Life Is Too Short

Wear colorful lipstick. That really bright kind that you always try on in Sephora, love, but ultimately decide against because it doesn’t feel “like you.” You are definitely a lipstick girl.

Buy that dress that is a little too expensive. If you love something you should treat yourself every so often because it feels good. Sometimes it’s not always a financially smart decision to go blow through $200, so get a mani and pedi instead. Trust me the right color does wonders for the soul.

Your sanity is not worth a paycheck. A workweek should be enjoyable, never sacrifice who you are or your well being for a job. Just because a job feeds your bank account does not mean it should feed on you and your mental health.

Make yourself feel like a guest in your own home. Draw a bath, light a candle, play songs you enjoy and just relax. End your night with a good RomCom and you’re set.

Walk around naked in your apartment after a shower for as long as you like. Hell, watch an entire movie naked. Forget that you have to get dressed at all.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you, inspire you, love you for all your faults and believe in your dreams. Never settle for anyone less than those who love you with all their hearts. But remember you must do the same in return.

Mute people that you can’t literally cut our of your life. Remember that they hold not power over you so don’t let them control any aspect of your life.

Paint a room or a wall a crazy color. It’s just paint and it can always be changed. Give that fuchsia color a try, who knows you might absolutely adore it.

Go out on a random weeknight and have one too many drinks, because it’s fun and the second you swear off Tuesday-night spontaneity forever, you know you’ve gotten old. There’s always room for one impromptu happy hour every so often.

Order the fries. Have the extra scoop. Make yourself cupcakes, just because. Being healthy includes mental health, and agonizing over something delicious is never worth it. You can find balance and also find chicken nuggets. Sometimes.

Say “I love you” to the people you love. Let them know how much you care for them. Hearing the love someone has for you is an incredible feeling one we often put aside. So share that happiness.

Say “I’m sorry” to the people you know deserve to hear it. Swallow your pride and give them the apology that you would want to hear, and tell them how you’ll do better in the future. Ask what you could have done differently, and listen to what they say.

Call your mom just because, send your aunt a hand written note telling her all about what you’ve been up to, FaceTime a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Make someone’s day by reminding them how much you love them, and that you just happened to be thinking of them.

Take a trip with someone that you haven’t seen in awhile. College roommates make great travel partners. Plan a vaca! want to get a little crazy? Vegas is always a good time, or even plan a weekend getaway in a central location. You wont regret it.

Laugh at yourself. Laugh with others but remember be kind to all. People will remember the patience you had with them and the kindness that was in your heart.

Life is too short not to live exactly how you please.



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