Necessities for the Gal on The Go

Life post-grad has been pretty fast-paced for me; I pretty much went straight into  [what I thought was going to be similar to Carrie’s life from SATC] working full time. Now, a few years later, I’m slightly more grown up (I’m saying slightly because the only thing about me that’s more grown up is my corporate job) and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to keep me sane when I feel like I’m running in a million different directions.

I’m a busy girl between my job, my gym schedule, coaching, and my little family…you get the gist. Most days I’m going from my 9-5 to coaching, or making a pit stop at the gym before heading back home. There are some days that I get to meet my girls out for a glass of wine, or four. And some  things make walking in the door at 9:30 a little easier. Here are my essentials for the girl on the go.

Long Wear Foundation

Whether your headed to your night job or out for a much needed happy-hour martini (or a few) a long-wearing, full-coverage foundation is key. An 8-hour day is a damn-long day, and for most of us twenty-somethings, we aren’t just getting ready to go to work for 8 hours. We have so many other things going on!

High Quality H20

Carrying a water bottle is a necessary evil all of us must endure, so why not make it cute? I recently got a S’well water bottle and it is the coolest (the pun was intended)! They keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! Now you can finally drink a warm cup of joe through your entire work day or hydrate before heading out to the bar. Plus hydration is key for your skin and no one likes a hangover so drink up buttercup!

$20 in Cash

I must warn you, keeping a $20 bill in your bag at all times is going to prove to be a challenge. You’re going to want to use it on shoes, lattes, and fashion emergencies. Don’t do it! This is for when you discover you’re debit card’s been demagnetized, your wallet’s been stolen, or you need cash to tip the valet or pay for parking.

Battery Booster

With our inability to unplug these days, some would argue that their beloved tech necessities are the most important of all our “essentials”. Having a dead phone battery doesn’t help when you need to Instagram your delicious martini or send an S.O.S. to a friend when your date goes sour. Make sure you’re always charged. My phone never leaves home without it’s best accessory, my Mophie.

Travel Perfume

These refillable travel perfume spraysEdit are perfect for your make-up bag or purse (I always carry mine with me). Just remove the top knob to your perfume and you can pump the travel spray full of your favorite scent. Sometimes the stress after your workday needs to be masked by Marc Jacobs.

Make-Up Removing Wipes

If you’re going straight to the gym after work, or even if you just want to refresh your face on your commute from point A to point B, wipes are a must. I break out really easily so I need to make sure that my make-up is off the minute I don’t need it on, like going to the gym. I like giving my face a little break every now and then.

Concealer Sticks

Concealer sticks are essential to cover up unexpected zits on the go! I always will pack at least some concealer but you can add face powder and bronzer/blush to the mix as well. And I usually touch-up my makeup in the car (Hey, I never said I was a good driver). This helps when you need just a quick adjustment because dark circles are a friend to no one!

Hair Help

7am hair vs 7pm hair are two VERY different styles. Bobby pins are a must (remember I have a pixie). Sure they might end up at the bottom of your purse, but they will come in handy when you need them most. Also a hair tie! Even if you don’t need it, at least be the friend that always has a spare hair tie.

Band Aids

You’re going out after work so your new pumps had to be worn. Well around 4:00 pm your feet are telling you something different. And since you’re a big girl you thought you could hack a whole day and night in 5 inch heels. Well jokes on your Prada Patty but thank god you have Band Aids to buffer the pain. And I guess they will come in handy if someone is bleeding too.

What are the go-to items you keep when bouncing from one activity to the next? Comment below!




The Olsen Twins: My Fashion Lovers

As they move into their third decade as trendsetters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have discarded more styles than most of us will ever try — who could forget Ashley’s lady-tux phase, or Mary-Kate’s flannel-covered hipster years? But, the twins’ talent is that they have the finesse, not only to break fashion rules and pull off even the most ill-advised trend, but to make us all want to try it, too.

Ahead, we pay tribute to the countless times when the Olsen twins made a fashion don’t look like a major do. These trends are ones that I constantly wear currently but these girls were way ahead of the fashion world. What can we say? If it’s fine by MK and ASh then it’s fine by me! When you got it,you got it dude!


