Peep Toe Booties: Under $150

I have to admit, shoes like this used to really confuse me. Are they booties, or are they sandals? Do you wear them in cold or warm weather? But then I purchased a pair of peep toe booties (here), and I think I have found my new favorite shoe! Here’s why- they blur the lines of shoes and seasons, so it gives you more flexibility. This makes them the perfect shoe during “trans-seasonal” times of the year!

They don’t make sense if it’s freezing out (your toes would freeze), and they don’t make sense if it’s scorching (your ankles would sweat). But throughout the rest of the year, you can wear them! Think about it… your big winter boots can only be worn during really cold months, right? Well, since these are a combination of a bootie and a sandal, they can be worn during different seasons!

Well gals, now we need to come up with a good name for them! They are typically referred to as a peep toe bootie, but we could come up with something so much better! What about sandootie, bootal, sootie? Keep me updated on your progress!


|| Chinese Laundry || Macy’s || Dillard’s || Steve Madden ||
|| ASOS || Urban Outfitters || TOPSHOP || Miss Guided ||
|| || Nordstrom || Lyst || Charlotte Russe ||

Comment below with pictures on how you style these crucial spring booties! Or tag them on Instagram using #TOGbooties. Remember ladies, you don’t need Louboutins on your feet to be fabulous.



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