiosity, excitement and especially with no judgement, no comparison. Rid yourself of feeling like you aren’t good enough.

All of this becomes irrelevant when people really understand who you are. You no longer are the pretty girl in the bar or the chick all the guys wanted in college, eventually you become someones mental stimuli, their world and better half.  I’m not talking about what you look like but who you are. You may feel seemingly ordinary but it’s your destiny to benefit someones life, even if it one human on this Earth.

The more attractive you feel the more attractive you are. So the ultimate goal is not to compare yourself to the rando girl on Pinterest but to wake up and feel like a rock-star every single day you wake up.


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