Don’t Forget to Tell Your Family…

As you get older you tend to realize the importance of good people in your life. You have experienced anger, hate and negativity. The combination leads to us understanding the importance of communicating love to the people we care about.

You are lucky to be theirs.

Know that they feel the same about you. There are far too many unloved children in our world today. You are not one of them. Every now and then, remind them how much you love them.

Tell them how much you appreciate all they have done so far

They have sacrificed so much. They have loved and nurtured you, provided you with all they could without even giving it a second thoughts. Even when they struggled emotionally, physically or financially they still gave all they could. We are just beginning to understand how hard that really is.

I love you.

Tell them when you leave the house and when you come home. Tell them before you hang up the phone. Tell them before you fall asleep. Randomly remind them that you love them. Everyone likes to hear that they are loved. Your parents will never tire of hearing it. Don’t take this simple sentence for granted because you can never say it enough.

You have done and said some bad things but you are growing up (in their eyes) every day.

Would you still care about me
if I did horrible things?
Yes, of course.

They reminded you to say please and thank you. Always be polite and never raise your voice. Respect your elders, above all else be kind and grateful. They raised you as best they could and sent you into the world. They are proud to call you their son or daughter despite all of your fights, tears and slammed doors. You are their bragging right in the office and when they’re out to dinner with their friends- you are their world.

You hope you are as good of a parent to your own child someday as they were to you.

And that your child will be very blessed if you are. All any parent wants is to believe they have done the very best they could’ve done; no more, and no less.

You don’t know what you’ll do without them.

Remember to appreciate the people around you every day. You never know when they will no longer be with you. Remind them how important they are (not only to you). Silly fights will happen but don’t stay mad, it’s not worth it. Regret is one thing you can’t take back. Enjoy your time with lots of love and laughs. Bring up funny memories and spend time doing things everyone can enjoy.

Thank you.

For teaching me, having patience, playing pretend, eating my Easy Bake oven creations. For helping me with homework,the warm and loving home you always had,the difference between right and wrong. Thank you for being my biggest fan, advocate and supporter. Thank you for running around because I actually need blue socks not red ones. Thank you for staying up to wash my lucky shirt before my game. You are who you are because of them and they are, and always will be, a part of your heart and soul. Thank you.






She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful

There are people in my life that have beautiful qualities about them- ones that are rare but beautiful. They are kind by nature. Their personalities have people flocking to befriend them. From their empathetic character to their gentle fashion,
they have people wanting to live better lives.

Don’t criticize people’s actions, ideas or looks. You never know the true story plus making people laugh because you’re truly funny is so much better than making fun of others. It’s just in poor taste.

Be kind to yourself even on the worst of days. From your past to physical physique- ease up. Life’s too short.

Empathy is a beautiful trait. Listen when someone is having a hard time, don’t think about what you want to say. Offer advice that is helpful and that comes from the heart.

Encourage your friends and family to follow their dreams. It may not be the life you want to live but that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t been thinking about these goals their entire lives. A friend wants to start a business? Support and encourage them!

Not taking out your anger from the day’s small frustrations on the person you come home to.

Don’t unload your concerns on someone else for the sheer gratification of gossiping. Make a concerted effort to not talk about people when they aren’t around.

Criticism is a part of life- it helps us grow and develop as long as it is productive. Don’t surround yourself with people though who bring you down with unnecessary criticism.

Don’t lead people on friendship wise or romantically. If you aren’t interested- be direct in saying “no”. This way you avoid dragging things out and ultimately hurting their feelings even more.

Not leaving nasty anonymous comments or messages for people just because you know you can get away with it — realizing that there are few crueler ways to spend your time, and that it will never resolve whatever underlying issue you’re addressing with your harsh words.

Being the person that people know they can go to with their secrets, or their more serious problems.

Helping out your friends when they’re in a tight spot, whether that means giving them a place to crash for a while or just being a shoulder to cry on when they’re at their breaking point. Don’t do it for a repayment because you know that is not why you offer such help

Taking your time to do things the right way, instead of rushing through them to get finished early and not have to worry about them anymore. Understanding that doing things right the first time ensures not only that you will likely not have to do it again, but that you can be proud of what you have done.

Remember that we often need the more harsh truths in life served with a little bit of sugar.

Being kind to parents who are having a hard time with their rambunctious children while out in public. They don’t need to hear your sighs of discontent.

Differentiating between people who are trying to change their circumstances, and people who are being complacent and lazy. Understanding that, though their circumstances may seem similar, they have every difference in the world between them.

Not basing your opinion of whether or not someone is beautiful on their physical appearance. Erasing the connections we have embedded in us between “attractive” and “superior,” and taking the time to re-learn how we look at everyone around us and what we believe they deserve in life.


Why Do You Wear Make-Up?

Make-up, God I have a love hate relationship with you! There was a time where I could care less about it- more so I couldn’t be bothered and then before I knew it, I wouldn’t leave the house without it. It became somewhat exhausting because I felt like I had to put on my mask in order to feel pretty. I realized that I didn’t want to be so dependent on my several step process.

So, it was summer and had a nice glow, so I decided why cover up? I love my freckles and my sun kissed cheeks. I went cold turkey for a few weeks, wearing NOTHING on my face. But then I realized something, I missed wearing it! There is nothing wrong with makeup the problem lies when you can’t feel comfortable without it (just like the pretty filter on Snap Chat). It isn’t used as a mask; it is used as a highlighter. Make-up isn’t bad, it’s just like anything else in life, some people like it others can’t stand it.

