Don’t Call it a Comeback: Stirrups Are BACK!

Oh yes, you heard me right. Thanks to this seasons NYFW, that 80s fave, stirrup pant is back in the spotlight this fall. And I predict they are going to be a huge runway to real life success. Do not however, mistake these stirruped lovelies as a replacement for your trusty black leggings. These are not footless tights. They are serious trousers.

To many of us, the pants are a bad relic from our mothers’ wardrobes. But honestly culottes, crop-tops and shoulder-pads walked the runway adorned by millennials – it’s about time the stirrup joined the fashion ranks. All we need is the casual leotard and legwarmer combo and we’ve hit ourselves a fashion grand slam.

While many retailers’ versions of the 1980s-era pant style have yet to hit stores, I found a few (namely athleisure brands) that are churning out stirrup leggings, so now you can follow in high fashion footsteps. Because we all fought a few of the recycled trends but let’s be honest… we all eventually break down and buy clothes that make our parents shriek “I wore that in the 80s!”

|| Urban Outfitters || ASOS || MissGuided ||
|| Express || ASOS || Macy’s ||
|| Target || Lord & Taylor || H&M ||

So tell me what you think? Can this once horrid trend come back and reinvent itself? Comment below I’d love to hear!




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