8 Wedding Rules and Traditions That Could Be Optional

Bouquet And Garter Toss

My cousin was married a few months ago and she was talking about the dreaded (well it is to me) garter toss. And how people won’t even know they’re missing it if they don’t do it. I thought, I’ve never been to a wedding where they haven’t done it but you know what, I love the idea! I don’t want to stand in a frenzy of women who feel the need to to grab this bouquet out of each others hands. I get it, I’m not married, let’s not shove a man’s hand up my dress in front of my gram to get the point across. ALSO I sure as hell don’t want my new husband displaying my thigh for all to see while he removes the garter and then tosses it to one of his drunken buddies. End rant.


Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

This first look photo makes me smile :) // AMBphoto // 16 First Looks You Don't Want to Miss:

It’s tradition that the groom cannot see the bride in her dress before the ceremony begins. However, it’s become extremely popular for couples to have what’s called a “first look.” This means that the bride and groom get to see each other before the wedding ceremony begins and the emotional moment is kept between the two of them. This also makes the walk down the aisle a little less stressful. Still like the idea of surprising your husband? Do a first look with your mom and dad, the idea melts my heart, plus it’s a special moment alone with your parents!


The Bride Being Escorted Down the Aisle

The music is playing and all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. Though it’s tradition for the bride to be escorted not all people have that special someone in their lives. If you’re struggling to find someone who can walk you down the aisle, consider making the big walk on your own. Though it’ll mean more eyes are strictly on you, you’ll be able to make a grand entrance that highlights your beauty and happiness.


Wedding Party Must Match

Bootlegger Groomsmen Google Image Result for http://images.lover.ly/7580_e4f44a1edfe673f6.jpg:

Why is this a thing? We all have different styles so why not show it off? Plus as I think of my best friends they come in all shapes and sizes. So, what looks good on a petite frame might not look so good on DD boobs. Don’t forget the guys either because I just adore having the mismatched look with the men as well. Mixing up tie styles along with different fabrics and shoes, what could be better?

mix and match sparkly sequin bridesmaids dresses in shades of grey | North Carolina Wedding Sourced from Antique Shops:

This looks amazing on people who can mix and match colors and fabrics, however, I am not one of them. Instead leave that up to the dress designer. Find a shop that offers dresses in a variety of colors and styles. That way if you have different body shapes and want everyone in red, they can pick out the dress they feel comfortable while you don’t worry if all the reds will match.


Wedding Favors

Quite frankly, most of us don’t even LIKE Jordan Almonds. Plus, we really aren’t looking for objects monogrammed with the newlyweds initials or wedding date to add to our ever-growing pile of “stuff.” Unless you can find something that’s unique,  meaningful and practical, you can pass on the wedding favors. My favorite idea is donating to a charity in lieu of a tchotchke that I’ll forget to take home at the end of the night.


Wedding then Honeymoon

Heading straight to your honeymoon sounds romantic, but it can be a logistical nightmare. Also,  for some couples, going on their dream honeymoon isn’t exactly in the budget after paying for a wedding. There’s no need to hop right on a plane after the wedding because most want nothing more than to relax with your new husband the day after. When you take your honeymoon is entirely up to you  (and maybe your boss a little bit). You can always take a few months, enjoy being a married couple at home, and save money. Also after you settle into your married routine you can enjoy a getaway a few months or a year later and relive that newlywed feeling!

Wedding Cake

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. But why settle for a classic white confection when your wedding day should be an event that is uniquely yours? After all, you’ve customized every aspect of your day, starting with a meaningful ceremony and ending with a handpicked playlist of your favorite tunes. And yet when it comes to the wedding cake, couples often forgo personality in favor of tradition.Who’s to say you can’t have a cupcake cake or a Krispy Kreme donut tower?

25 Cheap And Cool Wedding Cake Alternatives | Weddingomania: Colourful Cocktails & Macarons Styled Shoot From Bridal Musings — Photography by Anneli Marinovich Photography — Loverly Weddings: 20 Alternative Wedding Cakes:

Arranged Seating

I love these kind of laid back seating charts for casual beach weddings and rehearsal dinners. Believe it or not, guests do too. Who wants to be told where to sit? they came to relax!:

Guests can choose to sit wherever they want! It used to be that guests of the bride sat on the left side at the ceremony and guests of the groom sat on the right. Even now, plenty of your guests will go by this guideline to find their seats. But if your fiancé’s family is huge and yours is tiny, your ceremony will look a little weird if most people are seated on the right side. Keep the prime seating for your parents and grandparents and post a cute sign like “Pick a Seat Not a Side”.

So tell me your thoughts on traditions! Are there some you skipped out on your special day or did you hold as true as you possibly could? Comment below and Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “8 Wedding Rules and Traditions That Could Be Optional

  1. I love this!! I am not the one for traditions, there are so many cute non traditional ideas that make weddings now a days so fun and special! I think doing whatever fits the bride and grooms style and personalities is the way to go!

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