People Going Straight to Hell

People who don’t put things back where they belong- in public and in private. Lady I just watch you put chicken in the chip aisle- we both know that doesn’t go there.

Anyone who texts on a first date. Seriously, there’s like 28 minutes left. Whatever you’re doing is so important that you have to text people right now? Can you at least excuse yourself to the bathroom first?

Anyone who does this

Anyone who mocks your dreams and goals- FUCK ‘EM

The person who talks through all the good parts of your favorite television show or movie. Or asks 47 questions while watching something neither one of you have seen. (That’s totally me.)

People who don’t get the concept of the of an Express lane at the grocery store

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People who don’t tip good service at restaurants.

People who ride your ass on the highway in traffic causing you to scream “Where do you want me to go?!” in your car at them. You move out of the way and they zoom past you for a full 3 seconds before they get stuck behind a bunch of cars. And the ultimate victory when you drive pass them because they had to be an asshat.

People who can’t park or take up two spots.

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Guys who use WAY too much body spray. Don’t they say you’re only supposed to spray a cloud and walk into it? If people can smell you way out on the sidewalk before you even get to the room, it’s prob time to reevaluate your spraying technique.

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People who don’t put their carts away at the grocery store.

Anyone who has ever said, “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic/etc because my mom/dog/bff/boyfriend is ___________.”

Roommates who can’t seem to clean up their dishes and when they do wash them it is only the ones they need- only to put them back into the dirty pile.

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People who don’t turn off their high beams when driving towards or behind you.

The person who snatches the last one of the thing you were JUST about to buy. Then they look at you all #KanyeShrug

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When someone is “waiting on people” and take up a whole table in a busy restaurant or a whole row in the opening night of Star Wars.


LipSense: My Review

Let me open up with I am not claiming to be a beauty blogger. I don’t know how to choose the right color eye shadow to go with an orange lip. I don’t know how to describe where to place your bronzer and where blush goes on your cheeks. But I do know what I have come to love and hate about makeup. I try to be honest when I review products because I don’t want you to waste your time and money on products I pretend to love. I have spent a lot of money on concealer because it was “meant to last”- I would go out thinking it was doing its job by simply concealing my blemishes. It’s not until I go home and realize I look like the “before” photo in an acne commercial!

So you see I like to keep it real when it comes to reviewing products that I think my readers will love. I hope that you can appreciate this honest review of LipSense. There is nothing worse that having to worry about that dark red bleeding into your lips or having that Barbie pink coating your lips.

I have been seeing LipSense popping up everywhere. I hear people talking about this lipstick that is supposed to last for hours- it won’t smear or budge from your lips. It also claims to not dry out your lips. So I thought to myself- Challenge Accepted! Erykah from Raise.Your.Gloss got me set up with a LipSense Starter Kit. I had such a hard time deciding on a color! I am not afraid of bold colors like fusica and deep reds but I decided to go more classic with Sheer Berry.

With the LipSense starter kit ($55), you get a lipstick in your favorite shade, a glossy gloss and the Oops Remover. After the starter kit, you can pick out more shades for $25 each, which is pretty comparable to brands like MAC, Stila, and Urban Decay.

So the first day I tried the product was my typical work day. I am a recruiter for my company so there are some days I am nonstop talking- plus I talk more than the average human being anyway. Normally I don’t wear lipstick to work because the minute I drink my coffee half of it remains on my mug. Also- I am face to face with new people all day long. The last thing I need is for lipstick on my teeth or bleeding off my lips making me look like your crazy great-aunt you’ve hated kissing since you were 4.

So I reached out to Erykah and watched a few of her tutorials and best practices. I was nervous about the application process but it went on super easy. I must admit there is a bit of a “buzzing” sensation but I am no stranger to lip plumper so I really wasn’t fazed. I applied the lipstick on a 730a and in between coats threw a few curls in my hair- making sure the color was completely dry. So after my three coats the color was perfect. However it wasn’t until I put on the Glossy Gloss that I was sold on LipSense (and the fact that I can have a night out without wondering if I look like the Joker). The formula isn’t at all sticky and glides on breathing life into my lips and the color.

