Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Life is too short. This has become a cliche that we hear repeatedly but is not used until something goes awry in our lives that it brings everything back into perspective. Most of the time we forget how lucky we are to have roof over our heads (without the need to want more). How lucky we are that we can eat, get dressed and pee on our own (without stressing about body image). A job that pays our bills and gives us a little extra from time to time (without bitching with how busy we are). We are lucky to have friends and family as a strong support system (along with a worrisome mother who reminds us to get enough sleep). We just need to simply remember that we are lucky to be alive because we are not guaranteed anything or anyone in this world.

Life is too short. Don’t get upset about the trivial details in life that don’t matter. Yes you asked him to do the dishes but instead he fell asleep on the couch. When was the last time you joined him in a nap? It’s not worth it to get upset over something so… silly. There are some that worry their whole lives about building a retirement that they will never get to use. So instead just remember to do what you enjoy most, surrounded by people you enjoy doing it with. Don’t fight with your parents, or call your spouse an idiot, and don’t take these people and their love for granted because truth be told one day they might not be here.

Life is short. Some people may only have until tomorrow, or maybe you’ll get another 20 years. Regardless, as we’re enjoying our teens, 20s, and 30s, we can’t become so busy that we forget to find happiness in each fleeting moment. We get so caught up in our daily lives with our friends, school, or work that sometimes we forget to make that phone call to our loved ones. Make this change – take time and build memories with your loved ones, because you truly do not know if they will be in this world tomorrow. Because life is too short to regret that you didn’t.

Life is too short.We think we grasp this concept but we don’t. I should be a terrifying concept. I have always had a fear that questions my mortality. Sometimes it negatively makes me question all that I am doing. The mere brevity of life should spur us on to great and fearless things.

Life is too short. Make the best effort you can to do things that matter to you. Spend as much time with your dog, go for a long hike, read more even if it’s raunchy tabloids and always capitalize on this wild, nonsensical, beautiful, passing gift called life. There is no last call, no one to check to make sure everything was met- so do the things that matter to you, that make you happy. This is your movie, you decide the plot and this is exciting. Every minimal detail is determined by you! Even though you can’t predict the ending, that is the beauty of this adventure, it keeps us on our toes so we never get bored.

Lastly I leave you with a piece of advice.


– Drink cheap tequila – Not use spell check – Be an adult all the time – Forget to dance at weddings – Do hot yoga if you hate hot yoga – Worry about how you look in a bikini – Judge – Burn bridges because you can – Take people for granted – Not take vacation days – Take what everyone says to heart -Ignore your gut – Wear heels when your want to wear your new Vans – Make choices based on what people will think of you – Order the same thing – Forget to extend love to everyone you can, especially yourself –



“It’s From Old Navy!”

One of my favorite things to do with my outfits is surprise people. Not necessarily with what I’m wearing (my style is pretty tame), but with where what I am wearing was purchased. It gives you a little sense of validation as far as your shopping skills go to hear someone say “I can’t believe you found that THERE!”.

I decided to do a post on this because the above reaction has been occurring more and more frequently when I’m wearing pieces from (drum roll please)…OLD NAVY. My coworkers have actually said to me “please do not tell me that you bought that at Old Navy” because they really can’t believe that I’m finding all of these super cute pieces there. If you are looking to stay on trend on a budget and haven’t taken a look at what they have in awhile, make a trip there ASAP. Check out some of my faves below (apologies in advance for the number of items, but really I love pretty much everything):

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|| one || two || three ||
|| four || five || six ||
|| seven || eight || nine ||
|| ten || eleven || twelve ||

Let me know some of your favorite pieces in the comments! Have another store that is budget friendly? Comment below and share the wealth! Until next time my loves.




Embroidered Fashion Under $100

The fine details to create these beautiful and bold patters. I’m nothing short of obsessed with these intricate styles. Looking at them you’re immediately transported back to a time where craft was key. These clothes are full of pattern, detail and distinct personality. These ebroidered pieces are so graceful, they add an extra style effect to your overall look.

The 2016 trend of embroidered fashions seems very exciting, but as good things don’t come easily, you will have to go for a determined hunt to find a perfect embroidered piece. It saddens me to say that embroidered clothing hasn’t made most of the department stores yet, but if you search you’ll find the perfection style and price. As time goes on- you’ll find a couple of great pieces worthy of a purchase. Check out some of my finds under $100!

|| Urban Outfitters || ASOS || NetAPorter || ModCloth |
|| Lulus || Macy’s || Soludos || Revolve ||
|| ASOS || Charlotte Russe || ASOS || Nasty Gal ||


Beach Towel

While it may be an often-overlooked accessory, a beach towel is just as important as an awesome swimsuit. It’s worth researching and investing in one you really love, as it will totally elevate your beach style for years to come—we promise. Plus it adds to all those Insta picture you’ll be taking once your feet hit the sand.

It’s a great trend adding a bit of color to more color, adding a bit of sense, funny or weird to a look and a day at the beach. Think of it as a personalized trend for this summer’s holiday. Wear one each day to your moods or looks.