Oversized Outerwear

While the rest of the fashion world is taking on the minimalist approach, thhe Olsen twins are maximalists at heart and, while Mary-Kate’s layering finesse has come a long way since her everything-but-the-kitchen-sink college days, she’s still not one to let a fashion decree keep her from a style she loves.

18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Layers overwhelm a small frame. The Olsen twins are maximalists at heart — and, while Mary-Kate's layering finesse has come a long way since her everything-but-the-kitchen-sink NYU days, she's still not one to let a fashion decree keep her from a style she loves.: Classic grey coat, black bag and camel slingbacks - Olsen twins, we love you:  : olsens style 5 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 15 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) 4. Oversize Outerwear



“Leggings aren’t pants”. Well if the girls have paved the way thus far, I think it’s safe to say I’ll continue wearing more leggings.

Wait...are the slender legs the #leather jackets of this #duo: Olsens Anonymous Blog Stye Fashion Ashley Olsen Twins Comfy Cozy Fall Style Oversized Sweater Leggings Cap Toe Ballet Flats The Row Croc Bag photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Stye-Fashion-Ashley-Olsen-Twins-Comfy-Cozy-Fall-Style-Oversized-Sweater-Leggings-Cap-Toe-Ballet-Flats-The-Row-Croc-Bag.jpg: 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Leggings aren't pants. Mary-Kate clearly didn't get the memo. Or, she read it, and doesn't care....: MARY-KATE | FEATHER HEADBAND + LEATHER LEGGINGS: style idols MK &A, breaking rules setting trends: Rule #8: Leggings are not pants. via @WhoWhatWear: olsen:

Baggy Wear for Petite Girls

Their petite frame never stopped them from ever trying a style or a designer. By now, most of us are hip to the chic, oversized thing, but in 2010, skinnies still ruled, and if you wore a pair of baggy white trousers in the airport, you risked them being mistaken for sweats. Not that Ash cares — she’d been on the haute-XXL look for years prior to this.

olsens style 21 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) On Ashley: Leather jacket draped over the shoulders, skinny jeans, and slip-on loafers; On Mary-Kate: Black textured jacket and baggy ripped jeans: Ashley Olsen in a pair of loose Yoga harem pants and a yellow top with a black coat over it: MARY-KATE + ASHLEY | THE ROW STORE OPENING IN LOS ANGELES - Olsens Anonymous: 21 Rare Olsen Twin Photos You've Probably Never Seen Before via @WhoWhatWear: Mary Kate and Ashley  i really do not understand why they wear such baggy clothes:

T-Shirt Chic

They constantly wear the perfect combination of boyfriend and tailored. But there is no other style that I can appreciate more than the way they wear a simple tee. It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it’s a piece that’s able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. That said, there’s something about summer that makes the white tee especially necessary, as it can anchor statement pieces such as wildly-printed pants or that flirty black skirt.

olsens style 20 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) The Most Popular Olsen Twin Photos on Pinterest via @WhoWhatWear: Love love love olsen's basics style! Simple pieces with statement accessories & shoes! LOVE!: Love you Ashley Olson and those awesome tights: + Alexander McQueen Sunglasses in Matte Black  + Pencey Standard Boy Crew Tee  + Only Hearts So Fine Lace Bralette  + Rachel Zoe Cord Leather Belt  + Derek Lam Military Hip Belt  + ASOS Mixed Opaque Stone Ring Pack  + Kristen Elspeth Layered Arc Bracelet  + Nixon The Camden Watch  + Anthropologie Blossomed Paillette Purse  + Santi Beaded Knit Clutch  + T by Alexander Wang Neoprene Box Pleat Skirt:


Bandwagon fashion girls (cough, this writer included) picked up their first pair of Birks this spring, right around the time J.Crew started selling them and claimed to be first on the trend. Which we all know isn’t true because the Olsen’s have been rocking these sandals for years.

olsens style 25 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Double denim is a no-no. Birkenstocks are an even bigger no-no. In 2011, long before the rest of the fashion world cottoned on to the ugly-shoe trend, Ashley Olsen proudly sported her Birkenstock Gizeh sandals, accessorized with a one-two punch of denim. She makes an excellent case for both.: Celebs Wearing Birkenstocks - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from #InStyle: Ashley Olsen. I flipping love herif an Olsen can wear Birkenstocks, then by golly so can I.: celebrities in birkenstocks | ... Ashley Olsen's Sandals? They're Black Birkenstock Gizeh! - StyleFrizz:

Hats That Keep You Warm

This one’s so self-evident it’s hardly even a rule. But, in the mid-2000s, the Olsen twins were way into the super-slouchy beanie — worn so far back on the crown of their heads we wondered how they stayed on. And then we all followed suit. And RIP to all the hats that were lost to the wind.