Image may contain: text

So I threw my gloss in my back pocket and headed off to start my day. I was amazed how the color held up. After two cups of coffee, my yogurt and lunch- I still had on the perfect lip. FYI-the only product that would transfer was the gloss which is fine because it’s clear and not thick or sticky.

A couple of days later, I tried the LipSense lipstick again but this time for date night. Through dinner, a movie and drinks, my lips looked picture perfect. I love dark lipstick but I hate how easily you can see it wearing off or how you build up so much product as you keep reapplying! And a selfie lover such as myself can’t have her lips looking a mess.

Image may contain: text

|| Review ||

Yes Yes Yes- one hundred times over. It is a serious investment at first but it’s totally worth it because it actually does work! Another feature that I loved was that the lipstick comes in a million different shades. There are all kinds of reds, cranberries, plums, pinks, and neutrals. Plus if you don’t want a glossy lip there is a matte version and a gold, silver, rose, pearl too (you get my gist).

DO carry the remover with you if your workday will extend to a happy hour or if your afternoon turns into a night out. This is not always a cause for concern for me but around 3:30 during my workday I noticed my color had worn (keep in mind it was on since 7:30 am) so I just added another layer to hold me over until 5. But if you are doing something after I would recommend removing the product all together and reapplying.

Lastly, you can only purchase these products through a distributor like Erykah! I suggest heading over and joining her Facebook group for some amazing discounts. Right now she is running $5 off when you mention this post!

Here is Erykah’s contact info

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Have you heard of LipSense? Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts!





I Still Remember When 30 Was Old

When I was 16, I had no clear concept of being in my twenties. Vaguely, I thought that I might have a sunny one bedroom apartment with a pullout couch, a gold retriever puppy, and the ability to have anything in my refrigerator like cookie dough and ice cream, setting that I stole straight from my cousin, the only young-ish adult I knew at the time). And God by 26, I imagined I’d be newly married and ready to have kids, certainly a real adult with a pleasant office job and a great gym membership.

To be fair, at 16, I also imagined college as a place where people wore sweaters and sat under trees talking about philosophy. My friends could do no wrong in my life and my parents were the worst people ever. My only job was to babysit and they only thing that entailed was watching the kids by the pool. I spent my summers sleeping until noon and riding my bike everywhere like I was in the cast of Stand By Me. Literally the only things I worried about were passing my driving test and field hockey preseason.

Adulting is hard and not one, present-day adult hasn’t stopped dead in their tracks while thinking, “Why the hell did I ask for this? Why was I trying so hard to grow up faster? For THIS? For this 9-5, bill-soaked, responsibility-ridden life? Why, GOD? WHY?”

Adulting is…

Using your lunch break to do something other than sitting in your car and playing Candy Crush. Maybe your run some errands or go grocery shopping because you don’t want to do it after work. After work, all you want to do is get home, change into your pajamas, eat dinner, and go to bed. It’s nice when you get things done during a slower time because Friday at 5 is not my ideal time to be running to Target. Using your time for good allows for the minimal “you time” you have after work,to maybe do other adulting things like meal prepping or cleaning. Or binge watching Netflix and eating ice cream for dinner…

Adulting is…

Deeming Friday as a hard no in the way of doing any type of social activity. It is a night used to order food, watch Netflix (it’s a staple in my life) and get to bed as early as humanly possible. Friday night chill sessions are my spirit animal. I use Fridays as a way to kick-start my  weekends. Friday night is used to decompress in the comfort of your own home, braless, make-up free, surrounded by cookie crumbs watching something delightful like Sex and the City reruns.

