Ladies, We Can All Relate

That sudden urge to pee right after you paint your nails. WHY?!

When you have the worst itch ever on your eye, so you rub the hell out of it and it feels so good! Only to remember you put eyeliner on today and you look like you took a left hook to the face.

Ruining something first time you wear/use it.


When your right winged eyeliner does not come close to matching your left.

You give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get ready so you’re not late, but you still end up being 30 minutes late.

Lip-gloss and wind.

Burning yourself with your flat iron on your neck and people think its a weird hickey for the next two weeks.

Your hair always looks so good when you leave the salon and even the next morning- it’s the first time you are left to fend for our own is when it goes to shit.

You impulse buy a lot and then realize that you don’t need it. So you just end up contemplating is it worth it to return or should you just keep it.

Deciding where to eat is more complex than designing a time machine.

As soon as you tell the waiter/waitress what you want to eat, you think in your head how you regret not ordering something else. You dwell on this your entire time at the restaurant. You can’t get over it.

Your S/O’s meal is ALWAYS better than yours. Its actually scientific fact as this point.

Letting your friends borrow something and it gets returned to you in worse condition, and they’re response is, “I swear it was already like that.”

When you think you don’t need a cart and you end up doing an award winning balancing act with all 47 items you “didn’t think you needed”.

When you go for a natural look yet people still ask if you’re feeling alright? Or if you have a summer cold?

Watching a movie you’ve already seen with someone that hasn’t seen it. You narrate the whole time. “OMG watch this part. Do you get it? Make sure you pay attention here…” We are so annoying to watch movies with.

We say we don’t care about Valentine’s Day, but we will start the biggest fight if we don’t get chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

When you dress for the weather but the weather doesn’t care you wore your new suede booties. So off you run in the rain- barefoot and cold.

The whole, “I’m Fine” thing. We say we are fine, but deep down we want to beat you over the head with a broomstick.

We love to ask for advice but then do the complete opposite of that.