Before You Get a Pixie Cut: Products

I remember the night I came home from cutting off my little bob. I didn’t have the cut I wanted because I made my stylist stop before she had the chance to finish. I let it go for about a week before I went back to have her finish what she stated. I always love how Leah does my hair but this time I had to wash it immediately. My triple processed blondes know that this is a HUGE no no but it was something I needed to do. I had to play with it, mold it, run my fingers through the two inches of hair I had.

I watched a lot of videos before I decided to cut it and practically lived on Pinterest looking at styling options and best products for short hair. There was a lot that I needed to learn… the hard way. I went through a whirlwind of looks, from frilly dresses to ill-advised “high fashion” looks. Not everything I tried worked, but my hairstyle gave me the confidence to try styling my hair with curls or braids. I also started to experiment more with makeup. Now, sensual perfumes and bright lipsticks express my femininity for me on days when I can’t be bothered to change out of boyfriend jeans or run a brush through my bedhead.

Speaking of bedhead, I will now impart one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from having a pixie cut: Learn to embrace messy hair. Bad hair days will happen. If you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut to streamline your morning routine, think again. Pixie cuts are not as low-maintenance as people seem to think. Some mornings, I wake up with bedhead that defies gravity. There’s no throwing it up in a ponytail or top-knot, and most workplaces discourage wearing giant hats or beanies.



1.Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray

The best wax I have found so far. I have very thin hair so products have never even been on my mind but a wax for a pixie is a must! It adds the right amount of grit to freshly washed hair and gives you that piecey texture that our favorite celeb pixies are rocking.

To Use: Your spray is in one hand and your blow-dryer in another. Put it on high heat and begin spraying. YOU DON’T NEED A LOT OF THIS PRODUCT. Once you have the right amount set the spray down put your dryer on cool to set the product. Then adjust to your liking. This product will get you looking like Twiggy all the way to David Bowie.

2.Kenra Professional Platinum Working Wax 15

This was my first product I bought for my haircut. The cream based serum allows you to mold and fix all day. I can add a little sass to my hair by fluffing it up on the way to a happy hour after work because of its all day hold.

To Use: Put a small dollop of it on the tips of your fingers. Make a clapping motion that will allow the serum to pull thin strands so it doesn’t fall heavy on your hair. Use the remainder to add additional texture to the top and back of your hair. Avoid the sides because they’re always the first to get that “shine” we all hate.

3.Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control Hairspray

I love the hold of this spray and the smell. I really hate how a majority of hairsprays either smell like Aqua Net or some weird combo of fruit. This is a product my salon uses so I can get that salon feel at home. Plus this doesn’t make my hair look like spun sugar once I’m done so that’s a plus.

To Use: Use as the final step of your “getting ready” process. Hold it pretty far away from your head because you don’t want to have the Wash and Set look your gram would rock.

4. Spoil Me by Bed Head

Since I cut my hair I don’t have to wash it every day. Actually I go three to four days. Well on day three your hair needs something to put it back into shape. It gets a little frizzy so Spoil Me acts as an instant defrizzer and restyler, while preventing static.

To Use: This is the step before you style your hair. So once I calm down my bedhead, I spray this on. A little goes a long way but make sure you cover all of your head. I especially like how it helps mold the back.

5.Small Talk by Bead Head

I usually use this on the day I wash my hair. You can do so much more on days two and three because your hair isn’t so soft and limp, but Small Talk helps with this. It adds just a little more texture then your would normally have on the first day you wash your hair.

To Use: After I towel dry my hair and put in my protectant on I work a small amount of Small Talk into my hair. A little goes a long way, putting in too much of this product, will mean you have to rewash your hair and no one has time for that.

6.Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

This is literally the best product of all time. I am obsessed with the way my hair smells when I use it, it’s like a hint of cotton candy. That being said, it does a great job of hydrating my hair without making it look weighed down. It 100% is the reason I have shortened my time between washes, because it add such little grease, as any oil usually does.

To Use: I use it on damp hair before I blow it out and I’m impressed with the smooth look and baby soft feel. I only use one pump so I don’t add unnecessary grease to my hair.

7.Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have been through (what feels like) every dry shampoo. Some I find are so drying while others leave a filmy residue on my hair. Batiste is a quick and convenient way to get soft, clean and fresh smelling hair, without washing.

To Use: Blow dry your hair -if you had to wet it because you woke up looking like Animal for the Muppets- and spray on the parts of your hair that are just a little too shiny for your liking. Do not touch it. Let the product sit in you hair. Usually at this time I put my makeup on or pick our an outfit while the product does its magic, then brush through. The less you touch it the better.

Keep in mind I don’t use all seven products every day, my hair would feel like maple syrup! But they all hold a place in my arsenal of beautification tools. There are some days I don’t put anything it my hair at all because I just don’t want to. So see what works for you and your hair.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Do you have any that you would recommend? Comment below! I’d love to hear!



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