Vegan Fur Vest

So last winter I was asked to be in a charity fashion show- I am only giving you this information because it introduced me to my favorite winter piece from last season, the faux fur vest. The fuzzy vest was so much fun to wear last winter! It was an $30 risk that paid off in spades. I rounded up more vest options below- be careful because this fun trend can get very expensive. I am not ready to let this be a trend of winters past even though Donnie compare’s me to our dog or Big Foot (in the sense my back is “covered in fur”). I personally think they add such fun pizazz to a winter outfit when it’s hard to feel cute under all those layers. A fuzzy vest might just be the perfect way to stay warm and feel stylish at the same time!

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So what are your thoughts? Do you love the fur vest or is this a trend you’re going to pass on? Comment below! I’d love to hear.



The Oxford Guide

I’ve hit a case of writer’s block because I feel that I am struggling to find my blogging voice- vloice. If I’m being honest- this is a lot of work. Keeping up with several different social platforms is very exhausting- my life is not that exciting. I don’t go to New York for fashion week, I go to Brooklyn to visit Danielle and her grampa. I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus, I actually don’t even really shop anymore. I feel like I’m falling behind in fashion and letting my blog down. I want this to be everything that I love while showing my followers who I am -even if my only followers are my parents. I may not know the direction I want this to go but I know what I want my blog to be something I am proud of.

Maybe I just need to get this off my chest. I want everything to be consistent from my daily posts to my overall message. I don’t know what this will grow into. A 20 something try to find herself in the world? A catalog of my thoughts and fashion? Lifestyle and humor? I really am not sure. The only thing that I want to get across to all my readers is that I am here to make people feel more confident,everything from style to their daily life. My blog is a guide for people, for help, thoughts and ideas. Here are a few rules that are followed in every message.

[1] I want to give people an affordable option for “it” clothing

I’m on a budget, there is no surprise there. Louboutin’s do not trump groceries, even though I wish they could! I want to give people different types of options for different styles. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable in skinny jeans so I want people to know that isn’t all they “have” to wear. In all of my articles I try to give affordable options that cover all sizes and styles. Fashion doesn’t have rules and people need to know that they can wear clothes that they feel confident in. Also! fashion is a mimicking game so there will always be a more affordable option.

[2] I will never post 12 different pictures of my daily outfit

How is that helpful to anyone? You don’t need to see all the angles of my outfit. Whenever I post about a particular style that interests me I always give a handful of options. But not just options I like. Options that (I think) cover many different styles. I don’t just want to showcase my closet I want to help build and develop yours.  Plus, I want my posts to have something behind them- this isn’t my personal diary.

[3] I believe in confidence and supporting all types of styles and bodies

I don’t believe in belittling people based style or body type. I also don’t believe in changing people. None of that matters! I wear what I want and I don’t care what others think or say. That is how I want everyone to feel as they read my posts, I hope to build on confidence. Overall I hope my readers have fun when they get dressed every morning. I want to show people runway to street styles and how it’s worn. Then I find them the pieces so they can add it to their wardrobe.

[4] I am not always put together so NEVER think I am!

Yesterday I went out in public without any make-up on- the bags under my eyes made me look more Lurch than Kate Moss. My hair is thin and my skin isn’t ready to grace the cover of Vogue so at times, I don’t feel very confident. But I have to work with what I have- like we all do even if some of us just have a 5’10” 100lb frame with thick naturally platinum blonde hair and a way with making bed head chic. Also I have made a lot of fashion mistakes but I love trying out new styles because you never know what is going to work!

[5] I work full time

I would love to post every day and have tumblr ready photos but there aren’t enough hours in the day and my boyfriend is an accountant not a photographer! So my blog is set up that I use other bloggers and photographers photos to help get my message across. I hope one day I can use my own work- but right now I have to work within my time limits. I love the girls that showcase their clothes and give multiple options of where to buy. Hopefully one day I’ll get there.

In the beginning I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion blogger.  I have a self deprecating character, I’m brutally honest, I have a clothing budget, I feel silly getting my picture taken because I’m NOT photogenic. But…..But I DO love fashion. But there is so much more that I love to share! So thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure and hopefully this little hiatus I was on will shake off those cobwebs.

A Fun Friday Night In

First off I should point out that I actually like spending time alone more than most people I know. I consider myself fairly social, but my penchant for alone time has definitely led to friendship awkwardness at least once in recent memory when a needy acquaintance just couldn’t understand why I’d prioritize, say, sushi happy hour alone versus forced conversations.