Ashley // Olsens Anonymous ..: la modella mafia Model Street Style - Off Duty Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fashion 7: When you wear all black, just adding ONE bit of color makes you realize how beautiful that color is!: They will forever have the best street style.: beanies, fur, tights, wedges, socks.: i like this outfit way too much, (the old lady photo bomb makes it):

Circle Sunnies

Sure they’re a huge trend now but heads were turning, in typical Olsen fashion, as close to a decade ago, Mary Kate stepped outside rocking these 60s inspired glasses. Now you can’t walk into a store without having these circular beauties adorn the shelves.

olsens style 19 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 22 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 23 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) Marykate and Ashley - trendy, urban, cool, hip, creative, fashion forward.: OLSENS ANONYMOUS MK MARY KATE OLSEN FASHION STYLE BLOG BAND T SHIRT ROUND SUNGLASSESSMOKING CONDOMRING PLAID SHIRT BLACK SHORTS ANKLE WRAP GLADIATOR SANDALS: 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Circle sunnies should stay in the '60s. Sure, they're a hipster staple now. But, there was much chatter (and much shade thrown) when Mary-Kate started stepping out in small, circular sunglasses in 2008. She probably did the most to single-handedly revive this style since John Lennon.:



These head pieces are just one of the quirky pieces that have adorned the heads of the Olsen twins. With the rest of their bohemian style the turban just adds it all together.

7+Trends+the+Olsen+Twins+Started+via+@WhoWhatWear: The hot turban trend continues this year! ~ Ashley Olsen: Turban. Love her! I've of my fashion icons.: Twitch Vintage: Get Your Joan Collins On; Turban Headband Tutorial: 2 ways to wear a turban headband like Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen #style #fashion #olsentwins: Ashley Olsen, black leather pants and casual sweater- love the combo:

They’ve managed to look not only shockingly good almost all the time, but to also see trends coming at least a year or two before the rest of the world cottoned on.There is something to be learned from our (well my) favorite fashionistas. Wear what you want, even if it isn’t in style. Trends suck most of the time because they’re gone just as quickly as they came. But if you wear clothes you love, your wardrobe will thank you.

Guide To: Pairing Your Boots & Socks

Letting your hosiery peek over the tops of your boots has become a go-to way to create styles that are free-spirited, slouchy, and bohemian. Ideal for cool climates, the trend does two of our favorite things at once: it keeps you warm and dry and looks super cute. You just can’t go wrong when fashion and function are combined, plus I hate cold toes!

I’m assuming you already know how to find hiking socks. So if you came here in search of moisture-wicking wear for your mountain climbing shoes, I do apologize for the bait and switch. But if you’re here for darling socks to wear in every (other) possible boot scenario, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re wearing the classic ankle, lace up combat, cowgirl kickers, or riding boots I’ve got the socks for you.

Knee High Boot Styles

Make boot cuffs from old sweater or something similar, yes : ) Knit Boot Cuffs | 24 Genius Clothing Items Every Girl Needs: I love the color combination. The red socks on the tights is simply genius, why have I not thought of this before?: Free People: Tall boots + tall socks.: warmer inspiration, link to a blog with many photos beyond just fashion - travel, antique, vintage etc:


BlackRibbed Modal Over-the-Knee SockRugby Knee SockHUE Cuffed Chunky Cable Legwarmer

|| Target || American Apparel || Lord & Taylor ||
|| Steve Madden || Free People || Zappos ||
|| Cavender’s || Urban Outfitters || ASOS ||

 Ankle Boot Styles

How to wear ankle boots with socks! Click through for more great Fall and Winter fashion tips and ideas! Jo Lynne Shane: boots booties rugged knit knee highs: WANT THESE ASAP! Free People Ventura Hiker Boot at Free People Clothing Boutique: Obsessed with ankle boots. I would probably wear these with socks that have the lace trim on top.: I like this look.: Adorable lace up tan ankle boot with heel. The ankle socks are a nice touch.:

