The Olsen Twins: My Fashion Lovers

As they move into their third decade as trendsetters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have discarded more styles than most of us will ever try — who could forget Ashley’s lady-tux phase, or Mary-Kate’s flannel-covered hipster years? But, the twins’ talent is that they have the finesse, not only to break fashion rules and pull off even the most ill-advised trend, but to make us all want to try it, too.

Ahead, we pay tribute to the countless times when the Olsen twins made a fashion don’t look like a major do. These trends are ones that I constantly wear currently but these girls were way ahead of the fashion world. What can we say? If it’s fine by MK and ASh then it’s fine by me! When you got it,you got it dude!


Oversized Outerwear

While the rest of the fashion world is taking on the minimalist approach, thhe Olsen twins are maximalists at heart and, while Mary-Kate’s layering finesse has come a long way since her everything-but-the-kitchen-sink college days, she’s still not one to let a fashion decree keep her from a style she loves.

18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Layers overwhelm a small frame. The Olsen twins are maximalists at heart — and, while Mary-Kate's layering finesse has come a long way since her everything-but-the-kitchen-sink NYU days, she's still not one to let a fashion decree keep her from a style she loves.: Classic grey coat, black bag and camel slingbacks - Olsen twins, we love you:  : olsens style 5 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 15 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) 4. Oversize Outerwear



“Leggings aren’t pants”. Well if the girls have paved the way thus far, I think it’s safe to say I’ll continue wearing more leggings.

Wait...are the slender legs the #leather jackets of this #duo: Olsens Anonymous Blog Stye Fashion Ashley Olsen Twins Comfy Cozy Fall Style Oversized Sweater Leggings Cap Toe Ballet Flats The Row Croc Bag photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Stye-Fashion-Ashley-Olsen-Twins-Comfy-Cozy-Fall-Style-Oversized-Sweater-Leggings-Cap-Toe-Ballet-Flats-The-Row-Croc-Bag.jpg: 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Leggings aren't pants. Mary-Kate clearly didn't get the memo. Or, she read it, and doesn't care....: MARY-KATE | FEATHER HEADBAND + LEATHER LEGGINGS: style idols MK &A, breaking rules setting trends: Rule #8: Leggings are not pants. via @WhoWhatWear: olsen:

Baggy Wear for Petite Girls

Their petite frame never stopped them from ever trying a style or a designer. By now, most of us are hip to the chic, oversized thing, but in 2010, skinnies still ruled, and if you wore a pair of baggy white trousers in the airport, you risked them being mistaken for sweats. Not that Ash cares — she’d been on the haute-XXL look for years prior to this.

olsens style 21 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) On Ashley: Leather jacket draped over the shoulders, skinny jeans, and slip-on loafers; On Mary-Kate: Black textured jacket and baggy ripped jeans: Ashley Olsen in a pair of loose Yoga harem pants and a yellow top with a black coat over it: MARY-KATE + ASHLEY | THE ROW STORE OPENING IN LOS ANGELES - Olsens Anonymous: 21 Rare Olsen Twin Photos You've Probably Never Seen Before via @WhoWhatWear: Mary Kate and Ashley  i really do not understand why they wear such baggy clothes:

T-Shirt Chic

They constantly wear the perfect combination of boyfriend and tailored. But there is no other style that I can appreciate more than the way they wear a simple tee. It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it’s a piece that’s able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. That said, there’s something about summer that makes the white tee especially necessary, as it can anchor statement pieces such as wildly-printed pants or that flirty black skirt.

olsens style 20 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) The Most Popular Olsen Twin Photos on Pinterest via @WhoWhatWear: Love love love olsen's basics style! Simple pieces with statement accessories & shoes! LOVE!: Love you Ashley Olson and those awesome tights: + Alexander McQueen Sunglasses in Matte Black  + Pencey Standard Boy Crew Tee  + Only Hearts So Fine Lace Bralette  + Rachel Zoe Cord Leather Belt  + Derek Lam Military Hip Belt  + ASOS Mixed Opaque Stone Ring Pack  + Kristen Elspeth Layered Arc Bracelet  + Nixon The Camden Watch  + Anthropologie Blossomed Paillette Purse  + Santi Beaded Knit Clutch  + T by Alexander Wang Neoprene Box Pleat Skirt:


Bandwagon fashion girls (cough, this writer included) picked up their first pair of Birks this spring, right around the time J.Crew started selling them and claimed to be first on the trend. Which we all know isn’t true because the Olsen’s have been rocking these sandals for years.

olsens style 25 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Double denim is a no-no. Birkenstocks are an even bigger no-no. In 2011, long before the rest of the fashion world cottoned on to the ugly-shoe trend, Ashley Olsen proudly sported her Birkenstock Gizeh sandals, accessorized with a one-two punch of denim. She makes an excellent case for both.: Celebs Wearing Birkenstocks - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from #InStyle: Ashley Olsen. I flipping love herif an Olsen can wear Birkenstocks, then by golly so can I.: celebrities in birkenstocks | ... Ashley Olsen's Sandals? They're Black Birkenstock Gizeh! - StyleFrizz:

Hats That Keep You Warm

This one’s so self-evident it’s hardly even a rule. But, in the mid-2000s, the Olsen twins were way into the super-slouchy beanie — worn so far back on the crown of their heads we wondered how they stayed on. And then we all followed suit. And RIP to all the hats that were lost to the wind.

Ashley // Olsens Anonymous ..: la modella mafia Model Street Style - Off Duty Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fashion 7: When you wear all black, just adding ONE bit of color makes you realize how beautiful that color is!: They will forever have the best street style.: beanies, fur, tights, wedges, socks.: i like this outfit way too much, (the old lady photo bomb makes it):

Circle Sunnies

Sure they’re a huge trend now but heads were turning, in typical Olsen fashion, as close to a decade ago, Mary Kate stepped outside rocking these 60s inspired glasses. Now you can’t walk into a store without having these circular beauties adorn the shelves.

olsens style 19 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 22 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) olsens style 23 Hey you, I like your style: The Olsens (30 photos) Marykate and Ashley - trendy, urban, cool, hip, creative, fashion forward.: OLSENS ANONYMOUS MK MARY KATE OLSEN FASHION STYLE BLOG BAND T SHIRT ROUND SUNGLASSESSMOKING CONDOMRING PLAID SHIRT BLACK SHORTS ANKLE WRAP GLADIATOR SANDALS: 18 Fashion Don'ts The Olsen Twins Made Doable #refinery29  Circle sunnies should stay in the '60s. Sure, they're a hipster staple now. But, there was much chatter (and much shade thrown) when Mary-Kate started stepping out in small, circular sunglasses in 2008. She probably did the most to single-handedly revive this style since John Lennon.:



These head pieces are just one of the quirky pieces that have adorned the heads of the Olsen twins. With the rest of their bohemian style the turban just adds it all together.

7+Trends+the+Olsen+Twins+Started+via+@WhoWhatWear: The hot turban trend continues this year! ~ Ashley Olsen: Turban. Love her! I've of my fashion icons.: Twitch Vintage: Get Your Joan Collins On; Turban Headband Tutorial: 2 ways to wear a turban headband like Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen #style #fashion #olsentwins: Ashley Olsen, black leather pants and casual sweater- love the combo:

They’ve managed to look not only shockingly good almost all the time, but to also see trends coming at least a year or two before the rest of the world cottoned on.There is something to be learned from our (well my) favorite fashionistas. Wear what you want, even if it isn’t in style. Trends suck most of the time because they’re gone just as quickly as they came. But if you wear clothes you love, your wardrobe will thank you.


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