You Are My Person

There are friends and then there are best friends. Being an only child my friends are always something so much more. They are family who know the ins and outs of my life; everything from where I keep the bottle opener to my biggest dreams & fears.

I hope everyone gets to experience what it is like to find “their person”. It’s amazing feeling whether days or weeks go by that they are always there for you, in good times and in bad. Spanning all over the U.S. no matter the time of day if you send a “you up?” message, you’ll get an immediate message. Nothing compares to a best friend, a person you can always be yourself around and never have to worry if they won’t like who you really are. No matter what you do or say they have your back and will defend you to the end because they always want the best for you.

A good friend lets you borrow her top but a best friend lets you borrow her toothbrush.

A good friend will cancel plans if something more important comes up but a best friend will stay true to your plans no matter what or invite you along because you’ve been to dozens of family events anyway what’s one more.

A good friend comes over ready to party! Your best friend is helping you scrub the floors because your house is a disaster and she knows how important a clean toilet is to you. Or she is the one refilling your wine as your vacuuming up the dog hair with curlers in your hair.

A good friend knows your general family and possibly a bit into the crazy dynamic of your life but a best friend can name all of your siblings middle names and all of the dogs you have ever had and where the name “Pudgy” came from.

A good friend makes plans and you have a good night out. A best friend alters and adjusts to make for ample fun.

A best friend has been through all the significant other drama and never left your side and you equally have her back. Plus she will never judge because “we don’t judge in this car”.

Good friends know people you don’t like but best friends share in the same hatred of your cousin’s ex girlfriends sister because when you were in the 3rd grade she pushed you on the playground and you still haven’t gotten over it.

Your best friend knows some weird shit about you that others totally shouldn’t. They also can tell you that you obviously sing the boy parts better and she always nails those high notes… kinda…

Good friends find out about bad nights after they happen while your best friend is the one sitting on the bathroom floor pouring the shots and offering true and honest advice.

Jealousy isn’t a thing between you and your best. You want to see them excel so you can brag about them to everyone! You never EVER think “why did she get that” or “why not me?” because you love them and they are a part of who you are.

A good friend and you will laugh until you cry but a best friend is the one who will be there to hold you when you can’t stop crying. And when they can’t physically be there they stay up with you as long as you need.

Good friends might talk about you behind your back but best friends see nothing to talk about. Typically when you gossip it’s because you see something wrong or annoying but you best friend can pretty much expect what your response or reaction will be. Plus you can have those difficult conversations while offering your opinion because your relationship helps grow each other.

Lastly my go to move. Not only am I a story repeater but I am a terrible story teller. So good friends will stop you if they have heard the story before but your best friend will let the rant go on. You best will know (when you leave out major details) exactly what you are saying, good friends just look on in a state of confusion.

Good friends can turn into best friends if you let them.  I feel like as we get older the more judgmental we become. Remember to be open and let more people into your life. Best friends aren’t always made when you are 5 years old some people are meant to come into your life much later. Life has a funny way of working out. Each person is put into our life for a reason. From riding our bikes to DQ to meeting up for a drink after a stressful day at work, friends make your life so much more than most can imagine. They are your number one fan and biggest supporter.



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