Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Monday, I finally paid a visit to Bite Beauty Lip Lab and it was better than I imagined. In under 30 minutes, the beauty lab techs helped me create a custom lip color that I know I’ll be wearing all winter long.

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It was a rainy day in the city and we took a chance to try and get an appointment. By the time we arrived around 11:30a (their doors open at 11a) we were 8th in line FOR WALK-INS. The girls working were so kind and told me that there was a solid 20% chance I’d get a phone call. Hey I’ve had worse odds. It wasn’t until 4p that I got the call- so we dashed over as I anxiously thought about all the colors and what I wanted my Ellen shade to be!

When I entered the lab, I was greeted with a clean, beauty-meets-science class display. Jars and beakers were filled with colorful raw lipsticks, and everything had its place in the petit shop.

When it was my turn to act the part of beauty scientist, I first had to first decide on the color spectrum I wanted. I thought I wanted more of a neutral color but as we began to play with all the different shades, I couldn’t help but go for more fun route! There were hundreds of colors to chose from sheer nudes to deep cherry reds to grapey purples. These little discs of color, which eventually make up your custom lipstick, and will help you achieve the shade you want.

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After I picked my ideal color- the technician scooped the color chocolates into a cup and then placed it in a microwave below the counter to melt.

Next, I got to choose from one of eight scents: mint, lemon, cherry, coconut, wild berry, citrus mango, vanilla and violet. I ended up going with vanilla because it smelled just like a fresh bean! I had additional silicone added into the mix to create a more matte textured lipstick. Sheer or standard creamy textures are also available.

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After only a few minutes of beauty experimentation, my lipstick was complete and I was eager to try out my custom product for the first time.
Ta-da! I could not be happier with this color. It’s exactly the shade I was looking for and the formula is ultra hydrating, which is key when it comes to highly pigmented lip color. Whether you’re a lipstick fanatic or otherwise, visiting Bite Lip Lab (174 Prince Street, in Manhattan) is an absolute must if you’re in New York. There’s just something special about seeing a beauty product move from conception to application. But best of all? Its creation is all mine.








Some tips to make your trip worth while:

  • I spoke to the girls and since there are only 6 people who work there at a given time you might not get it. My suggestion is don’t chance that you’ll get a walk-in appointment- plan in advance! Right now they are booked out until January 10th but it could be worse!
  • Don’t get flustered when the colors aren’t working. My mom had her color within the first 2 swatches where I needed my sheet wiped off to restart.
  • Go in knowing what color you want! The girl next to me had no idea what she wanted and the tech got so many different shades out and she hated them all. It’s because she didn’t have a plan. If you don’t like hot pink then don’t ask for that. Tell them what you want whether it’s an every day neutral or a rich color for a night out. You’re paying for the experience so make it fun- not stressful!
  • Listen to your gut- if you don’t like it tell them exactly why they aren’t mind readers- “It’s too dark but I like the red.” “I don’t think orange looks good on me do you have something cooler.”

Have you tried the Lip Lab? Did you have an awesome experience? Comment below I’d love to hear!



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