Adulting is…

Learning the art of packing your own lunch. It’s growing a passion you’ve never known for Pyrex dishes and Ziploc baggies. It’s getting a little too excited over the lunch you’ve built, knowing you’ll not only be satisfied with your yogurt and sandwich, plus you’ll be saving money. It’s feeling a sense of invincibility as you stroll into the office toting your lululemon bag (I own 6 of them because my mother is the type of person who just asks the 20 year old girl behind the counter if she could have one) with a level of a meal that would make your own mama proud.

Adulting is…

Owning it. I have to come to realize that I appreciate it so much more when someone just says “Look, I messed up, how can I fix it?” It’s okay to mess up. You create more work for yourself by making excuses. Whether in your work or personal life, you will make mistakes, and it’s alright! It’s admirable when someone owns up to it and even better when they don’t blame others!

Aduting is…

Spending money on the unexpected. Before you know it you need four new tires or your phone breaks and you need to replace the whole thing. It seems like every time you are “kinda ahead” life knocks you back down and come Monday you have $5 until next payday. But somehow some way you make it work.

Adulting is…

Accepting people for who they are. I’ve come to realize that people aren’t going to change, so don’t try to change them. Embrace the differences and accept who they are. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Try to figure out why.

Adulting is…

Worrying about money. On top of spending on the unexpected, the necessities and yourself every now and then. Remember and try to keep your rainy day fund full enough. But what does that mean? How much is enough? Do I have enough for retirement? Do I need to worry about that? I’ve never been so stressed out than trying to figure out if I’m saving enough, if I need to save more and if I’m saving for all the things I need to save for.

Adulting is…

Giving gifts people actually want. I was the person who would scramble around the holidays and birthdays and buy a dumb candle or cookbook (THAT NO ONE WOULD WANT). I finally started buying gifts for people that matches their personality. Buying activities is fun too like, tickets to a play or a game. It’s a great feeling when you realize you made someone else genuinely happy.

Adulting is…

Skipping your workout to get more things done at work or home. Many work related issues overtook my need to go to kickboxing. In college after work I would have one foot out the door 5 minutes before my shift ended. But now it’s time to focus on your career and future because you need food and lights and this job pays for that.

Being an adult is a lot of responsibility and a lot of worrying, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s nothing I would rush to if I was a kid again,but honestly if you find yourself wishing the days away, STOP! Life is short don’t let it pass you by. It sounds like a cliche , but show me one person who knows where 2015 went and I’ll recant my statement!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Monday, I finally paid a visit to Bite Beauty Lip Lab and it was better than I imagined. In under 30 minutes, the beauty lab techs helped me create a custom lip color that I know I’ll be wearing all winter long.

Image may contain: makeup

It was a rainy day in the city and we took a chance to try and get an appointment. By the time we arrived around 11:30a (their doors open at 11a) we were 8th in line FOR WALK-INS. The girls working were so kind and told me that there was a solid 20% chance I’d get a phone call. Hey I’ve had worse odds. It wasn’t until 4p that I got the call- so we dashed over as I anxiously thought about all the colors and what I wanted my Ellen shade to be!

When I entered the lab, I was greeted with a clean, beauty-meets-science class display. Jars and beakers were filled with colorful raw lipsticks, and everything had its place in the petit shop.

When it was my turn to act the part of beauty scientist, I first had to first decide on the color spectrum I wanted. I thought I wanted more of a neutral color but as we began to play with all the different shades, I couldn’t help but go for more fun route! There were hundreds of colors to chose from sheer nudes to deep cherry reds to grapey purples. These little discs of color, which eventually make up your custom lipstick, and will help you achieve the shade you want.

No automatic alt text available.

After I picked my ideal color- the technician scooped the color chocolates into a cup and then placed it in a microwave below the counter to melt.

Next, I got to choose from one of eight scents: mint, lemon, cherry, coconut, wild berry, citrus mango, vanilla and violet. I ended up going with vanilla because it smelled just like a fresh bean! I had additional silicone added into the mix to create a more matte textured lipstick. Sheer or standard creamy textures are also available.