Shop Fishnet Print Mesh SocksPatchwork Crew Sock,0,1950,2250&scl=4.202586206896552&id=UM8cr3$ary_tn225$

|| ASOS || Topshop || Urban Outfitters ||
|| Darner || Free People || Nordstrom ||
|| L.L.Bean || J. Crew || American Eagle ||


Boot Cuff

So this is a similar option without all the bulk. I use boot cuff with both my knee high and ankle boots. Here are some stores that sell my favorite (and only) boot accessory:

Blush PinkBoot Cuffs, Hand Knit Boot Cuffs Cashmere-Kidmohair Blend Yarn Choose Your Color And Size

|| Target || Etsy || Grace and Lace ||
|| Country Outfitters || Boscov’s || Etsy ||


I Still Remember When 30 Was Old

When I was 16, I had no clear concept of being in my twenties. Vaguely, I thought that I might have a sunny one bedroom apartment with a pullout couch, a gold retriever puppy, and the ability to have anything in my refrigerator like cookie dough and ice cream, setting that I stole straight from my cousin, the only young-ish adult I knew at the time). And God by 26, I imagined I’d be newly married and ready to have kids, certainly a real adult with a pleasant office job and a great gym membership.

To be fair, at 16, I also imagined college as a place where people wore sweaters and sat under trees talking about philosophy. My friends could do no wrong in my life and my parents were the worst people ever. My only job was to babysit and they only thing that entailed was watching the kids by the pool. I spent my summers sleeping until noon and riding my bike everywhere like I was in the cast of Stand By Me. Literally the only things I worried about were passing my driving test and field hockey preseason.

Adulting is hard and not one, present-day adult hasn’t stopped dead in their tracks while thinking, “Why the hell did I ask for this? Why was I trying so hard to grow up faster? For THIS? For this 9-5, bill-soaked, responsibility-ridden life? Why, GOD? WHY?”

Adulting is…

Using your lunch break to do something other than sitting in your car and playing Candy Crush. Maybe your run some errands or go grocery shopping because you don’t want to do it after work. After work, all you want to do is get home, change into your pajamas, eat dinner, and go to bed. It’s nice when you get things done during a slower time because Friday at 5 is not my ideal time to be running to Target. Using your time for good allows for the minimal “you time” you have after work,to maybe do other adulting things like meal prepping or cleaning. Or binge watching Netflix and eating ice cream for dinner…

Adulting is…

Deeming Friday as a hard no in the way of doing any type of social activity. It is a night used to order food, watch Netflix (it’s a staple in my life) and get to bed as early as humanly possible. Friday night chill sessions are my spirit animal. I use Fridays as a way to kick-start my  weekends. Friday night is used to decompress in the comfort of your own home, braless, make-up free, surrounded by cookie crumbs watching something delightful like Sex and the City reruns.

Adulting is…

Learning the art of packing your own lunch. It’s growing a passion you’ve never known for Pyrex dishes and Ziploc baggies. It’s getting a little too excited over the lunch you’ve built, knowing you’ll not only be satisfied with your yogurt and sandwich, plus you’ll be saving money. It’s feeling a sense of invincibility as you stroll into the office toting your lululemon bag (I own 6 of them because my mother is the type of person who just asks the 20 year old girl behind the counter if she could have one) with a level of a meal that would make your own mama proud.

Adulting is…

Owning it. I have to come to realize that I appreciate it so much more when someone just says “Look, I messed up, how can I fix it?” It’s okay to mess up. You create more work for yourself by making excuses. Whether in your work or personal life, you will make mistakes, and it’s alright! It’s admirable when someone owns up to it and even better when they don’t blame others!

Aduting is…

Spending money on the unexpected. Before you know it you need four new tires or your phone breaks and you need to replace the whole thing. It seems like every time you are “kinda ahead” life knocks you back down and come Monday you have $5 until next payday. But somehow some way you make it work.

Adulting is…

Accepting people for who they are. I’ve come to realize that people aren’t going to change, so don’t try to change them. Embrace the differences and accept who they are. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Try to figure out why.