I think makeup is fun and exciting because you can do something new every day. From changing colors to styles there is always a new look waiting. There are two view points on women who wear makeup every day 1) They make it work, they look so professional. or 2) They’re trying too hard, well I like make-up and I really want to defend those who enjoy wearing make-up and who wear it more often than not.

We do it for us

Really, truly I wear make-up because I like the way it makes me feel. Like that little black dress that hangs in my closet, I put it on for me, not my man. If I wanted to appease him, clothes would not be my taken route. Some morning the only person I want to please is myself. When I wear flawless makeup I feel confident. It’s by no means do I feel “ugly” without it, it’s just that I feel a little sassier with it and everyone knows some Monday’s need a highlighter.

It’s pretty and fun and glittery!

From cat-eye to smokey eye to nude lip to fire engine red, we can change our look daily. We can try out new ways to look. Some days we want to just look different so makeup can become an outlet. There are so many colors and styles that allow us to jump between decades or seasons. Plus who doesn’t like their eyes to pop!

It covers up things that we can’t naturally

I have uneven skin much like 99% of the population. I have acne and rosy cheeks and sometimes I just want it all to look one color. I can brighten the blue in my eyes and highlight my cheek bones. I can add some shimmer to my face so when the light hits it I shine like a freaking Cullen. My eyelashes are long but when I throw on mascara I feel like the wind blows harder as I blink.

A way to pamper yourself

Nothing is more exciting then trying out a new lipstick color or a new brand of mascara. I even get excited over a new lip-gloss. It’s fun trying out new products. I love going to get my make-up done and seeing what they use and what they do. Taking someones professional opinion and having them help me learn new tips and tricks. Like I never would have thought to us a blue eyeliner in fear of looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey show but hey it was a great color and it worked.

The most beautiful makeup
of a woman is passion.
But cosmetics are easier to buy.

Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Make-up or not it doesn’t matter because confidence is key to any fabulous woman. But I love make-up and I love how it makes me feel. And any questions just shoot me an email at

Stay Beautiful Lovers


Off the Shoulder

When it’s blazing hot outside, the last thing you want to be feeling is constrained by your clothes. So to stay cool, I’ve been taking advantage of hot weather trends like palm leaf print and indulging in all of the swimsuits my closet can handle. Another trend that I’ve been diving into this summer is the flowy off-the-shoulder top. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses allow you to show a little skin without looking too risqué. I’d say they’re the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

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The Types Of Day Drinking We Encounter

Day Drinking

A controversial brand of day drinking, this is the early-to-bed scenario that has some of us saying “Awesome! I got to party and I get to wake up refreshed at 7 AM the next day!” and some of us saying “I did not work all week to spend my Saturday in bed at 7 PM.” And it’s a hard line to walk, but once the setting-sun sleepies begin to take over your day drunk body, nothing can stop it. It’s like the turbo version of a nap, and if your body has decided it’s time for bed, there is no way you can continue drinking into the evening.

Lets Go Shopping!

Is there anything more disorienting than attempting to run midday errands while day drunk? You leave a three-or-so bloody mary brunch with the full intention of going to fill a prescription, drop off dry cleaning, and possibly buy some new sheets, and you end up stuck wandering the aisles of Walgreens like you’re on mushrooms, unsure of where you are or why you came here, spending 30 minutes considering the pros and cons of buying Walgreens-brand peanut brittle. You don’t even understand that you’re day drunk, you just suddenly think that normal daily tasks are impossibly complicated, and all you want to do is lay down somewhere.


You’ve never watched soccer in your life, but suddenly it’s 4 PM and the entire bar is screaming and you have transformed into some sports-obsessed monster that can only communicate in cheers, angered cries, and orders for more beer. Before you know it you start running your mouth like you actually know what your talking about and because everyone is just as intoxicated no one questions the fact that you actually don’t make sense.


Perhaps the best level of day drunk, this is when you have 2-3 sparkling/pink/fruity cocktails in you, and you are just trying to comment on the hot guys walking by over the top of your oversized sunglasses while saucily fanning yourself. Everything is perfect, and as long as someone goes to fetch your purse while you continue to make judgmental comments on the outfits of passerby, you could stay doing this all afternoon.

Is it the Flu or DDS?

Do you know what happens when it’s blazing hot outside, you’re trying to get a little color, so you hang out in the sunniest spot you can find while consuming alcohol and no water for hours on end? It’s a mistake we all make, no matter how many times we should have learned our lessons. The sun begins to set and all of a sudden you have the symptoms of a serious flu and can no longer stand up. It’s the Day Drinking Sickness (DDS), and it’s a deadly combination of 12 pm shots, dehydration, sun poisoning, and the inability to go inside and drink a glass of water like a god damn adult every hour or so. You’ll spend the night simultaneously shivering and sweating in your bed with a brutal headache, but hey, at least you will have gotten some color!

I’m On A Boat!

You’re not actually on a boat (or maybe you are, but if you are, God help you). You’re just near some sort of body of water/dock/above-ground swimming pool at your friend’s house, and all of a sudden some otherworldly force grips you and it’s “WHOO POPPING BOTTLES WOLF OF WALL STREET LIVING IT UP.” There is something about being in proximity to water that makes all day drinking not only permissible, but deeply mandatory. Water drinking is an art form, and we are all capable of being masters of our craft