Don’t Forget to Tell Your Family…

As you get older you tend to realize the importance of good people in your life. You have experienced anger, hate and negativity. The combination leads to us understanding the importance of communicating love to the people we care about.

You are lucky to be theirs.

Know that they feel the same about you. There are far too many unloved children in our world today. You are not one of them. Every now and then, remind them how much you love them.

Tell them how much you appreciate all they have done so far

They have sacrificed so much. They have loved and nurtured you, provided you with all they could without even giving it a second thoughts. Even when they struggled emotionally, physically or financially they still gave all they could. We are just beginning to understand how hard that really is.

I love you.

Tell them when you leave the house and when you come home. Tell them before you hang up the phone. Tell them before you fall asleep. Randomly remind them that you love them. Everyone likes to hear that they are loved. Your parents will never tire of hearing it. Don’t take this simple sentence for granted because you can never say it enough.

You have done and said some bad things but you are growing up (in their eyes) every day.

Would you still care about me
if I did horrible things?
Yes, of course.

They reminded you to say please and thank you. Always be polite and never raise your voice. Respect your elders, above all else be kind and grateful. They raised you as best they could and sent you into the world. They are proud to call you their son or daughter despite all of your fights, tears and slammed doors. You are their bragging right in the office and when they’re out to dinner with their friends- you are their world.

You hope you are as good of a parent to your own child someday as they were to you.

And that your child will be very blessed if you are. All any parent wants is to believe they have done the very best they could’ve done; no more, and no less.

You don’t know what you’ll do without them.

Remember to appreciate the people around you every day. You never know when they will no longer be with you. Remind them how important they are (not only to you). Silly fights will happen but don’t stay mad, it’s not worth it. Regret is one thing you can’t take back. Enjoy your time with lots of love and laughs. Bring up funny memories and spend time doing things everyone can enjoy.

Thank you.

For teaching me, having patience, playing pretend, eating my Easy Bake oven creations. For helping me with homework,the warm and loving home you always had,the difference between right and wrong. Thank you for being my biggest fan, advocate and supporter. Thank you for running around because I actually need blue socks not red ones. Thank you for staying up to wash my lucky shirt before my game. You are who you are because of them and they are, and always will be, a part of your heart and soul. Thank you.






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