The Oxford Guide

I’ve hit a case of writer’s block because I feel that I am struggling to find my blogging voice- vloice. If I’m being honest- this is a lot of work. Keeping up with several different social platforms is very exhausting- my life is not that exciting. I don’t go to New York for fashion week, I go to Brooklyn to visit Danielle and her grampa. I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus, I actually don’t even really shop anymore. I feel like I’m falling behind in fashion and letting my blog down. I want this to be everything that I love while showing my followers who I am -even if my only followers are my parents. I may not know the direction I want this to go but I know what I want my blog to be something I am proud of.

Maybe I just need to get this off my chest. I want everything to be consistent from my daily posts to my overall message. I don’t know what this will grow into. A 20 something try to find herself in the world? A catalog of my thoughts and fashion? Lifestyle and humor? I really am not sure. The only thing that I want to get across to all my readers is that I am here to make people feel more confident,everything from style to their daily life. My blog is a guide for people, for help, thoughts and ideas. Here are a few rules that are followed in every message.

[1] I want to give people an affordable option for “it” clothing

I’m on a budget, there is no surprise there. Louboutin’s do not trump groceries, even though I wish they could! I want to give people different types of options for different styles. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable in skinny jeans so I want people to know that isn’t all they “have” to wear. In all of my articles I try to give affordable options that cover all sizes and styles. Fashion doesn’t have rules and people need to know that they can wear clothes that they feel confident in. Also! fashion is a mimicking game so there will always be a more affordable option.

[2] I will never post 12 different pictures of my daily outfit

How is that helpful to anyone? You don’t need to see all the angles of my outfit. Whenever I post about a particular style that interests me I always give a handful of options. But not just options I like. Options that (I think) cover many different styles. I don’t just want to showcase my closet I want to help build and develop yours.  Plus, I want my posts to have something behind them- this isn’t my personal diary.

[3] I believe in confidence and supporting all types of styles and bodies

I don’t believe in belittling people based style or body type. I also don’t believe in changing people. None of that matters! I wear what I want and I don’t care what others think or say. That is how I want everyone to feel as they read my posts, I hope to build on confidence. Overall I hope my readers have fun when they get dressed every morning. I want to show people runway to street styles and how it’s worn. Then I find them the pieces so they can add it to their wardrobe.

[4] I am not always put together so NEVER think I am!

Yesterday I went out in public without any make-up on- the bags under my eyes made me look more Lurch than Kate Moss. My hair is thin and my skin isn’t ready to grace the cover of Vogue so at times, I don’t feel very confident. But I have to work with what I have- like we all do even if some of us just have a 5’10” 100lb frame with thick naturally platinum blonde hair and a way with making bed head chic. Also I have made a lot of fashion mistakes but I love trying out new styles because you never know what is going to work!

[5] I work full time

I would love to post every day and have tumblr ready photos but there aren’t enough hours in the day and my boyfriend is an accountant not a photographer! So my blog is set up that I use other bloggers and photographers photos to help get my message across. I hope one day I can use my own work- but right now I have to work within my time limits. I love the girls that showcase their clothes and give multiple options of where to buy. Hopefully one day I’ll get there.

In the beginning I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion blogger.  I have a self deprecating character, I’m brutally honest, I have a clothing budget, I feel silly getting my picture taken because I’m NOT photogenic. But…..But I DO love fashion. But there is so much more that I love to share! So thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure and hopefully this little hiatus I was on will shake off those cobwebs.


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