If Looks Could Kill..

A phrase my mother often would exclaim as I showed my distaste for something or someone. My fellow overly expressive facers, I know how hard it is, not having control over your facial reactions. There is nothing we can feel in secret – it’s all over our face. We constantly look incredibly shocked, or intensely focused, or more confused than any normal person has ever been. We struggle in silence, because our faces say it all. Here are some things that you’ll only understand if you, too, have an overly expressive face. Just remember, you’re not alone.

You face is even worse than you are at keeping secrets

If something exciting is happening, you can’t stop smiling. If there’s bad news, you’ll look slightly perturbed through all interactions. The simplest of emotions fly over your face quicker than you can help it.

You have no control over your eyebrows

Before you even know it they shoot up like fireworks on the Fourth of July, or even worse they scrunch together with every annoyance you come in contact with.

Half the time you have no idea your face “says it all”

People who know you, know best. They know when you’re happy and when you’re sad. Which means the whole, “nothing’s wrong” bit doesn’t really fly.

Your more of a candid gal


People think you’re excessively emotional

But actually, it’s just your face. You’re totally fine… once your eyebrows dropped

Your face is usually the first to know how you feel

‘You had a bad day huh?”

‘Yeah actually, I did!’

Your face has definitely landed you in trouble before

You know the terror of being asked ‘have something to add?!’… well nothing that won’t get me fired…

People stop mid conversation

Apparently your friends can tell your disgust with the way a story is going and often just exclaim, “WHAT!”

Two words: opening presents

The disappointed can be seen for miles as you open the matching scarf and glove set

People love watching you read

Everyone can tell when the book takes a turn on pg. 145 or when that really funny part happens in the movie you’re watching on your iPad.

‘What’s wrong?’

Occasionally your focused face looks a bit too intense, and ‘sh*t, I just realized I forgot to buy milk’ comes across as ‘everything is wrong in the world.’

The crazy eyes come out

You completely forget to wish your aunt happy birthday or to send out that email to your boss, and the look makes you a bit unstable

Isn’t that awesome?!

People often think your super excited when really you’re just normal excited. Or when your scared people think you’re overreacting, nope just my face.

Meme face

You often fear you’re face will be the next internet meme sensation

Resting bitch face?

Oh god no, my face doesn’t rest, ever. If I have an emotion or thought, my face is the first to let you know, and trust me, you’ll know.

So wrinkles are inevitable but it just means that I’m expressive and that I squint when the sun is in my eyes.



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