Lust List- June

Since the summer is finally upon us in Northeastern Pennsylvania I am finally in the mood to add to my warm weather style and update our home a little! From sandals to sneakers footwear updates are a must. Plus all these new clothes need a fresh smell  and I have fallen head over heels for Mrs. Meyers. So check out my latest wants and needs. 

|| Straw Hat || Jumpsuit || Sandals || Clutch ||
|| Mug Set || Laundry || Tea Kettle || Sign ||
|| Rain Coat || Sign || Kicks || Tee ||

I’d love to hear how you update your summer wardrobe. Comment below!



Lace Up Sandals With Some Flare

There’s a new way to put a kick in your step this spring and summer, and it’s filled with just the kind of whimsy we like. Ladies, grab your poms poms and give these fifteen great pairs of sandals a cheer. Cheery and colorful, pom pom sandals are an easy and charming way to up the ante on your summer footwear game. My top picks of pom pom sandals are filled with variety: tassels, embroidery and other unique details are all present and accounted for. We love the idea of dressing them up (easy, breezy summer dress, perhaps?) or down pair with jeans and a tee and be easy like Sunday morning. So hop to and get your hands on some.

|| Anthropologie || Bloomingdale’s || Net-A-Porter || Choies || ASOS ||
|| Lord & Taylor || Charlotte Russe || Shopbop || Amazon 
|| Zara || Nordstrom || Santa Marguerite || Etsy || Forever 21 ||


Being Blonde is a Part of Me

You may not have been born blonde, but that’s alright. True blondes can also be created. Your soul is blonde, your aura is blonde, even if the hair on your head is black or red or brown. All you need is a good stylist. Blonde, like style and groove, it’s part of your heart and soul.

Once you’ve been blonde for awhile, you tend to stay that way. A. Because you know they lengths it took to get to your ideal color and B. You just aren’t sure if there is another color out there for you. If you do change your color eventually you’ll relapse. You begin to crave the feeling of bleach seeping into your brain, burning just a little to know that it’s working. You learn to love the smell of it. You enjoy the feeling of a head full of foils, hot under a dryer cap.

Sometimes you burn out on blonde and try a new color. Been there, done that. But wait! You suddenly get the itch to go back. Anything can spark it: a picture of a celebrity, a stranger in the hallway, a photo of yourself as a blonde. And immediately you think, I will do anything to be blonde again. You must satisfy the blonde gods. You think, dump a carton of bleach on my head RIGHT NOW. Once you look at your newly-blonde self, you breathe a sigh of relief. I’m home, you think. I am myself again.

My story is that I love being white blonde. The ashier the better. When my hair was long I swore it was clear at the bottom because it was so blonde. When my friends ask if they should go blonde they always follow up with “not your blonde”. Hi my name is Ellen and I am blondorexic. The perfect blonde to me is Khaleesi (see exhibit A.) and I have issues. My stylist still has no idea how I have hair on my head.

Exhibit A- Take note her hair is the same color as her white horse.

So here are some things my self made blondes only know!

Roots are inevitable. And the absolute worst. Even for my natural blondies – once that summer sun hits those golden locks you;ll never recreate that color in the dead of winter. It’s terrible but it’s the cross we must bear.

It’s 2016 and dumb blonde jokes are still, somehow, some way a thing. I never found them funny maybe because I’ve always worshiped blondes or maybe it’s because they just arent funny. My theory is that it’s just how people cope with the  golden mavens of the world.

More money, more money, more money. The price of highlights is INSANE but when you’re bleaching your head you kind of want to play it safe. Go to someone you can trust. Breakage isn’t cute on anyone.

WHen you’re pale but love when you’re hair matches copying paper be prepared to look like a Cullen. You don’t realize the terrible combination until pictures show up online.

“So what is your natural color?” Girl I have no idea, I’ve been getting highlights since they pulled your hair through that cap like that were a blonde basket on my head. My soul however is blonde!

Purple shampoo- stains my shower, nail beds and skin but it makes my hair brighter and ashier (takes out the yellow factor). Sometimes I even purposefully leave it in long enough to turn it lavender.

Looking up pics of blonde haired people to decide on a shade and freaking out if, by comparison, your is too brassy, yellow, platinum or dirty or not enough of any of those. There are hundreds of different “blondes” you can be, and if you ask me, they’re all very telling of one’s personality.

