Communication: BFF Style

1. One solitary moment of eye contact.

Even if it’s a nano-second, one small look from your BFF and suddenly, you understand everything. It’s kind of like you have this badass superpower, all telepathic and shit. Your eyes lock and BAM, you know what they’re thinking. You’ve basically had an entire conversation within a few seconds. It’s terrifying for the people around you.

2. Small change in tone.

Certain people are incredibly perceptive to even the tiniest changes in body language, tone, etc. But with your BFF it’s maximized. A crack in their voice, a break, up or down an octave, YOU WILL NOTICE. And you’ll know it means something is up- that hot guy from work walks by, that girl from the gym you hate just walked into the bar- any scenario they’ll pick up on it!

3. You don’t lie

Best friends cannot lie to each other. Because A) you shouldn’t want to lie to your best friend and B) YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT. The rest of the world may be fooled, but your BFF knows you far too well. Plus they were more than likely at the event you are lying to people about.

4. They always know what you mean

Things like “Remember that guy from the movie I love?” and they know exactly who it is your mean because they were right next to you in the theater as your professed your unrealistic love for said person. They know what you mean when you’re a terrible story teller and will always get where you’re going with a story that as nothing to do with what you’re talking about.

5. Not even looking at each other, but knowing what they’re thinking.

Particularly if you were ever in class together. You became pros at never looking at one another, but still *feeling* them from a distance. Something ridiculous would happen and you couldn’t possibly look their way because you would both instantly die from laughter. But without even looking, you still knew the other one was suppressing giggles or even a simple “I know” text will cover it.

6. Complete gibberish.

Maybe you’re exhausted. Maybe you’re drunk. Maybe you don’t have an excuse as to why you can’t form complete sentences. Doesn’t really matter. You both speak gibberish fluently when you’re together. They’re almost like your translator for the world.

7. Clothing choice.

When you guys start getting ready together and you put on the little black skirt- no questions asked they know you’re going dancing! They know what it means when you wear that one big oversized grey sweatshirt. And they will be over with ice cream and B-list romcoms, STAT.

Your best friends just know you. They will forever understand you. They will love you not matter what because that is why they were put into your life. These people are a blessing, never let them get away because no one fullfills your life like your best friend.



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