Adulting is…

Worrying about money. On top of spending on the unexpected, the necessities and yourself every now and then. Remember and try to keep your rainy day fund full enough. But what does that mean? How much is enough? Do I have enough for retirement? Do I need to worry about that? I’ve never been so stressed out than trying to figure out if I’m saving enough, if I need to save more and if I’m saving for all the things I need to save for.

Adulting is…

Giving gifts people actually want. I was the person who would scramble around the holidays and birthdays and buy a dumb candle or cookbook (THAT NO ONE WOULD WANT). I finally started buying gifts for people that matches their personality. Buying activities is fun too like, tickets to a play or a game. It’s a great feeling when you realize you made someone else genuinely happy.

Adulting is…

Skipping your workout to get more things done at work or home. Many work related issues overtook my need to go to kickboxing. In college after work I would have one foot out the door 5 minutes before my shift ended. But now it’s time to focus on your career and future because you need food and lights and this job pays for that. 

Being an adult is a lot of responsibility and a lot of worrying, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s nothing I would rush to if I was a kid again,but honestly if you find yourself wishing the days away, STOP! Life is short don’t let it pass you by. It sounds like a cliche , but show me one person who knows where 2015 went and I’ll recant my statement!


Shopping Tips

1.If you’re not sure, try it on. Who cares if you bring 10 things into the dressing room and come out with 1? There’s no way to know you like it unless you try it on!And if you’re anything like me and you don’t try it on right then and there it never gets returned if you don’t like it! 

2.Consider what you have in your closet that you can wear with the item you’re buying, before you buy it. If it only goes with one or two other things, make sure it’s an item worth getting. 

3.If it doesn’t make you excited, don’t get it. Each item in your closet should literally make you jump for joy, even the simplest t-shirt. Like my grey pocket tee from Madewell I can’t live without! So if you try something on, and there’s really nothing wrong with it, but you’re just not excited to wear it, it’s not worth buying.

4.Look and see if there are any deal or coupons you can bring to the store. Why wouldn’t you want to save more money?! Most stores do a student discount so never leave home without that god awful photo or check your email because (especially around holidays) some stores have awesome deals that maybe aren’t advertised in store.

5.If you absolutely love it but the fit is off, try another size. Every store/brand runs differently so don’t be afraid to try a size 8 even if you’re usually a 6. And if the fit is off in every size, leave it behind. Every body is different so you can’t expect everything to fit right!

6.The “b” word, budget. This is important. Many people overspend on things they don’t want, need or use because they had no parameters around their spending. Not a smart way to shop. You need to set a ballpark figure on what you are going to spend on each shopping trip. Set your budget and stick to it! Whatever your budget stop shopping once you hit that limit. This will help you decide what it is you really want.

7.The key to a balanced wardrobe (and budget) is to have a mix of high and low designers and brands. My motto? Spend where you think it shows. Each person has in their head what they think they should spend their money on.

8.If a week has passed, and you’re still thinking about that shirt you didn’t buy, go back and get it! It’s obviously worth it. If you wait any longer it’ll be gone. And then you’ll be really mad!

9.No matter how friendly or pleasant a sales person is, here is the fact you cannot avoid: they’re in it for the sale. Yes, they may care that you walk out only with items that suit you and that you will use. But they want you to walk out with something. That’s what they are there for. Don’t be smitten by their kindness.

10.As my mama says, “If you can’t decide between the red one and the blue one, get them both.” Seriously though, if you love a piece so much and know you’ll wear it all the time, get it in 2 colors!

11.If you randomly find a perfect special occasion dress, you should just buy it, even if you have no special occasions on your calendar. Because shopping for a great dress a week before your friend’s wedding or your company party is not fun and it’s pretty rare that you’re gonna find something awesome on a short timeline.

12.There’s something to be said for staples like black pants or flat sandals or a white button-down, I don’t believe in buying something just because you think you’re supposed to. The truth is a wardrobe can survive (and thrive) without a pair of plain black pumps or a tailored blazer. When you find yourself in the “should-I-or-shouldn’t-I” conundrum, just ask yourself one question: Do I love this? It sounds simple, but I swear it works every time!

What are your shopping tips and tricks? Comment below! I’d love to hear! Until next time my loves!