You don’t even want to think about all you could have done with the money you spend making yourself blonde. Plus it’s not like you can DIY this on your own. If  did my roots would be orange or I would melt my own hair off.

I’m not a natural blonde and I have a pixie so I visit my stylist more than I see some of my family members. You literally schedule weddings, vacations, late nights at work and major life events around when you will have a fresh cut and color.

Trying to go brunette brings a cluster fuck of  mixed feelings and people’s rude comments because you’re no longer conforming to the beauty standard expected of you. I once had a friend who dyed her hair brown but still had blonde hair in her ID, and someone once asked her if she was ever going to go back to looking pretty and blonde…

So be who you are whether you’re man made or mama made- it does matter just be real on the inside and your beauty will shine through.



High Tops

When we think of sneakers, we immediately think of casual cahoots and athletic activities. But do you know that you can transform these shoes into high-fashion pieces as well?
I’m obsessed with sneakers — the kind you probably won’t sport at the gym. Can you blame me? These kicks are the comfiest way to turn your just-running-errands outfits into something a lot cooler. But that’s not all they’re good for — high-tops have also proved a perfect alternative to heels for a night out. The proof of their styling power is right here: looks from Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth. This is your chance to steal the look.


Don’t be put off by the term ‘high-tops’ or ‘sneakers’. This doesn’t equal sporty spice. High-tops can definitely be worked into your summer wardrobe to look street-style chic. For all those shorter ladies who never wear flats, don’t fret, most high-tops have a hidden wedge to give you that added height when wearing flats. What will they think of next?!

It can give off a casual look, they’re sneakers after all. Best to pair the shoes with dark skinny leg jeans or leather tights like the celebs. Daring? Try a skirt or super feminine dress – hone in on your personal style. You can rock anything as long as you do it with confidence.

|| ASOS || Converse || Nordstrom || Ugg Official ||
|| Urban Outfitters || ASOS || Free People || Urban Outfitters ||
|| Revolve || YesStyle || Macys || DSW ||


Brow Bar Sunglasses

Today I am popping in for a quick post to highlight one of the newest trends in sunglasses.  Brow bar sunglasses are showing up everywhere, and we couldn’t help but take notice.

If I could crown one pair of shades top of my lust list, it would definitely be Dior’s “So Real” frames. And even though these sunglasses are everything but affordable at $620, virtually every fashion influencer – from bloggers to fashion editors to supermodels to celebs (and let’s not forget about all the countless Instagram sightings) – has been spotted wearing these sunnies.

But no matter how much hype is still to follow on these lovely shades, there’s no way I would lay down over $600 on a pair of trendy sunglasses that’ll probably be so passé 6 months from now. For those of you that are a bit more budget friendly Free People has created a very passable dupe!

Free People "Mystic River" Metal Frame Sunglasses (Dior So Real dupes)

This fun retro style can be found on basically every shape including cat eye, aviator and oversized.  I did the leg work for you and rounded up all of my favorites. Oh yes they’re all under $50!


|| Express || Urban Outfitters || Nordstrom || Forever 21 || ASOS ||
|| WHBM || Wet Seal || BCBGeneration || Nasty Gal || Go Jane ||

I hope you enjoyed our roundup of these super cool shades!  I’m not gonna lie, I am quite taken with them and I already have another pair rushing to my doorstep because I couldn’t find them in my local stores. Thoughts? Too much or just enough?


When You Really Love Your Birthday

May 13.

I love this day. Always have. Always will (and don’t even try to tell me I will feel differently when I’m older).

It’s my birthday.

I am going to eat cookie dough and cherry coke for breakfast. I am going to take the day off work , ignore all my unanswered emails, and celebrate my existence in the world.

How often do we truly, sincerely celebrate ourselves? And why don’t we do it more often?

I might take a boxing class and go out for my favorite meal. I definitely will not do laundry or dishes. I might even go to the mall and buy myself something ridiculous and way too expensive.

Birthdays haven’t lost any of their excitement, despite not being six, and not having a batch of my mom’s cupcakes to take with me to school on the big day. In fact, as I’ve got older birthdays have become more exciting for me. Most of my friends think this is silly. They chalk it up to only-child syndrome—aka birthdays have always been a big deal because I was the only one and therefore was spoiled endlessly on my birthday. I think this is a half-truth.

