Work Wear: Tips and Tricks

My casual clothes and work wear never seem to mingle. You hear the word work-wear and you think dull, school uniform-esque outfits that you wear whilst you endure a boring day at the office, but your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring. Play with patterns, materials and sioulettes. “Appropriate” is no longer a matching blazer and pencil skirt, we work too hard to wear boring clothes.

But fashionistas beware!

If you’re new to the working world, I should warn you: Beware of the fashion police otherwise known as “Human Resources” and your fellow co-workers. Committing an at-work fashion faux pas is a legitimate offense. Just because you didn’t get the pink slip for your crime (crime = teal tube top) doesn’t mean you’re getting away with it (it = teal tub top)… Wearing the wrong threads has the potential to distort your image as a valued employee and may even prevent you from getting ahead. If Wendy Worker sports tight skirts, sheer blouses and routinely puts her “girls” on display at work, her co-workers may have a difficult time taking her (and her wacko wardrobe) seriously. Therefore, as with all occasions, dress for success–and mean it, especially when you’re on the clock!

Here are some ways to sport your style while making sure your clothes aren’t outshining your capabilities.

Add a Pop of Color

Classic shades such as black, white and beige are traditionally timeless, but too much of these ‘shape’ colors can make you look bland. Be a fashionista by adding ‘pops’ of color into your wardrobe. For example, fitting a pink blazer with a white top and striped skirt can make you a fashion darling in the office.

Top, $165, Tory Burch; skirt, $49.50, Victoria's Secret; shoes, $325, Charles David. classic: bright pink pencil skirt, cream lace top & navy blue striped blazer:

Take a Risk

You might be on the safe side of fashion – wearing pencil skirts and button-down dresses to work. Although these offer a refined look, they can be boring in the long run. This coming new year, swear to take a fashion risk! Trade your pencil skirts for full skirts. Wear dresses instead of the usual pantsuits. Change up your silhouettes! In the end, you will earn some fashion commendation from your colleagues.

So chic: chic: This midi skirt is everything:

Incorporate All of Your Clothes

You have loads of pieces in your closet for casual day-outs. But do you know that you can wear them to work as well? The key to making these pieces work is making sure you have some “dressier” clothes on. From the midi skirt to crop top, start incorporating for a fun yet professional look.

Work wear !: The Parisian Chic  Love this basic look. Love the streets of Paris.: Love the simple but dressed-up look of the plain grey and white and an amazing statement necklace.:

Make a Statement with Shoes

Girls like us can never have too many shoes. Use this as a reason to buy new statement shoes for work. While nude pumps and black heels are inherently classic, they can dull down your look. Create a refreshed work wardrobe that’s perfect for the new year with vibrant, eye-catching shoes.

lace up heels softens the look while also adding edge: Parisian Chic.: dresses:

Overhaul your Accessories

You know you have been taking your fashion lightly if you have been wearing the same pair of studs, necklace and bracelet to the office. While they might be classically polished, they foster a boring, monotonous style.

Nude and black with a statement necklace: all black with statement necklace: spring, pink, yellow:

Pay Attention to Detail

Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help you achieve a look that’s cohesive and well-put together. Sometimes, all you really need to tie your whole outfit together is one little detail like an accessory, a styling trick or maybe even just your hair and makeup look.

classic: Casual outfits style - Chino pants - Comfortable - Fashion - Look - Women - Summer - Spring: Office wear. Black trousers and camel coat:

I hope you find these tips helpful! Stay tuned for my upcoming Work Wear blogs where I’ll show you more on my office wear take. Tune in on Friday for another article!

If you’re a working girl (9a to 5p not 9p to 5 a), what’s your work environment like and what’s your go-to office outfit? Comment below!



3 thoughts on “Work Wear: Tips and Tricks

  1. I know that a crop top is no bueno in most offices that I have worked in/with, but otherwise I agree with most everything!! A different colour, a different shape, a new accessory can excite your work wardrobe and take it to another level. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming, a small adjustment here and there!

      1. I wouldn’t count that as a crop top proper! I don’t think it would be flattering on me but it would be a great look! I work at a university, so dressing usually has to ere on the side of cautious 🙂

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