Before You Get a Pixie Cut: Reaction

So you’re thinking of chopping off all your hair- whether you’re going from a bob or to the top of your butt, it’s a huge change. There is nothing to hide behind, bedhead is a real struggle and say goodbye to the ponytail. This series is all you need to know about the pixie cut! Just remember if you do it, you’ll love it!

Perhaps it would be better to start from the very beginning. Somewhere about 5 years ago I began to admire short hair, I always thought that short hair look incredibly sexy and touching on the girls who confidently rocked those short locks. The beautiful lines of the cheekbones become more visible, eyes and lips become more expressive, the neck turns into something extraordinary, like a swan neck, and the collarbone became the most elegant accessory you could wear.

The results wowed me, and everyone else. The pixie cut was a massive success. As I looked in the mirror, I felt like the final puzzle piece had snapped into place. Yes. This – this was right. But what I first thought was simply a “good style” began to morph into something a lot bigger than losing a few inches of hair. But that wasn’t the initial case for me. It was a huge shock but I came into my new do pretty quickly. No one one can change my mind about my cut but in the beginning I’ll never forget having a “friend” say how she couldn’t believe I would do such a thing. I wish she had the gall to say that now.

In the beginning you’re going to be a bit vulnerable (and if not girl you are an incredible human). You cut off all your hair and all of these ridiculous thoughts run through your head. You no longer fit in with feminine societal norms you’ve been bound to for years. You hear some horrible things from people who you would never expect them from. I didn’t ask your opinion so I really don’t want to hear it, but get ready because you will.

“Well why did you cut it?”

Be ready for this question to be asked over and over but you never have to defend yourself. You made this bold move, stand by it.

“I just don’t like women with short hair.”

Oh honey, I do and that’s all that matters.

“Where did all your hair go?”

I’m assuming a garbage can somewhere after it was swept up off the floor of the salon.

“Well it’ll always grow back.”

God I hope not this platinum is expensive. Plus this should only be said to mothers whose children just took their play scissors to their bangs.

“Interesting choice.”

So is your tackey choice in sweaters but who am I to judge.

“Have any girls hit on you yet?”

No arbitrary fashion statement says anything about my sexuality, not even my hair. Don’t be ignorant.

There are just some things you need to prepare yourself for. Reactions from people and comments that aren’t needed. Sure, it’s just hair, but in the same way people lost their minds when Jennifer Lawrence chopped hers off, someone is always going to want to say something about any choice you make that they wouldn’t make themselves.

Fear not my friends because you will realize (and it will take time) that you did this for you. When I had long hair, I would wear my hair one of only three ways, straight, top-knot or braided into a low bun. I never tried anything new. Something was holding me back, I was scared or maybe it was that I wanted to blend in. Once I cut it all off something inside me changed. My style and confidence was challenged and allowed me to try new things! Mind blowing concept I know but I couldn’t stop experimenting. From products to styles, I wanted the most out of this hair cut. I curled it, teased it, fluffed it. Anytime I wanted to try a style I just did it. I made no excuses because I loved the cut. I still can’t get enough. It really brought out the real me. Stupid I know but I can’t explain it any other way.

In making the cut, I realized the thing that allows women to pull off pixies, is an energy — a combination of style and confidence. Neither can be bought or borrowed but they can be unlocked. In cutting my hair, I unearthed a self-assurance I hadn’t yet fully realized.

I feel free, beautiful and, yes, feminine. In short — pun intended, maybe — my hair indicates one thing and one thing alone: I love it that way, and I don’t give a damn what you think. So if you’re on the fence, DO IT! You won’t regret it!




2 thoughts on “Before You Get a Pixie Cut: Reaction

  1. It looks great! I love how you walk through all the necessary considerations here too though to help with the process for people thinking about it!

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