If You’re Pale and You Know It- Put on Sunscreen

Fake tanning (no matter the level) is way too dramatic

Image result for friends ross tanning

People coming back from vaca and using your arm as a tan comparison. You basically act as the heart girls put on their hips at the tanning salon. You are welcome tan friends!

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The word pasty takes a small part of your soul

Image result for pale problems

Bronzers are too dark so you use a slightly darker concealer to contour

pale girl problems

Blushing is just something you can’t control

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Your body at this point in your life is probably made up of equal parts water and sunscreen.

(Although that doesn't mean you don't also need UVA protection. Also, dermatologists note that, when you go above SPF 50 , the increase in UVB protection is minimal.)


Things that are flesh-toned are usually a few shades… off.

Note, from personal experience: Orange zebra is NOT a cute look.


Platinum blonde is my Go To all year round- though it probably shouldn’t because I look like a Cullen

Winter is horrible because you are more pale than usual


When you are sick no one notices because it’s impossible to become more pale

Image result for pale problems

You get the question of “Are you sick?” or “Did you get enough sleep?”

Image result for pale problems gif


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