Outfits We All Own

“Meeting up with a friend I need to impress
because we aren’t really friends and I need to look good”

It happens all the time. A friend or more so frienemy reaches out to you to grab lunch or some drinks. You said no the past 5 times so you are now pretty much obligated to go. She makes her life seem incredible; she lives in a big city and has an awesome job, while you’re back in your home town. So you have to have an outfit that screams “Look how fucking fabulous I am!”

“I need to look professional so I nail this interview,
even if I am not qualified for it”

Well this isn’t our most fashionable outfit yet but it definitely does what it needs to do, make you look like you’re employable. Your skirt is going to be more matronly then you’d like but hey, your butt doesn’t look half bad in it. Secondly, it makes you look a bit older, which is bad for your social life but good for your bank account. This outfit makes you think that your next purchase will be a cardigan set from Talbots but you only need to wear it when looking for employment, thank god.

“Infamous Pinterest outfit”

So some girl, probably some teenage girl, creates an outfit using Polyvore of extremely expensive items. She puts it on Pinterest and somehow it makes its way to your feed. You do a double take because you absolutely adore the outfit. You then realize you have all of these pieces hanging in your closet and it took Pinterest for you to realize how to put it together.

“I always look like this when lounging around the house”

Saturday night, you typically lounge around in your old sweatpants that you stole from the laundry room in college and a t-shirt you got for free the one time you volunteered in high school that’s 3 sizes too big. Your new man friend says he’s on his way over with takeout and a Redbox. Well, shit… you look like you went on a week long bender and have just slept it off all day. So you grab your Victoria’s Secret leggings, after you change out of your full coverage underwear and throw on that baggy tank that give you the perfect amount of cleavage. Because that t-shirt is for your eyes only right now…

“The casual, not-casual look, worn when you want to go out and pretend like you didn’t know your crush would be there”

We’ve all done it, you know there is a chance he is going to be there, so you want to be prepared just in case. You have a go-to outfit that says to him yes I do always look this way! See #4 for any confusion. You just happen to throw on those jeans that make your ass look amazing and that top that just compliments your skin so well. You don’t look overdone because remember you’re just getting drinks with the girls, so you want everyone to think you got ready in a few minutes when in fact you had to start prepping at 5 to get the right effortless look. The things we do for love…

“I want people to look at me when I walk into the club”

My go-to outfit in college was a teeny tiny black skirt and a baggy black tank top. I added my favorite pair of heels and I’m ready for the night. We all have that outfit that makes us feel fierce. You wear it when you want some attention, you want to have a good time and dance. I recently found my black skirt however and let’s just say I should not be seen out in public wearing something so….small.

“I’m hungover but I still have to look cute for my family reunion”

You tell your friends just a few drinks because you have to wake up early to help your mom clean before your entire family comes over. Well 6 beers, 3 shots and some mixed concoction later, it’s 3am and you can’t stand. Well the next morning your head is still spinning and now you have to look like the upstanding person that your first class education paid for. So you have that outfit, more then likely it’s a dress or skirt, it gives you that feminine feel but doesn’t restrict your bloated stomach. And honestly thank god for bronzer.

“This is too hip for me”

It’s trendy and fabulous and completely not your style, but you bought it anyway. It hangs in your closet because you have yet to work up the courage to wear it out in public. Finally your girlfriends are over and you have had just enough wine to put it on. The girls go crazy over it so you wear it out. Thank god you’re on a runaway train to blackout city or else your friends would have to hear about your outfit all night or worse take you home to change

“I need to make this messy look work….”

I don’t know how many times I see a look and I just want to look like the girls on Tumblr or an Olsen twin or a Zara model. They make have this effortlessness to their messiness. I look like a heroine addict coming off of a high when I try this out. They wear baggy clothes, and throw their messy curls in a top knot. And they look like they stepped off the cover of vogue. I try the same look because who doesn’t love a flannel tied around their waste with high wasted cutoff jean short, and look like I should go back inside and try again.



What’s an outfit you think every girl has hanging in their closet! And remember lovies you can always email me at

So stay beautiful dolls!



