Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Life is too short. This has become a cliche that we hear repeatedly but is not used until something goes awry in our lives that it brings everything back into perspective. Most of the time we forget how lucky we are to have roof over our heads (without the need to want more). How lucky we are that we can eat, get dressed and pee on our own (without stressing about body image). A job that pays our bills and gives us a little extra from time to time (without bitching with how busy we are). We are lucky to have friends and family as a strong support system (along with a worrisome mother who reminds us to get enough sleep). We just need to simply remember that we are lucky to be alive because we are not guaranteed anything or anyone in this world.

Life is too short. Don’t get upset about the trivial details in life that don’t matter. Yes you asked him to do the dishes but instead he fell asleep on the couch. When was the last time you joined him in a nap? It’s not worth it to get upset over something so… silly. There are some that worry their whole lives about building a retirement that they will never get to use. So instead just remember to do what you enjoy most, surrounded by people you enjoy doing it with. Don’t fight with your parents, or call your spouse an idiot, and don’t take these people and their love for granted because truth be told one day they might not be here.

Life is short. Some people may only have until tomorrow, or maybe you’ll get another 20 years. Regardless, as we’re enjoying our teens, 20s, and 30s, we can’t become so busy that we forget to find happiness in each fleeting moment. We get so caught up in our daily lives with our friends, school, or work that sometimes we forget to make that phone call to our loved ones. Make this change – take time and build memories with your loved ones, because you truly do not know if they will be in this world tomorrow. Because life is too short to regret that you didn’t.

Life is too short.We think we grasp this concept but we don’t. I should be a terrifying concept. I have always had a fear that questions my mortality. Sometimes it negatively makes me question all that I am doing. The mere brevity of life should spur us on to great and fearless things.

Life is too short. Make the best effort you can to do things that matter to you. Spend as much time with your dog, go for a long hike, read more even if it’s raunchy tabloids and always capitalize on this wild, nonsensical, beautiful, passing gift called life. There is no last call, no one to check to make sure everything was met- so do the things that matter to you, that make you happy. This is your movie, you decide the plot and this is exciting. Every minimal detail is determined by you! Even though you can’t predict the ending, that is the beauty of this adventure, it keeps us on our toes so we never get bored.

Lastly I leave you with a piece of advice.


– Drink cheap tequila – Not use spell check – Be an adult all the time – Forget to dance at weddings – Do hot yoga if you hate hot yoga – Worry about how you look in a bikini – Judge – Burn bridges because you can – Take people for granted – Not take vacation days – Take what everyone says to heart -Ignore your gut – Wear heels when your want to wear your new Vans – Make choices based on what people will think of you – Order the same thing – Forget to extend love to everyone you can, especially yourself –



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