Chunky Cardigans

Something about autumn and how we dress makes this season, and us with it, look like a scene from our favorite film. Leaves on the ground, trees going to sleep, sun & rain altogether, windy cool weather, crispy mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting in pockets, sipping hot drinks in bohemian artsy or posh bars, hot coffees to go on rushed cold mornings, and us starring in all these scenes, almost always wearing SWEATERS! 

Whether trendy or not sweaters were always fall’s #1 staple.

Cozy sweaters are synonymous with a fall-winter state of mind. When you’re chilled to the bone, running errands in the rain or otherwise adulting when you’d rather be curled up somewhere with a warm beverage and a good book- these sweaters are my go-to.

|| Forever 21 || Sole Society || Gap ||
|| ASOS || Shoptiques || Urban Outfitters ||
|| L.L.Bean || Target || H&M ||

If you think knits of all sorts are a far cry from sophistication, think again. With a pair of heeled shoes: pumps, stilettos, boots and what not, ANY cardigan will instantly look uber sleek and chic. Check it out and let me know what you guys think!




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