My birthday was always a cause for celebration at home, mostly because my mom loves any excuse to throw a party (or multiple parties). She was the driving force behind my excitement. My parents have been, and will always be, my inspiration when it comes to joy. Let me tell you, the they know how to party. That is one determining factor that I am my parents daughter!

And when you have lead up like this how can you not get excited?!

Everyone knows I love my birthday and for everyone else out there who loves there birthday too join me in showing those Birthday Haters why your day is so amazing!

Your heart begins to flutter at the start of your birthday month.

It’s the one day out of the year that is all about you. It’s always been known as your day and everyone has always done all they could to make it special!

Birthday bashes are taken very seriously!

They let the whole world know that it’s their birthday. This can be done via social media, profile picture, statuses, tweets and basically every which way possible!

They do their own count down to midnight and wait for all the birthday calls and texts anxiously

They will have multiple celebrations. One with friends one with family, one with co-workers and so on…

And no matter how old they get birthdays will never get to old for them!

Cards! Presents!! SURPRISES!!!

Birthdays are pure. They’re the ultimate secular celebration, and everyone gets one. Birthdays are the special unique snowflakes of the holiday world –- each one is different. You decide exactly how, when and for how long you want to celebrate your birthday (if at all), because it’s YOUR birthday and you can do whatever you want.

Birthdays are the only chance a lot of people get to have a day that is solely all about them. And I, for one, really enjoy taking the time to make the people around me feel really, really special –- even for just one day. Thus far, I haven’t found any occasion more well suited to spoiling awesome people than a good old-fashioned birthday bash.

Honor yourself.  Spoil yourself.  Love yourself.  And celebrate YOU!



Remember to say Happy Birthday!

Some (including my own family) say that birthdays aren’t worth all the hype. These people believe that birthdays are just another day, and that they shouldn’t be given any special attention. This is true; birthdays occur every day. However, I choose to believe that someone’s birthday is a special day. An individual’s birthday comes but once every 365 days (unless someone was born on a leap year) and on that day, everyone deserves a little bit of special attention, even if over-the-top birthday celebrations are overrated (which they aren’t). A birthday is something to look forward to. It is a day to take time to reflect, celebrate, and enjoy yourself!

This week, I am lucky enough to be able to celebrate being on this Earth for 27 years. I always like to take the day and just have it all about me. Selfish? Maybe but I would love it if everyone took the day to celebrate themselves- it’s good for the soul. Since I will soon have close to 30 years of wisdom I want to share a few important birthday tips that everyone needs to understand if they want to enjoy their birthday.

  1. Don’t expect too much from people!

This leads into one of my own personal philosophies: expectation is the root of disappointment. Don’t expect that everyone is going to drop everything to celebrate your special day. Don’t get upset when someone forgets your birthday. Don’t stress over why someone from your past stopped caring. As difficult as it is to do, move on, and appreciate those in your life who care enough to make sure your day is spectacular! Don’t take those people for granted.

  1. Be genuine.

A simple “Happy Birthday!” post on the Facebook wall of a close friend is never enough. Yes, it’s nice that you care, but if you truly care about someone and consider a person to be in your inner circle, take the time to give them a call, send them a card or send them a special birthday text. You would be surprised how something simple as small as a card can mean to a person on their day! Think about how you would want to be treated on your special day and strive to act in that manner towards others when they are celebrating.

  1. Be appreciative.

Acknowledge that someone took the time to send you a beautifully crafted text message about how important you are to them. Smile, hug, and say thank you to your best friends for the awesome dinner they planned. Call grandma to thank her for the sweet card she sent to you. It does not cost a thing to be nice, but it feels rewarding to know a gesture is appreciated. Remember to always appreciate what you have and use the happiness and positive energy you are experiencing to reciprocate when the time is right.

  1. Use a birthday as a reminder.

Of course you love your grandma, your cousin, or your bestie. But just because they know you love them and the feeling of love is mutual does not give you an easy “out” to not give them the attention they deserve on their special day! Use a birthday as the perfect excuse to buy your aunt that necklace you saw her admiring. Use your best friend’s birthday to show how much you appreciate and love the support in your life! A birthday can serve as a great reminder that someone is important and that people truly care about them and their happiness.

