Battle Of The 24 Hour App

“Our mission has always been to
capture and share the world’s moments,
not just the world’s most beautiful moments.”

If you are one of the 300 odd million Instagrammers, you likely noticed a new feature -which bears a striking resemblance to our favorite puppy faced app – called “Stories”. Released Tuesday, Stories allows us to post pictures and videos (that can be drawn on and filtered) but are you guessed it – deleted 24 hours later.

The posting tools mimic Snapchat, but they’re built right into a very familiar and user friendly app. Most of Snapchat’s interface is obscured and requires knowing the right taps and swipes to get around, even to add a friend. Now people have access to Snapchat-like socializing without the burden of navigating the app. It works for all ages too. Which is a huge plus for the GRAM because there seems to be a wider range of ages and professionalism on Instagram vs SnapChat.

Instagram is unique in that many users curate their feeds to look as attractive as possible. The downside of this emphasis on quality posting is that users post less than they might otherwise. But with Stories, users can add all the silliness of their day without over-sharing and flooding their followers’ feeds with funny faces and play by plays, because it doesn’t show up anywhere then the Story section- which is a little button-like feature atop of your feed.

Plus, many careers were born on Instagram. By contrast, Snapchat has been going for much the same time and, although it has more daily users than Twitter, a lot of people still don’t understand how it works. I don’t post Snapchat stories because most of my friends aren’t on it. Even though I follow a lot of people on it, I don’t actually know them.

Snapchat has often been depicted as seedy and as my aunt says “isn’t that the app to send dirty pictures?”. Yes, fondly know as a place for people to exchange illicit pictures without leaving much in the way of a virtual paper trail. This was particularly the case when the app first became popular – I mean c’mon we have a feature to alert us when a picture has been screenshotted. Over the past year we have come to adore Snapchat. Bloggers use it for everyday life details, companies allow you to see new products all while wearing a crown of butterflies. What’s not to love?

Here’s my take on the whole battle. People love a one stop shop, let’s use Target as an example. I can buy a juicer, bikini and succulents all in one place. So this all encompassing app means no more going in-between. I feel that I need to spread my love equally among my social media apps. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram come second to my actual blog. This makes my day overwhelming because my blog doesn’t pay my bills.

However my favorite take on the whole battle is that this will hopefully alleviate the pressure to curate a picture-perfect life making people more real and personable. It allows these idolized bloggers to be seen in a different light. Already so many posts sans make-up and (probably) bras adorn my Instagram and I love it! They are real people. This is amazing because when you’re whole platform is having the facade of an idyllic life- this new feature reminds us that lighting isn’t always in our favor and that every day isn’t a good hair day.

I feel like Instagram stories will be more purposeful and they make total sense. Sometimes you have little moments that you want to share with all of your friends, but they simply don’t fit into your profile’s aesthetic that you’ve worked so hard to maintain. And, sometimes you want to post more often than what we’ve decided is acceptable for the social media platform. I mean, haven’t we all unfollowed someone for posting way too many photos to their Instagram at once? GRAM v SnapChat is like Marsha vs Jan. Totally different people sharing totally different videos and pictures. There wont be any drunken selfies sent or videos of shots being taken. This will allow us to use our creativity to show the world our take on the 10 second video.

While “consistency is key” oftentimes, not always so with social media. Apps need to constantly adapt and allow users to play with the next big thing, and right now, Snapchat is a pretty big thing. Insta does evolve occasionally, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say new app icons, filters and extended videos are shoving dedicated users away from the GRAM. In fact, if they continue to change and introduce a zooming feature, that’s a whole bunch of moms ready to double-tap every single one of their child’s posts.

SO! What you will see on my Instagram story?

  • Products I adore
  • Local products and stores
  • No selfies (unless Insta brings that pretty filter or turns me into a hippo)
  • Daily entertaining activities
  • Amazing deals on my favorite stores
  • Newly purchased items and reviews

For me it’s a done deal.

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