Because of this, we’ve gathered a colorful assortment of beach towels at a wide range of price points. Happy shopping!

|| Modcloth || PBTeen || Draper James || Madewell || Macy’s ||
|| Nordstrom || Natural Life || Gilt || Etsy || Vagabond ||
|| Castle || Overstock || Society6 || Target || Shopbop ||

I Don’t Know How People Do it: Part 2

It’s happening whether we like it or not and some days life gets hard, like crying in your car on the way home from work while you contemplate why you bought the house and how you’ll afford all these financial burdens! But rather than dwell on the paralyzing sense of self-doubt, I thought I’d come up with some affirmations instead. So whether you’re 20 or 70, if you’re in the same holy-shit-how-do-I-adult boat as I am, I hope these one-sentence reminders help you out.

It’s totally acceptable that you didn’t make a Facebook or Instagram worthy meal because it was a Hot Pocket and some Easy Mac but hey the lights are still on and you have wi-fi.

Anyone who judges you for sitting on your couch braless all weekend, catching up on your shows is jealous. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

Cheez Balls and Capri Suns are delicious. You have a job and make money so go buy them.

Game nights – board and video- are a necessity in life every now and then.

Unless you work directly with finances, taxes, 401ks and insurance- you’re pretty much flying by the seat of your pants.

Some days are hard.

Have your friends over for a water-gun/balloon fight. Bring out a Slip-n-Slide. Enjoy the warmer days ahead and who cares if you don’t feel hot in your bikini. No one’s looking- I promise.

Nostalgia makes us feel good. Read all the Buzzfeed articles you want about toys you longed for 20 years ago. It’s the perfect way to spend your down time.

Have a sleepover with your bestie! Even if they have a significant other!

We used to have to remember ridiculous things like recipes and directions. Now we have incredible technology. Brain power can be used for everything else there isn’t an app for.

Pets make amazing roommates.

 You went to the grocery store and bought all healthy things, but then you got tired and hungry when you got home, so you ordered pizza. You’ll cook tomorrow, right?

Save money? Budget? What do these words mean?

You get all your laundry done and put away within the same 24 hours, you are embarrassingly proud of yourself and you should be!

During the week, you look put together and like you are a person who is playing the role of Adult very well. On the weekend, only stretchy clothes which are five times your size are allowed on your body. No exceptions!

No matter what happens with the Presidential election, things will be okay… probably.

Feel free to cry during kids’ movies because let’s face it, Bing Bong’s exit from Riley’s mind is the most heartbreaking thing ever.

You continue to exist and thrive every day, despite your inner doubts and worries.

Happy meals are often the perfect portion.

It’s okay if you find adulting hard, because most of us do, and that keeps things interesting. We’re learning as we go.


I Don’t Know How People Do It: Part 1

From what I understand, I am considered an “adult” now. So why don’t I feel like it? Why do I still wake up every day thinking “Holy shit, who is letting me make all these decisions without any sort of supervision whatsoever?” But rather than dwell on the paralyzing sense of self-doubt, I thought I’d come up with some affirmations instead.

We’re learning along the way because we have to. We’re beginning to understand the basics but this thing called life needs to be learned the hard way.

I don’t understand how some people “do it”. How do they survive every day, mentally, physically, financially. Age is an easy comparison- for example he is married with two kids at 27 where I just had enough money to buy groceries this week. She bought a house and I still don’t know if I have a 401k. So I thought maybe most people are just doing the whole “fake it until you make it”. Maybe we are just good at appearing to be adults.

Update Social Media With Important Sounding Status

Have you ever seen on TV and in movies when a kid sits on another kid’s shoulders wearing a huge coat, and they pretend to be a full-sized adult? That’s basically what this is, only we have the physical appearance/ illusion of a grown up so we must imitate the responsibility and actions of one. Post things like “Slammed at work today and I come home to the hot water heater broken!” This tells everyone you’re A. Employed B. A home owner and C. that your are Houdini-ing the shit out of this adult thing. Because those same people that read those statuses are also the same ones who saw you shoe-less puking outside Murphy’s.

Invest In Real Furniture

My adult habitat was not always as suitable as it is now. In my living room we had colored Christmas lights that hung year round (not in a cool Tumblr way), which is why nobody was coming to me with their questions about diversifying bonds, financing a home and having a 401Ks. If you want to be an adult who people take seriously, you’ll probably need furniture that isn’t made of flimsy plastic and lighting that isn’t from the Spencer’s Gifts collection. I know, it’s a lot more trouble to clean things and use coasters but this will give the illusion of being a grownup. For many years we could only afford main furnishing- so finally we’re now able to have things like a bed set and futon that doesn’t look like it came from a frat house.