Image may contain: people sitting, drink, table and indoor

After only a few minutes of beauty experimentation, my lipstick was complete and I was eager to try out my custom product for the first time.
Ta-da! I could not be happier with this color. It’s exactly the shade I was looking for and the formula is ultra hydrating, which is key when it comes to highly pigmented lip color. Whether you’re a lipstick fanatic or otherwise, visiting Bite Lip Lab (174 Prince Street, in Manhattan) is an absolute must if you’re in New York. There’s just something special about seeing a beauty product move from conception to application. But best of all? Its creation is all mine.








Some tips to make your trip worth while:

  • I spoke to the girls and since there are only 6 people who work there at a given time you might not get it. My suggestion is don’t chance that you’ll get a walk-in appointment- plan in advance! Right now they are booked out until January 10th but it could be worse!
  • Don’t get flustered when the colors aren’t working. My mom had her color within the first 2 swatches where I needed my sheet wiped off to restart.
  • Go in knowing what color you want! The girl next to me had no idea what she wanted and the tech got so many different shades out and she hated them all. It’s because she didn’t have a plan. If you don’t like hot pink then don’t ask for that. Tell them what you want whether it’s an every day neutral or a rich color for a night out. You’re paying for the experience so make it fun- not stressful!
  • Listen to your gut- if you don’t like it tell them exactly why they aren’t mind readers- “It’s too dark but I like the red.” “I don’t think orange looks good on me do you have something cooler.”

Have you tried the Lip Lab? Did you have an awesome experience? Comment below I’d love to hear!


I Wish This Never Had To End

1. The last couple of pages of a book that you’ve invested so much time and emotion in. So much so that you reference the characters often in your real life. You’re like Holden would never do that! Or why can’t he be more like Mr. Darcy! You can feel, you can see, the final pages creeping up and you start to read slower. You start to inhale every single word just so that you can stay put where you are in this story for a little bit longer.

2. A song when you’re driving in your car with your windows down and screaming out the lyrics and still have 3 miles or five minutes left before you reach your destination.

3. Or the opposite – the end of your commute, when your favorite song comes on as you’re pulling into your garage or your parking spot or you’re late for work and the jamming has to end.

4. A milkshake that you definitely didn’t need and seems to be the size of your forearm but yet you gulp it down in what feels like 5 sips. And it was worth every drop!

5. Sundays. Especially the Sundays that involve napping and Netflix.

6. When it’s your birthday and you’re surrounded by a handful of people you adore. The cake comes out and everyone is singing and you are plotting the ultimate wish inside your head before you blow the persistent candles out.

7. Your vacation – especially when that vacation is in the middle of a terrible Pennsylvania winter and you’re on the beach somewhere sipping a Pina Colada and your biggest worry is remembering to reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes.

8. Waiting for something exciting. A trip, holiday, a visitor, a surprise. Those few days beforehand are the best- they allow you to build up and imagine all of the excitement that is to come!

9. Finding out the net season of your favorite show is released!

10. A concert. You pay $60 to go watch it and within what feels like a matter of minutes, the whole thing is over. And you’ve lost your voice and when the guitar player threw his pic at you, you lost a little bit of your mind. And you’re sweaty and they already played their two encore songs and have gotten off stage and the lights are back on the crowd is clearing out. But you stay, anyway. And you hope, with your fingers crossed, that they come out and play one more secret song just for you. For the real fans that’ll still be there for them even when the lights flick on. And when they don’t you play your favorite album on repeat for the next three weeks.

11. A slice of pizza. Because you’ve made a pretty terrible decision to order just one and it’s so insanely good and you’re trying to make it last forever.

12. The period where the colors of fall leaves are at their brightest

13. The hug that you really needed after a long day. Never having to let go- until you are ready to be done.