My fiance (that’s weird) and I have lived together going on 4 years. Most Friday nights are the same. We get home from work, unwind, getting something to eat, and fall asleep watching our shows. There are some nights however when I am have a me night. He goes out, I stay in. Theses are the 20 different ways I can spend my night- sometimes I accomplish them all.

  1. Throw on your comfy, reliable, bleach splatter stained, holey sweatpants and wear them for the duration of the night.
  2. Buy wine that you haven’t tasted before. My favorite is any wine in a box. It’s always such a surprise when you drink the whole thing.
  3. Go on Netflix and watch a TV series. Pick any!
  4. Solo dance party. Bump that LMFAO, play those Motown jams – whatever you’re feeling. At home there’s a lot less body heat and crap-ass DJing which makes for a better time.
  5. Do some online shopping. Not only is it enjoyable now, but you’ll have plenty to look forward to in the mail this week.
  6. Sleep. I mean, when will there really be an opportunity to do so in the near future? Take advantage of the spare time.
  7. Binge Youtube-ing. You know those lengthy video-browsing sessions you have when you’re supposed to be working? Well you’re not on the clock right now, watch whatever the hell you want for as long as you want.
  8. Do you nails or try out that smokey eye video. If it looks terrible no one is seeing you anyway- now you have time to perfect it.
  9. Clean up your place. Nothing is more settling (at least to me) then having a clean home. Even if it only last for all of 48 hours!
  10. Rearrange your place. It’s odd but amazing how different and refreshing it feels to switch furniture around a bit and changing the angle of your couch leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.
  11. Start reading a new book. (Consider The Alchemist. It’s uplifting and a super quick read.)
  12. Complete a project you’ve been putting off. Make yourself buckle down, and work. Update your résumé, put together a portfolio, finish your great American novel, apply to a new job or grad school, whatever. Just do it!
  13. Cook yourself an epic, large meal. If you aren’t chef material, take your time and follow instructions carefully. If you don’t want the mess. Order out and get all those dishes you always wanted to try.
  14. Add to your music collection and fix the song artist/title listings. There’s nothing more frustrating then not being able to locate Dancing Queen by ABBA in iTunes when you really want to hear it.
  15. Indulge in some celebrity gossip. I know we’re not supposed to give a sh-t about Kim and Kanye canoodling, Amanda Bynes hitting non-moving objects with her car, Zac Efron getting Starbucks or whatever else is being talked about, but tonight, why not have at it? Read about and watch other regular ass human beings get scrutinized by a bunch of stalker-ish media outlets with the reliability of a 6th grade gossiper.
  16. Make yourself a cookie a-la-mode. If I, burner of grilled cheese sandwiches and constant kitchen fire hazard can do it, so can you. Just clump a bunch of precut cookie dough together to make one big ass cookie, then immediately put a few scoops of your favorite ice cream on top. Warm cookie + cold, melting ice cream = bees knees. Thank me later. Actually thank me sooner than later because your stomach will probably pay dearly for eating this.
  17. Search for your next Halloween costume. Someone once said, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” I feel like that kind of, sort of applies here. Be ahead of the game, it’s never too early to brainstorm and scout potential Halloween 2017 ideas.
  18. Not have to spend a bank breaking, cringe worthy amount of cash on cab fare, cover charges, booze, sober up food, etc.
  19. Call your parents.
  20. Draw a bath- add some bubbles or even a bath bomb. And obliviously don’t forget your wine and/or book.



So I’m Growing Out My Pixie Cut

So I decided to grow out my pixie. I found myself lusting over top knots and beach waves- things that my 2 inch locks just can’t achieve. So I decided it’s time. I won’t lie- the whole concept has me terrified – the dreaded awkward length, the reintroduction of the curling iron, the uncooperativeness of unruly thin/fine hair in general. I’m more scared now then when I was when I cut it- it seems like such a daunting task but I hear it is possible. But I feel I’ll be the one screaming to the stylist after two months of trying and saying “I can’t do this anymore! It’s awful and my hair hates me! CUT IT OFF!”

After rocking your pixie for a while, you might decide you kind of miss the ponytail option. Since there isn’t a miracle growth pill you can take, we must wait for those luscious locks to grow back.

No problem, you’ll just grow it out.

You research other people’s attempts online and hope you’ll be one of those people whose hair just naturally grows gracefully.

