LipSense: My Review

Let me open up with I am not claiming to be a beauty blogger. I don’t know how to choose the right color eye shadow to go with an orange lip. I don’t know how to describe where to place your bronzer and where blush goes on your cheeks. But I do know what I have come to love and hate about makeup. I try to be honest when I review products because I don’t want you to waste your time and money on products I pretend to love. I have spent a lot of money on concealer because it was “meant to last”- I would go out thinking it was doing its job by simply concealing my blemishes. It’s not until I go home and realize I look like the “before” photo in an acne commercial!

So you see I like to keep it real when it comes to reviewing products that I think my readers will love. I hope that you can appreciate this honest review of LipSense. There is nothing worse that having to worry about that dark red bleeding into your lips or having that Barbie pink coating your lips.

I have been seeing LipSense popping up everywhere. I hear people talking about this lipstick that is supposed to last for hours- it won’t smear or budge from your lips. It also claims to not dry out your lips. So I thought to myself- Challenge Accepted! Erykah from Raise.Your.Gloss got me set up with a LipSense Starter Kit. I had such a hard time deciding on a color! I am not afraid of bold colors like fusica and deep reds but I decided to go more classic with Sheer Berry.

With the LipSense starter kit ($55), you get a lipstick in your favorite shade, a glossy gloss and the Oops Remover. After the starter kit, you can pick out more shades for $25 each, which is pretty comparable to brands like MAC, Stila, and Urban Decay.

So the first day I tried the product was my typical work day. I am a recruiter for my company so there are some days I am nonstop talking- plus I talk more than the average human being anyway. Normally I don’t wear lipstick to work because the minute I drink my coffee half of it remains on my mug. Also- I am face to face with new people all day long. The last thing I need is for lipstick on my teeth or bleeding off my lips making me look like your crazy great-aunt you’ve hated kissing since you were 4.

So I reached out to Erykah and watched a few of her tutorials and best practices. I was nervous about the application process but it went on super easy. I must admit there is a bit of a “buzzing” sensation but I am no stranger to lip plumper so I really wasn’t fazed. I applied the lipstick on a 730a and in between coats threw a few curls in my hair- making sure the color was completely dry. So after my three coats the color was perfect. However it wasn’t until I put on the Glossy Gloss that I was sold on LipSense (and the fact that I can have a night out without wondering if I look like the Joker). The formula isn’t at all sticky and glides on breathing life into my lips and the color.

Image may contain: text

So I threw my gloss in my back pocket and headed off to start my day. I was amazed how the color held up. After two cups of coffee, my yogurt and lunch- I still had on the perfect lip. FYI-the only product that would transfer was the gloss which is fine because it’s clear and not thick or sticky.

A couple of days later, I tried the LipSense lipstick again but this time for date night. Through dinner, a movie and drinks, my lips looked picture perfect. I love dark lipstick but I hate how easily you can see it wearing off or how you build up so much product as you keep reapplying! And a selfie lover such as myself can’t have her lips looking a mess.

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|| Review ||

Yes Yes Yes- one hundred times over. It is a serious investment at first but it’s totally worth it because it actually does work! Another feature that I loved was that the lipstick comes in a million different shades. There are all kinds of reds, cranberries, plums, pinks, and neutrals. Plus if you don’t want a glossy lip there is a matte version and a gold, silver, rose, pearl too (you get my gist).

DO carry the remover with you if your workday will extend to a happy hour or if your afternoon turns into a night out. This is not always a cause for concern for me but around 3:30 during my workday I noticed my color had worn (keep in mind it was on since 7:30 am) so I just added another layer to hold me over until 5. But if you are doing something after I would recommend removing the product all together and reapplying.

Lastly, you can only purchase these products through a distributor like Erykah! I suggest heading over and joining her Facebook group for some amazing discounts. Right now she is running $5 off when you mention this post!

Here is Erykah’s contact info

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Have you heard of LipSense? Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts!






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