Spoil Me With Love

I want you to spoil me but not with gifts and flowers. Spoil me with your love. I want to be showered with kisses and hugs- not purses and gadgets. Reach for me hand in a dark theater because you want to remind me in that exact moment that you love me. Stop me in the middle of the sidewalk and plant a quick kiss on my cheek. Make me stop for a moment- remind me to feel our love.

If we’re fighting, which we will because you are patient and I am not, I want you to stop yelling and pull me close. Remind me it’s not worth it to bicker, life is too short. If it’s late at night and you wake don’t ever stop rolling over to hold me. If I’m crying keep making me laugh until I forget what it feels like to be sad. If it’s early in the morning and my eyes are barely open, guide my tired head to your chest and let us fall back asleep.

See, I don’t need much—a hand to hold, a heart to treasure, a mind to learn, a body to pull close, and memories to share. I don’t need much to feel spoiled – especially by you.

Spoil me with your love not your money. I don’t need excessive trips to exotic places and expensive jewelry to adorn my body. I don’t need a new car or the newest gadgets. We don’t need 5-Star restaurants; I prefer eating pizza with you every Friday night in our pjs. I don’t want material things and gifts to feel loved.

Don’t send flowers when we fight, or buy me an iPad because I’m mad at you. They will never make me as happy as when you suggest to go on a bike ride or have my favorite dinner waiting for me at home that you cooked yourself. Or coming home after a weekend getaway to a clean house and my favorite candle lit.

Keep doing the things that make me laugh, write me little love notes, surprise me with my favorite jelly beans. Listen to the things I say. There will be days when my smile is tired and my patience is weary – know how to handle me during my not so adorable moments. I want the things money can’t buy—your attention, your patience, your affection, your happiness.

I want memories and moments not physical items. Laughter that feels like it’ll last forever, happiness in every picture that floods me with memories of all the conversations and events that make us who we are. I want to remember us [not because of all the presents I received or things I could wear or show off] because the memories float around us, and have developed us in the couple we have become.

So remember, spoil me with your love. Treat me with respect and kindness, show me that I matter to you and shower me with your attention and time.



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