And the smallest one was Madeline

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines

She’s feisty and brave, and very little rattles her — not even an appendectomy. Side note- when my dad’s appendix ruptured I was sure to greet him at the hospital with my favorite Madeline doll (they came with scars and all)! From Madeline, I learned courage and to be proud of our scars because they make us who we are.

When facing dangers or new experiences, Madeline meets them head on with every ounce of courage she can muster. Always being the smallest one in any group- Madeline and her Parisian lifestyle was one character I always could relate to. It was a book we could always read as a family- a story I could never get enough of!

We love our bread, we love our butter but most of all we love each other.

This phrase is recited by the girls before they break their bread, it shows how much they value relationships over physical things. Even though bread and butter symbolizes the basic needs for a normal human being, they valued their loved ones much more.

Learn from your mistakes

There isn’t a better way to learn than learning from mistakes. This young girl loves adventure, loves trying new things, but with the comes a lot of mistakes. But none of those mistakes can discourage her, she stay joyful, and even more importantly she learns from them.

Don’t be afraid: say ‘Phoo Phoo’ instead

Whenever Madeline sees something frighting, she just faces it head on. What a girl. Everybody has their own way of facing fears otherwise life would become very difficult. It is not essential to say phoo-phoo – just find some way to make your self stronger when you don’t feel confident.

Every story has unique life lesson and surprising enough they are so practical to use in everyday life.

If you watch the series again you will understand what I am telling here. Watch this episode to understand how deep the message is. It teaches us that we all have unique skills and we need not to worry that we don’t have every skill in the world. Needless to say song is my favorite.

Discipline matters.

Having and maintaining discipline, makes life easy. The beauty of discipline is that you can be as adventurous and curious as you need to be but look like an angel to the outside world. Madeline is adventurous but never mean or rude, I believe it is the best quality in her.

Have a pet

Sometimes they will help you to find solutions to your matters. Genevieve is a great dog that helps Madeline a lot. Pets are awesome. So have a pet. Even though you will have to feed them, walk them and do some extra work for them, they will not let you down because their love is eternal!

Best Parental guides given by Miss. Clavel

She let them run, laugh, be children but she knew when structure was needed. Miss Clavel is well known for using her 6th sense when something is not quite right. She also knows how to keep things tidy and that two straight lines is the best way to count 12 girls. She would know if someone is missing in a jiffy. She sing to the children, she teach them all the subjects. She act as a guide and let all the girls shine.

To me Madeline was so much of my childhood. Tell me more about some of the characters from your childhood! I’d love to hear!

That’s all there is, there isn’t any more.


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