A birthday is a time to celebrate the life and the achievements of an individual who is special to you. A birthday is a universally friendly way to put in some effort and show someone you care. So, this 2016, whether you’re wishing someone “Bon Anniversaire,” “¡feliz cumpleaños!,” or “Happy Birthday,” take this advice to heart, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

College Seniors: I’m Sorry But Things Are About to Change

Some of you will stand beside me as I say “I do.”. Some of you will be there as my children are born. Some of you will slowly fade out of my life and just become a fond memory and a humorous anecdote. It’s not because I want it to happen, it’s just because I life gets in the way sometimes. Then there are some of you I will never see again. All of you hold a place in my heart and have left something to add to my story.

You can’t take everyone with you, when all of this is over. I wish you could, but you can’t. Because never again will life be this easy, this pretty, this effortless. Your life will never be like those four years when your second family and support system lived down the hall or a short walk up the road. You’ll never again get your work done at 2am while sipping champagne out of the bottle because you accidentally wasted the day away watching SVU marathons. You’ll long for the feeling of comfort your people once brought you because just a few feet away in any direction there was the warm presence of a friend. You were never alone. You couldn’t have been, even if you tried (even if there were some times that’s all you wanted).

But soon they’ll all be taken away. Not in an angry, harrowing way, just in a this is life kind of way. You’re all going to be pulled down different paths. You’re all trying to learn to swim in the endless ocean that is adulthood, real adulthood, and this separation is part of it, like taxes. You’re not going to live in six-person houses anymore, where empty bottles of alcohol proudly lined your dirty counter tops, mismatched furniture happily decorated your family room and string lights were the best decorations along with posters and tapestries – it was your own little messy, hectic, chaotic, beautiful life.

Soon you’ll be residing in little studios or two-person apartments, trying to adjust to the loud smack of the quietness that hits you each time you walk in the door after work. Never before has silence seemed so horribly loud. You’ll work at meeting up for happy hours or Friday night dinners, or even long weekend visits if you’re separated by that many miles. And it will seem easy at first, fun even. You’ll feel grown up thanks to the steady paychecks and busy schedules and weekend traveling.

But, like it always does, life will get in the way. The visits will become more rare, the meet-ups more sporadic. You’ll find new friends, have new routines, new weekend hangouts in our respective cities. You’ll tag each other in Timehops that remind you of who you were together, after a few glasses of wine nostalgia kicks in and we dig deep in the Facebook archives. It’s a good getaway from the mundane reality that we all are currently living- that random time you went out on that random Wednesday night and didn’t know it at the time but it would be a defining moment in your lives- even 10 years after it happens. You’ll think of your people often when you see these little reminders, with a smile on your face and the inability to still do shots of tequila. Soon you’ll simply be counting on random get togethers in the city and weddings to force us to drop what you’re doing so that you can spend a weekend together.

Even if you do remain close, even if you fight to stay in touch and see each other on a regular basis, things are going to change. But that’s okay. Because you can’t stay here forever, in this little naive bubble, hidden from the very things you came to learn about. You’ll have to move on, you have to grow up, you have to learn to live out this friendship under new circumstances, because the only thing guaranteed in life is that things are always going to change.

What you will remember as you leave that little apartment bursting with memories is that it will hurt because of your people. It will hurt because someone brought you such joy, such laughter, and such pure happiness. They taughtyou things you don’t even know that you had to learn. They are part of the reason that you are a different person today than when you walked on this campus 18, petrified and exhilarated.

If you ever come back here, this place is not going to look the same. There will eventually be new buildings, new sidewalks, new restaurants. But most of all, there will be new people. A new energy that you don’t recognize. The place that you once called home will exist now only in our minds and on Facebook, in that piece of us that came to life the minute you stepped onto this campus. But in that way, your experience is immortal. It will always be immortal, because when it exists as a memory, a connection, an energy between you and your people, it is safe from upgrades, from construction, from weather damage, from other people, from anything that would ever try to change it.

So go on and change the world. Make your presence know is this crazy game of Life. But fight for those relationships you needed in those four amazing years. Try and see them, visit, vacation, call, write. Don’t just comment on pictures on Facebook, BE in those photos. Don’t forget birthdays and major life events, keep the memories going. Those late night drunken conversations, getting lost in the city, lounging around all day, trying new things- all of the memories made you the person you are today. Life isn’t a journey to be taken alone, you need your A team right behind you. So get going and make your mark on this world.