Outfits We All Own

“Meeting up with a friend I need to impress
because we aren’t really friends and I need to look good”

It happens all the time. A friend or more so frienemy reaches out to you to grab lunch or some drinks. You said no the past 5 times so you are now pretty much obligated to go. She makes her life seem incredible; she lives in a big city and has an awesome job, while you’re back in your home town. So you have to have an outfit that screams “Look how fucking fabulous I am!”

“I need to look professional so I nail this interview,
even if I am not qualified for it”

Well this isn’t our most fashionable outfit yet but it definitely does what it needs to do, make you look like you’re employable. Your skirt is going to be more matronly then you’d like but hey, your butt doesn’t look half bad in it. Secondly, it makes you look a bit older, which is bad for your social life but good for your bank account. This outfit makes you think that your next purchase will be a cardigan set from Talbots but you only need to wear it when looking for employment, thank god.

“Infamous Pinterest outfit”

So some girl, probably some teenage girl, creates an outfit using Polyvore of extremely expensive items. She puts it on Pinterest and somehow it makes its way to your feed. You do a double take because you absolutely adore the outfit. You then realize you have all of these pieces hanging in your closet and it took Pinterest for you to realize how to put it together.

“I always look like this when lounging around the house”

Saturday night, you typically lounge around in your old sweatpants that you stole from the laundry room in college and a t-shirt you got for free the one time you volunteered in high school that’s 3 sizes too big. Your new man friend says he’s on his way over with takeout and a Redbox. Well, shit… you look like you went on a week long bender and have just slept it off all day. So you grab your Victoria’s Secret leggings, after you change out of your full coverage underwear and throw on that baggy tank that give you the perfect amount of cleavage. Because that t-shirt is for your eyes only right now…

“The casual, not-casual look, worn when you want to go out and pretend like you didn’t know your crush would be there”

We’ve all done it, you know there is a chance he is going to be there, so you want to be prepared just in case. You have a go-to outfit that says to him yes I do always look this way! See #4 for any confusion. You just happen to throw on those jeans that make your ass look amazing and that top that just compliments your skin so well. You don’t look overdone because remember you’re just getting drinks with the girls, so you want everyone to think you got ready in a few minutes when in fact you had to start prepping at 5 to get the right effortless look. The things we do for love…

“I want people to look at me when I walk into the club”

My go-to outfit in college was a teeny tiny black skirt and a baggy black tank top. I added my favorite pair of heels and I’m ready for the night. We all have that outfit that makes us feel fierce. You wear it when you want some attention, you want to have a good time and dance. I recently found my black skirt however and let’s just say I should not be seen out in public wearing something so….small.

“I’m hungover but I still have to look cute for my family reunion”

You tell your friends just a few drinks because you have to wake up early to help your mom clean before your entire family comes over. Well 6 beers, 3 shots and some mixed concoction later, it’s 3am and you can’t stand. Well the next morning your head is still spinning and now you have to look like the upstanding person that your first class education paid for. So you have that outfit, more then likely it’s a dress or skirt, it gives you that feminine feel but doesn’t restrict your bloated stomach. And honestly thank god for bronzer.

“This is too hip for me”

It’s trendy and fabulous and completely not your style, but you bought it anyway. It hangs in your closet because you have yet to work up the courage to wear it out in public. Finally your girlfriends are over and you have had just enough wine to put it on. The girls go crazy over it so you wear it out. Thank god you’re on a runaway train to blackout city or else your friends would have to hear about your outfit all night or worse take you home to change

“I need to make this messy look work….”

I don’t know how many times I see a look and I just want to look like the girls on Tumblr or an Olsen twin or a Zara model. They make have this effortlessness to their messiness. I look like a heroine addict coming off of a high when I try this out. They wear baggy clothes, and throw their messy curls in a top knot. And they look like they stepped off the cover of vogue. I try the same look because who doesn’t love a flannel tied around their waste with high wasted cutoff jean short, and look like I should go back inside and try again.



What’s an outfit you think every girl has hanging in their closet! And remember lovies you can always email me at theoxfordguide@gmail.com

So stay beautiful dolls!




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