Ideas To Steal: Dining Decor

We all know that the cliché is indeed true, kitchens are the heart of the home. The best family time is spent there after long days of work and school. It’s the place where guests instantly feel comfortable hanging out at during a party {why does everyone always congregate in the kitchen?!} Yet, it is often one of the least decorated rooms in a house. There usually is not much more than dishes and appliances and perhaps a counter accessory or two.

While I love a clean white kitchen, we say it’s time to bring in a bit more decor! I’ve rounded up my favorite items sure to add a bit more personality and warmth to any kitchen!

Unconventional Items Used For Conventional Purposes

This is the time your personality can really shine through. Find items that show local culture or breathe light into an awesome flea market find! Scale that doesn’t work? Who cares throw some fruit on it in place of a boring bowl. Your counter space is like a blank canvas, use it wisely.

Words, Signs and Letters

The whole point of this article stemmed from one of my best friends hanging the cutest sign in her dining room with the quote “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. How perfect?! Use your words and adorn your walls!


Lighting goes beyond “boob” lights and simple sconces. Look around and see what you like, heck you can base a whole room around a fixture. Have fun with your lighting but remember we want it practical too, because no one wants a dull eating area.

Storage and Shelves

Open shelves are a beautiful way to decorate and show off detailed china and vibrant glassware. Though I have ridiculed them in the past I find these details breathtaking. However, this beautiful concepts will never adorn the walls in my kitchen because I am the queen of lost Tupperware lids.


This is probably one of the most overlooked detail in any home. There is a world beyond Lowes and Home Depot. Add a bright back-splash or Moroccan tile flooring. Go bold, or stay simple. Like white tile but looking for something more trendy, go with a darker grout.

Some of my favorite places to get inspiration from are Houzz and decor blogs such as Apartment34. Tell me some of your favorite places to shop and get inspired!



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