Learn How To Cook Something Real

As someone who has used smoke detectors to know when a meal has been cooked thoroughly, I understand how difficult making anything other than rice or pasta can be. What comes in handy is knowing how to throw together a few legitimate meals – you know, like stuff other than sandwiches. Spaghetti is always a cheap, easy candidate that doesn’t require Emeril type abilities. Or knowing how to cook various types of meats. Grilling is probably your best bet because you all know that if you really can’t cook- you don’t know how to clean those dishes. Try to have a dish that you can through together that looks like some effort was put in This is used for work lunches and parties where beer isn’t acceptable to bring.

Grumble About Mature People Problems

“I can’t believe the terms and conditions of the new pension plan! That’s outrageous?” said the immature person masquerading as an adult. Your problems can’t be things like running out of beer during your Red, White and Booze themed party or the terrible officiating in your intramural field hockey league. They’ve got to be significant, important issues. Things like higher health insurance rates or watching your cholesterol.

Be the Bigger Person

A crucial part of the whole adulthood thing is not getting involved in hostile confrontations, because ideally grown-ups are able to use their words and intellect to resolve conflicts. Yes, that’s easier said than done, but making a conscious effort to talk things out peacefully or ignore petty nonsense earns a lot more adult points than screaming like a deranged cast member on Tila Tequila seeking camera time. Even if she annoys you or he’s kind of a tool, try to be cordial and find a way to respectfully express your disappointment in their existence. This isn’t a girl at the bar who purposely knocked your beer out of your hand- this is an office and you need money to buy Hot Pockets and keep the lights on.

Wear “Real” Clothes

Try ones that were not given to you for free in college, or pants with a drawstrings. Here’s the catch though — It’s not just about going out and buying said clothes, you have to actually wear them out in public. Clothes in general can be annoying, but pants are the prime offenders of discomfort via garments. Wear pants in front of people so they have visual proof that you do in fact get dressed occasionally.

We can learn how to do pretty much anything. I’m not saying it will be done well but with the combination of parents and the internet- you’ll figure it out.

Know how to fix a toilet? Hire a plummer. Don’t know a plummer- thank god for Google. Bought a shirt you don’t know how to wash? Call your mom. Always have a flashlight with working batteries, clean sheets in case someone needs to stay over, liquids besides alcohol, how to work the fire extinguisher, have kitchen essentials like oil, sugar and flour & lastly Clorox wipes don’t clean everything.

That’s all for now. Check back Wednesday for the next installment. Or don’t but you’ll miss out. That ones funnier.



Songs That Turn Hannah Montanta Into VMA’s Miley

Sometimes we are composed, refined, thoughtful young ladies. Sometimes we want to sip complicated red wine and have a nuanced discussion about philosophy or politics. Sometimes, though, a song comes on that makes you start convulsing as if you’ve been moved by the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and shaking your ass so wildly you feel as though it might fall off. And there is nothing wrong with that. Let us all embrace the songs that unceremoniously push our inner housewives aside and start the party, one isolated ass cheek at a time.

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

We’ve all been there- dancing like we’re in that Hep B infested bathroom with ass-less chaps on. Thank god X-Tina took on a stripper phase because it made all of us breathe a little easier. Thank you- we needed that.


Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance

Lord. This songs brings out a whole other level of dancing for people who can’t dance. “All these chicks clapping and they ain’t using hands!” Now if that isn’t modern day Keats I don’t know what is.


Big Sean – Dance (A$$) 

Yet another dollar-sign-as-letter-title promises and delivers on one of the most simple and effective ass-shaking songs of all times. This is an open invite to all women to shake and move.


Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

The perfect way to modernize every girls favorite song, “Baby Got Back”. Nicki keep doing what your doing girl.


Low-Flo Rida Lyrics

This is like a challenge. People have to fight the urge to NOT get low. I’ve never owned Apple Bottom jeans or boots with fur but I strut around the bar like I’m currently wearing them. Ladies… this is the song that those squats will pay off.


Ice Cube – You Can Do It

Ok so you really only know the refrain that’s alright because this brings out the animal in all of us.  And in this moment you dance like you are none other than Queen B herself.


Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy ft. Shawnna

This song has earned me many a drinks. My senior year of high school my best friends vowed to learn every line of this song and we did. This was more useful to know then I could have ever imagined.


Ginuwine – Pony

Maybe because of Magic Mike but this song just gets me!


R. Kelly – Bump N’ Grind

The lyrical genius behind “Trapped in the Closet” couldn’t have summed up my tequila filled Friday night when he said ” I don’t seen nothing wrong- with a little bump n’ grind”. Well said, well said.


Missy Elliott – Work It

All in all, it’s pretty embarrassing the amount of time I spent coming up with my very own personal choreography for this song. I know I’m not alone.


Jason Derulo – “Talk Dirty” feat. 2 Chainz

Still one of my favorite collaborations to be honest. This is one of those, “Wow, see kids, we had music in my day” songs.


Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani

Now while I admittedly listened to A LOT of rap, it wasn’t what I associated with being a pre-teen girl. With the exception of a few songs, and this being one of them. Eve, who will always be one of my favorite rappers, slayed.