Vegan Fur Vest

So last winter I was asked to be in a charity fashion show- I am only giving you this information because it introduced me to my favorite winter piece from last season, the faux fur vest. The fuzzy vest was so much fun to wear last winter! It was an $30 risk that paid off in spades. I rounded up more vest options below- be careful because this fun trend can get very expensive. I am not ready to let this be a trend of winters past even though Donnie compare’s me to our dog or Big Foot (in the sense my back is “covered in fur”). I personally think they add such fun pizazz to a winter outfit when it’s hard to feel cute under all those layers. A fuzzy vest might just be the perfect way to stay warm and feel stylish at the same time!

|| Shoptiques || ASOS || Revolve || Modcloth ||
|| ShopBop || Target || Francesca’s || Forever 21 ||
|| Kohl’s || Walmart || H&M || Nordstrom Rack ||

So what are your thoughts? Do you love the fur vest or is this a trend you’re going to pass on? Comment below! I’d love to hear.



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