Typical Trip To Target

Anyone ever notice the Target automatic doors lag a bit? God I’d totally be the girl to smash my face off the doors.

I don’t need a cart I just need brownie mix.


Oh my god I love paper straws!

The dollar section is killing it right now.

Our console table needs some decorations and this planter is just too cute to pass up, plus it’s the only one left and that lady over there is just waiting for me to put it down.

Last time I was here they had fake succulents- they would look amazing in my $3 planter.

I might as well walk past the clothes today.

Is that a Johnny Cash tank-top? I NEED this.

These graphic tees are just too perfect. I can wear them under cardigans and in the summer.

Speaking of cardigans..

I don’t need another workout tank because I have my Old Navy Super cash but printed leggings are too cute.

They’d look good with that hoodie over there!

Do I already have a mint hoodie? I do but not this style. I definitely need this mint hoodie.

Oh my god this is the perfect striped shirt!

Who cares if it’s labeled maternity?

I wonder if anyone would notice if I started wearing maternity tops. They’re the perfect amount of baggy. And then when I’m pregnant I won’t have to buy anything.

Good thing I got a cart, I’ll put it in the maybe section.

I wonder if those shoes that I saw on Instagram on still here.

I can’t believe all these Sam and Libby heels are on sale!

I mean I don’t REALLY need another pair of brown sandals but they’re buy one get one 50% off. See smart shopping! 

If I don’t get these today they’ll be gone next week. Better get them.

What did I come here for again? Oh yeah brownie mix.

My Cartwheel says 20% off socks- I love new socks.

Do people actually buy pajamas? Do I need pajamas?

I know I was just here two days ago but I wonder if they got new throw pillows…

Target actually has pretty cute furniture. I really should get that ottoman but is it worth $68?

Maybe I should get all new bedding. Well at least a new fleece blanket.

How about a candle? It’s on sale and when I’m done with it it can totally hold my makeup brushes. Plus I’ve never had a plum candle before.

Our house could use some updating and I love that concrete side table.

Do I need a wreath?

What is going on over here? 75% off?! Mardi Gras well that’s fun!

I’ve never had Mardi Gras decorations in my life, but suddenly I need all of them.

There’s a good chance I might have a Mardi Gras party next year. I mean I have the decorations now, so why wouldn’t I? It only makes sense.

Is that a bow tie dog collar? Oh that would never fit Wyatt but once Natacha and Matt get a dog I could totally give it to them!

What is that? Mandarin Blackberry and Lime? It says it’s supposed to be good for you. I love healthy soda. I should try it.

The tortilla chips are 2 for $5!

Wait do we have dip?

You can never have too much hummus and salsa, plus I saw a sign for new flavors.

You don’t need ice cream but dino nuggets would literally make Donnie’s night. I wonder how they would taste with the new hummus flavor?

Toilet paper is something one should never run out of. There are so many kinds. How do I even choose? I get the one with those dancing bears! They’re cute.

The men’s deodorant section has too many selections. Since when do guys care so much about the specific scent of their armpits?

I picked out a brand and scent solely by the name. Swagger spoke to me.

Oh good they have my makeup removing wipes! These are so hard to find, I’ll grab two.

Essie- who comes up with these colors and how do I get a job there?

Raspberry is my perfect Summer 2016 color- and so is coral and this light lime color! Maybe I should grab a navy too…

We need dish sponges and those pods for the dishwasher.

Oh shit these are Tide- whoops!

It’s almost Carisa’s birthday- I need to grab her a card. Well I should get a few wedding cards because I don’t know if I’ll make it back here.

Oh, and I can’t forget the last-minute tube of Chapstick, candy bar and Orbit gum.

I haven’t had Cherry Coke in ages.

It’s 1:15 in the afternoon on a Monday, and what do you mean I have too many items for the express lane?

I love the idea of the Red Card! I saved at least $50! Or $9…

I spent $178.16- yes 178.16 in 45 minutes, but to be fair, I had to buy milk for my mom and coffee was on sale and you know what, never mind.

I need to make a list before I leave home next time—oh, and gain some damned self-control.

Wait did I forget the brownie mix?



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