People Going Straight to Hell

People who don’t put things back where they belong- in public and in private. Lady I just watch you put chicken in the chip aisle- we both know that doesn’t go there.

Anyone who texts on a first date. Seriously, there’s like 28 minutes left. Whatever you’re doing is so important that you have to text people right now? Can you at least excuse yourself to the bathroom first?

Anyone who does this

Anyone who mocks your dreams and goals- FUCK ‘EM

The person who talks through all the good parts of your favorite television show or movie. Or asks 47 questions while watching something neither one of you have seen. (That’s totally me.)

People who don’t get the concept of the of an Express lane at the grocery store

Related image

People who don’t tip good service at restaurants.

People who ride your ass on the highway in traffic causing you to scream “Where do you want me to go?!” in your car at them. You move out of the way and they zoom past you for a full 3 seconds before they get stuck behind a bunch of cars. And the ultimate victory when you drive pass them because they had to be an asshat.

People who can’t park or take up two spots.

Image result for asshole parking

Guys who use WAY too much body spray. Don’t they say you’re only supposed to spray a cloud and walk into it? If people can smell you way out on the sidewalk before you even get to the room, it’s prob time to reevaluate your spraying technique.

Image result for too much perfume gif

People who don’t put their carts away at the grocery store.

Anyone who has ever said, “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic/etc because my mom/dog/bff/boyfriend is ___________.”

Roommates who can’t seem to clean up their dishes and when they do wash them it is only the ones they need- only to put them back into the dirty pile.

Image result for dirty dishes gif

People who don’t turn off their high beams when driving towards or behind you.

The person who snatches the last one of the thing you were JUST about to buy. Then they look at you all #KanyeShrug

Image result for kanye shrug gif

When someone is “waiting on people” and take up a whole table in a busy restaurant or a whole row in the opening night of Star Wars.


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