Coffee Table Books

Every now and again there’s a pay-off in betting against the old adage, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Sought-after cover art designs evoke style, wit, intelligence—and sell like hotcakes. Luxe literature in oversized editions and rare, out-of-print gems are the crown jewels to many a stylish vignette or coffee table conversation piece. These artful tomes with their lush, vibrant hues, and poetic graphics, are equally impactful as stand-alone works of art as they are a good read.

While I’d love to adorn my home with literature meant for the most fashionable divas, there is another person in my home who wouldn’t appreciate the fashion aspect over practicality. I love that our home is the perfect representation of who we are as individuals and as a couple. Our living room is adorned with books on topics we both love. Look around and you’ll get a feel for who we are.

Books are wonderful for so many reasons- intellectual stimulation, education, visual delight….and decoration. Yes, books are amazing objects of decor on top of being wonderful to pass time looking at and reading. The two things that most liven up and add depth to spaces are plants and books. So here are 15 great books that are interesting to read and are AWESOME for your decor too.


// 1 \\ // 2 \\ // 3 \\ // 4 \\ // 5 \\
// 6 \\ // 7 \\ // 8 \\ // 9 \\ // 10 \\
// 11 \\ // 12 \\ // 13 \\ // 14 \\ // 15 \\

What are your favorite books? Comment below! I’d love to add to our collection!



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