The Unromantic Stuff is the Best Part

1. You can do super boring stuff together, like grocery shopping, running to Target, or doing your taxes.

2. You have more fun eating takeout on the couch than you do dining out at a five-star restaurant.

3. Food covered face, eating whatever you want and never having to worry if you look “a mess” because you remember that time that he and his friends had a wing eating contest and there was nothing cute about it

4. You somehow fall for them even more after you see their real, no holds barred, mouth-open sleeping face.

5. And you’re just as comfortable with them seeing yours… even if you have drooled on them

6. You can certainly appreciate one another when you’re all dressed up. But your favorite versions of each other are sweatpants, you in his favorite ratty old t-shirts, and no prep time.

7. You treasure their casual handwritten notes and cards more than the most expensive thing they’ve ever given you.

8. They call you out when you need to be called out on something, and vice versa.

9. Your PDA is relatively nonexistent. At this point you have so much more fun with smirks across the table while sharing an inside joke, private smiles or goofy faces when you make eye contact across the room at a party, and any other communication you have in public that is shared only between the two of you.

10. They’re great at giving you pep talks, but they also refuse to coddle you.

11. You can openly talk – and laugh – about your bodily functions.

12. Sometimes your favorite part about going to weddings together is not the moving ceremony or the emotional toasts, but simply getting drunk together and dancing the night away

13. You’ve developed your own relationship lexicon: real or made-up words and phrases that have their own special meaning between the two of you.

14. You know each other so well that you could probably answer correctly for them 9 out of 10 times in a celebrity edition round of Who would you rather? 

15. Some of your ‘terms of endearment’ for one another are not terms of endearment at all. Rather, they’re nicknames like bubba and you actually prefer it this way.

16. It doesn’t gross you out when they have the flu or get sick in some way, because you’re just focused on taking care of them.

17. You openly tell each other when you’re annoying the hell out of each other, and even though it’s based in truth, you can still laugh about it.

18. You can hang out with them in silence without feeling weird about it.

19. In fact, being with them in total quiet, without feeling the need to come up with small talk, is one of your favorite parts of being with them.

20. You’ll never betray each other by watching an episode of ‘your show’ on your own. You made a pact that the bingewatching of this particularly series must be done together, and you both plan to stick to it.

21. They buy you your favorite snack or candy at the convenient store more often than they give you flowers, and you wouldn’t change a damn thing.



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