Work Wear Series: Shoes

Modays. They’re the best of times, they’re the worst of times. Or maybe just the latter. Still, not all is lost on Mondays, cause alongside the blues and the weekend hangovers, we get to play with fashion and take style to work. Yay. 

How many of you really wake up and start singing of joy cause it’s Monday, and use the extra hour before work to try on outfits with a smile on your face, only to finally, in an even more happy state of mind, pick a colorful posh combo to go with your Monday happiness? Yeah. I thought so.

If this is you, then stop here.

If however, every single week, for 4 out of 5 times you find yourself running late, burred in clothes that to a mere mortal would make killer outfits, but to you they’re all crap. It brings out your inner fashion demon, leaving you looking crazed in your underwear staring at piles, and I mean PILES of clothes thinking ”Great! I’ve got nothing to wear”, then I’ve got something to tell you – this series is for you.

Dressing up for work is difficult. Sometimes it feels that you spend more time with coworkers then you do with family and friends. This series is all about taking different ideas and a new look on typical “work wear”. So we start with my favorite: shoes. Oh and they’re all under $50!

Choosing your work shoes is about more than just your personal style — it’s about picking the kicks that send the right message. You are professional, confident, and ready to conquer the world, and your footwear should show it.



|| ASOS || Charlotte Russe || ModCloth || ASOS ||
|| Shoe Metro || Forever 21 || DSW || Steven Madden ||
|| || Target || Charlotte Russe || DSW ||
|| Go Jane || Nordstrom || Go Jane || Make Me Chic ||

Stay tuned for more of my favorite ways to spice up your [at times boring] work wear! Until next time loves!



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