But you already know you’re not that girl

At first it’s not so bad.

This Is What It's Like To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

Then they tell you to let it grow long and keep the back short and all I picture is

Image result for pixie cut gif

It gets to that point about halfway down your ear and
you can tuck it back

Image result for male celebrities with bad haircuts

You try to celebrate every length milestone but it’s hard to be happy when this awful cut is looming over you

This Is What It's Like To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

Not a pixie, not yet a bob.

This Is What It's Like To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

In other words, a bowl cut.

Image result for male celebrities with bad haircuts gif

And it’s the worst.

Image result for dumb and dumber gif

This phase lasts forever, and pretty much your only option is to overcompensate with a decorative headband.

Image result for leo dicaprio headband

But headbands cause the worst headaches.

This Is What It's Like To Grow Out A Pixie Cut

You try hats.

Don’t compare yourself to celebs who effortlessly grow out their hair- it’s all a lie

Image result for pixie cut gif

You try a wig and you look nothing like Eleven

You think you’ll just have to cut it and
live with a pixie forever.

Image result for male celebrities with bad haircuts

Then one day, you wake up, and…

Image result for male celebrities with bad haircuts

Until you’re inspired by a pixie and you just
cut it off again

Image result for male celebrities with bad haircuts gif



The Unromantic Stuff is the Best Part

1. You can do super boring stuff together, like grocery shopping, running to Target, or doing your taxes.

2. You have more fun eating takeout on the couch than you do dining out at a five-star restaurant.

3. Food covered face, eating whatever you want and never having to worry if you look “a mess” because you remember that time that he and his friends had a wing eating contest and there was nothing cute about it

4. You somehow fall for them even more after you see their real, no holds barred, mouth-open sleeping face.

5. And you’re just as comfortable with them seeing yours… even if you have drooled on them

6. You can certainly appreciate one another when you’re all dressed up. But your favorite versions of each other are sweatpants, you in his favorite ratty old t-shirts, and no prep time.

7. You treasure their casual handwritten notes and cards more than the most expensive thing they’ve ever given you.

8. They call you out when you need to be called out on something, and vice versa.

9. Your PDA is relatively nonexistent. At this point you have so much more fun with smirks across the table while sharing an inside joke, private smiles or goofy faces when you make eye contact across the room at a party, and any other communication you have in public that is shared only between the two of you.

10. They’re great at giving you pep talks, but they also refuse to coddle you.

11. You can openly talk – and laugh – about your bodily functions.

12. Sometimes your favorite part about going to weddings together is not the moving ceremony or the emotional toasts, but simply getting drunk together and dancing the night away

13. You’ve developed your own relationship lexicon: real or made-up words and phrases that have their own special meaning between the two of you.

14. You know each other so well that you could probably answer correctly for them 9 out of 10 times in a celebrity edition round of Who would you rather? 

15. Some of your ‘terms of endearment’ for one another are not terms of endearment at all. Rather, they’re nicknames like bubba and you actually prefer it this way.

16. It doesn’t gross you out when they have the flu or get sick in some way, because you’re just focused on taking care of them.

17. You openly tell each other when you’re annoying the hell out of each other, and even though it’s based in truth, you can still laugh about it.

18. You can hang out with them in silence without feeling weird about it.

19. In fact, being with them in total quiet, without feeling the need to come up with small talk, is one of your favorite parts of being with them.

20. You’ll never betray each other by watching an episode of ‘your show’ on your own. You made a pact that the bingewatching of this particularly series must be done together, and you both plan to stick to it.

21. They buy you your favorite snack or candy at the convenient store more often than they give you flowers, and you wouldn’t change a damn thing.


Floral Dresses

Florals are the perfect compliment to any woman. However with the summer nearing an end most begin to store away all of the bight florals that have adorned their closet all summer. But fear not my friends- this pattern can go beyond these warmer months. What is your imagination, when you think of florals? I think of beach, summer attire, bright sun, warm colors, as well as of rainy and cool days.

The thing is that no matter what, you will always brighten up your look, by sporting one of these awesome designs. But you should keep in mind about the accessories choice, as you have to carefully select the right items, avoiding overloading your look. Speaking of shoes it  all depends on occasion, so keep it bold and timelessly chic. The jewelry should also match your outfit’s color, but if you choose gold, then you can opt for cool bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

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So what are your thoughts on taking florals out of summer and bringing them with us on our journey to fall? Comment below I’d love to hear! Until next time dolls.


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