The Cape

Anyone who ever watched the hit TV show Ugly Betty will be convinced that poncho’s are quite possibly the most hideous outer-garment that you can ever wear. But designers are here to prove us all wrong with this delightful new take on oversized elegance.The poncho design is extremely versatile. It is also really comfortable and we all know how wonderful it is when fashion and comfort actually meet halfway!
Another great thing about this trend is it lends itself well to a variety of different fabrics: for a more luxurious look you can wear a cashmere poncho, or rock a wool knit for everyday wear. Rich colors, fabrics and interesting graphic designs take the piece up a notch, and look beautiful paired with a streamlined bottom – think shorts and a lot of leg, or slim trousers and elegant heels. A great way to add bursts of color to an otherwise plain outfit, we also love the slightly preppy feel with over-sized plaid in bright colors.

|| How to Wear ||

Boho Chic Outfit Idea by Happily Grey: Plaid Poncho Outfit Idea by Annette Haga: how to wear a poncho: Best Women's Street Fashion for Fall/Winter: Sandra bullock fashion | Avec son néo poncho, Sandra Bullock donne une leçon de style casual ...: Aventures et Rêveries à Paris: Ashley Robertson from The Teacher Diva featuring @forever21, @jcrew and @stuartweitzman:  : switching to autumn:


|| Wear to Buy ||

Primary Image of Textural Poncho SweaterImage 1 of ASOS Cape With Stripe Panel And Toggle DetailProduct Image**Mela Multi Colourful Poncho


|| Loft || River Island || ASOS ||
|| Forever 21 || Nordstrom || Dorothy Perkins ||
|| Zappos || Shoptiques || Garage ||
|| H&M || American Eagle || Topshop ||



Remember to See the Good In Every Day

You are in charge of the life you want to live. If you’re in a bad mood you are the one who can change that, no one else. Don’t ruin your day or someone else’s because you had a rough morning. Get over yourself.

Giving someone at least one honest compliment per day, about something other than their weight if possible. (Even if someone lost weight, it’s much better to say “You look great!” rather than comment directly on the pounds, because that often comes with a lot of baggage.)

Not obsessing over the stupid/embarrassing thing you said two years ago to keep you from sleeping or make you freak out in the shower. (My technique with this one is to actually say the thing out loud, laugh at myself, and force myself to think about something else.)

Calling, texting, emailing, or in some way acknowledging your parents and find out what they’re up to today/let them know that you love them.

Writing down a list — ideally on a dry erase board or something, where you can see it every day — of the things you need to do. And actually going through this list, one by one, and checking them off. I promise, it feels almost better than sex to see the whole thing crossed out.

Telling a friend you love them, or you’re thinking about them, or you hope they’re doing well.

Saying “thank you” when someone does something little-but-kind throughout your day. When someone compliments, helps you grab something, or lets you go first, they didn’t have to do that, and making sure to thank them will make them want to do it more.

Putting more fruits and vegetables on your plate, and eating those first before treating yourself to the less-healthy things. Making the choice to eat better is often very simple, and only involves being more smart about what you put in front of you

.Answering your text messages right away (even if they stress you out), because you know how you feel when someone leaves you hanging. Also, you have a tendency to say “I’ll get to this later” and then forget about it completely, and that’s just rude.

Putting your alarm across the room so that you have to get up and go turn it off and can’t accidentally hit “off” in your sleep and never actually wake up.

Listening to music for the mood you want to be in, instead of the mood you actually are in. If you want to cheer yourself up, don’t sulk with the playlist from your angst years — put on some Disney soundtracks!

Do something for someone that you would make them smile. Hold the door open

Saying “hi” to your neighbors when you see them, and maybe even asking how their day was because, come on, you basically live together.

Preparing breakfasts, snacks, or lunches to take with you throughout the week. There’s only one way to avoid paying a lot of money to eat terribly at the last minute, and that’s by planning ahead.

Even if you’re having a bad day smile back at the toddler who is waving at your from their stroller. Kids are perfect, in that they think most people are generally good and nice, so don’t shatter that image by frowning or looking away from them.

Find the positive it every person you meet, every situation you encounter and everywhere you go. Life is too short to hold so much negativity in the way of happiness.

Remind yourself that you are not perfect, that no one is, and that it should never be your goal. The more you compare yourself to people you think are happier or more successful, the more you turn them into characters and not human beings. Every single person you pass on the street is real and has their own story. Don’t take anything at face value.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! Cheers to another great year! Here’s to 2016!