Floral Dresses

Florals are the perfect compliment to any woman. However with the summer nearing an end most begin to store away all of the bight florals that have adorned their closet all summer. But fear not my friends- this pattern can go beyond these warmer months. What is your imagination, when you think of florals? I think of beach, summer attire, bright sun, warm colors, as well as of rainy and cool days.

The thing is that no matter what, you will always brighten up your look, by sporting one of these awesome designs. But you should keep in mind about the accessories choice, as you have to carefully select the right items, avoiding overloading your look. Speaking of shoes it  all depends on occasion, so keep it bold and timelessly chic. The jewelry should also match your outfit’s color, but if you choose gold, then you can opt for cool bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

|| ASOS || Macy’s || Nordstrom || Shoptiques ||
|| Lulus || ModCloth || Choices || ASOS ||
|| Zappos || Express || Macy’s || Pinkblush ||

So what are your thoughts on taking florals out of summer and bringing them with us on our journey to fall? Comment below I’d love to hear! Until next time dolls.


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