Engagement Party Dresses

I have been in wedding mode these past few weeks! My mom and step-mom decided that we should throw an engagement party at a local mansion- how adorable. AND being the person I am – I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect invite, decorations and of course the dress. The whole “event” will be a mix of vintage and modern so I want our outfits to fit the day! Plus who doesn’t love treating themselves to a new dress. I wanted to look for something that could be used more than once like for my shower or rehearsal dinner and a dress that can be worn after all this is over. So see below and comment on what you think!


|| Lulu’s || J. Crew || Nordstrom || Show Me Your Mumu ||
|| BHLDN || ASOS || Anthropologie || ShopBop ||
|| Anthropologie || ModCloth || ASOS || Lulu’s ||



Note To Self


You are a very beautiful human created by two people who love you dearly.


You are a stronger than you think.


Humility and kindness will always go farther than bitterness and hate.


You are gorgeous beyond measure.


You are well loved by the people around you.


After someone hurts you, forgive them. And keep forgiving them.


 Remind the people you love how amazing they are.


You don’t need to explain yourself.


It pays off to put in extra hours at work, even if you’re missing the fun.


Everything that was happened before that you think was wrong has always a chance for you to make it right.


Don’t think that the mistake from the past can define your whole being of who you are right now.


You were put on the world for the reason.


Don’t let them define your future nor define of who you really are.


You are an intelligent woman that knows where she is going and knows herself very well.


Don’t let time pass you by – appreciate the here and now.


Always follow your heart, regardless of other people’s opinions.


People will talk about you and gossip. Don’t succumb to their ways.


Just continue to love and don’t plant hatred in your heart.


Accept everyone, even if their lifestyles or opinions differ from your own.


Sometimes, you need to sleep more than you need to shower.


It’s OK to not have your phone constantly in your hand.


There is no such thing as taking too many photos on your phone. You’re going to need mementos of these times.


Go to every competition, game, tournament, and art show of your siblings and friends.


Late night drives in the summer are always a good idea.


It’s OK to have sleepovers after even after your graduate high school.


Respect your elders, people’s feelings and your own body.


Wear your seat-belt.


Everyone has insecurities. So don’t bash others for theirs.


You are not perfect, but you can perfectly love like God.


Pay your credit card bill on time.


The people who want to be in your life will always remind you that they want to be there.


Smile. Laugh. Love. You are as radiant as the sun. You are incredible as you are. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. Be gracious. Stay humble. Be beautifully you.

Road Trippin’

Good thing I’m only 2 blocks away I forgot my cell phone…

People it is a 4-way stop sign not a Rubik’s Cube.

Shit! Why didn’t I pee before we left?

Ok next gas station I’ll just run in.

That gas station looks sketchy, let’s just wait until the next one.

I forgot how much I love this song!

Why didn’t I ever take singing lessons?

I wonder if it would be comfortable to ride a motorcycle for six hours straight…

Why is this truck trying to cut me off?

One of these days I’m going to call the “how is my truck driver doing” phone number.

Why didn’t we just fly?

You are messing up my cruise control buddy!

Off go the shoes.

Time to get comfy.

Jk. Not possible.

Jeeps are very sensitive.

One move and we’re across the median.

If you beep your horn .03 seconds after the light turns green again- I will shut my car off lie on the hood and feed birds for the next 2 hours.

Are we getting close?

It’s only been 30 minutes…

I’m never ever going to get there.

I’m running out of snacks, oh no!

Why did I forget my sunglasses?

How do people survive living in the middle of nowhere?

Some of these cities we are passing have really weird names.

I wish we were there already!

Why am I having a sneeze attack right now? This feels dangerous.


I need to stretch my legs, or they are going to go numb.

My butt really hurts.

I really hope I don’t hit traffic.

Oh shit was that a cop?!

Ugh I hate driving- I wish I just had a personal chauffeur

I want to go pee, but I also don’t want to go in a gross bathroom… again. Decisions, decisions.

The number of red lights I hit is directly proportional to how bad I have to pee.

Oh yes! This is the rest stop with the good Cinnabon.

On the road again! I can’t wait to get on the road again!



Oh my god no song should ever be allowed to have a siren in it!

I totally missed my exit.

NO MapQuest please take your time recalculating- it’s not like I need you or anything.

Turning the radio down always helps me see street signs better.

Oh god remember that time I did something super embarrassing 6 years ago….

Now I feel sick.

I think we’re almost there!

I wonder what I’m going to wear tonight.

I totally over packed- that is so annoying.

It’s telling me that 6 miles will take 45 minutes? How is that humanly possible?!

The city is such a strange place.

You have got to be kidding me. Today is the day people decide to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Wait I have to get a picture of this.

God I almost hit that cone- which was next to a cop- that is watching me try and take a picture of this dragon- which is illegal here- being on my phone not the dragon part.

I wonder if people know I’m not from here by my driving.

I’m sure my PA license plate doesn’t help.

Where are you going? Pick a lane!

People who don’t use their blinker should just stay home.

Wow, I hate bicyclists.

And driving in the city.

And bicyclists while driving in the city.

It’s over! We made it!

Speed hump… Ha Ha.

Is it bedtime? If not I need a drink!

TOG Lust List

There are times when I have don’t shop for months and all of a sudden I just need to buy something- ANYTHING! I pop over to a few different stores and before I know it I have a $1000 in inventory in all my carts. Obviously it’s just my way of coping with my withdrawl but in doing so I find some items I need to bring home.  So here are some of my products I am lusting over this month.


|| Free People Tank || Harry Potter Bath Bomb || Nike Kicks || Cell Phone Case || Madewell Tote ||
|| Glossier Matte Lipstick || Cotton Scarf || Unicorn Charger || White Mumu || Return Address Stamp ||

Comment below- I’d love to hear some new items you’ve purchased over the past few weeks. Any new stores I should be checking out?