Why Do You Wear Make-Up?

Make-up, God I have a love hate relationship with you! There was a time where I could care less about it- more so I couldn’t be bothered and then before I knew it, I wouldn’t leave the house without it. It became somewhat exhausting because I felt like I had to put on my mask in order to feel pretty. I realized that I didn’t want to be so dependent on my several step process.

So, it was summer and had a nice glow, so I decided why cover up? I love my freckles and my sun kissed cheeks. I went cold turkey for a few weeks, wearing NOTHING on my face. But then I realized something, I missed wearing it! There is nothing wrong with makeup the problem lies when you can’t feel comfortable without it (just like the pretty filter on Snap Chat). It isn’t used as a mask; it is used as a highlighter. Make-up isn’t bad, it’s just like anything else in life, some people like it others can’t stand it.

I think makeup is fun and exciting because you can do something new every day. From changing colors to styles there is always a new look waiting. There are two view points on women who wear makeup every day 1) They make it work, they look so professional. or 2) They’re trying too hard, well I like make-up and I really want to defend those who enjoy wearing make-up and who wear it more often than not.

We do it for us

Really, truly I wear make-up because I like the way it makes me feel. Like that little black dress that hangs in my closet, I put it on for me, not my man. If I wanted to appease him, clothes would not be my taken route. Some morning the only person I want to please is myself. When I wear flawless makeup I feel confident. It’s by no means do I feel “ugly” without it, it’s just that I feel a little sassier with it and everyone knows some Monday’s need a highlighter.

It’s pretty and fun and glittery!

From cat-eye to smokey eye to nude lip to fire engine red, we can change our look daily. We can try out new ways to look. Some days we want to just look different so makeup can become an outlet. There are so many colors and styles that allow us to jump between decades or seasons. Plus who doesn’t like their eyes to pop!

It covers up things that we can’t naturally

I have uneven skin much like 99% of the population. I have acne and rosy cheeks and sometimes I just want it all to look one color. I can brighten the blue in my eyes and highlight my cheek bones. I can add some shimmer to my face so when the light hits it I shine like a freaking Cullen. My eyelashes are long but when I throw on mascara I feel like the wind blows harder as I blink.

A way to pamper yourself

Nothing is more exciting then trying out a new lipstick color or a new brand of mascara. I even get excited over a new lip-gloss. It’s fun trying out new products. I love going to get my make-up done and seeing what they use and what they do. Taking someones professional opinion and having them help me learn new tips and tricks. Like I never would have thought to us a blue eyeliner in fear of looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey show but hey it was a great color and it worked.

The most beautiful makeup
of a woman is passion.
But cosmetics are easier to buy.

Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Make-up or not it doesn’t matter because confidence is key to any fabulous woman. But I love make-up and I love how it makes me feel. And any questions just shoot me an email at theoxfordguide@gmail.com.

Stay Beautiful Lovers



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