True Life: I am Pro Selfie

Why shouldn’t we take pictures of ourselves? Why shouldn’t we share with the world a picture we look good in? People who aren’t a fan of selfies are haters and in the immortal words of Taylor Swift they’re gonna hate hate hate hate hate! So let them and selfie on!

We belittle those who post pictures of themselves yet those same people complain that girls should “be more confident”. So to that I say, let them take pictures! I love when my friends post candid pictures even if they are “staged candids”, all my millenials know what I’m talking about. Pictures of you are the best because it shows a true smile and the quirky, flawless you.

I want to see my friends and what they look like in the here and now! I don’t get to see them everyday so this is a nice trend we started here! I don’t want to see a picture of mountains or a sunset because honestly I could probably see better ones off of Google images! I want to see your beautiful self and what you do throughout the day.

In lieu of a boring status update about your delicious dinner or the restaurant you’re at, share a photo of yourself staring lovingly at your ice cream sundae or sitting next to your best friend enjoying a martini from your favorite bar. This selfie communicates so much more than a status could: what you look like, your expression, who you’re with, where you are.

You look perfect, yes it’s staged but what pictures aren’t? So what you put a filter on everything and highlight your eyes? It’s still you! The selfie is breaking down the barriers of what it means to be beautiful. The media’s narrow definition of beauty is being challenged by people who don’t fit that mold. We’re constantly encountering images of people of all shapes, sizes, skin colors and gender identities — and they look amazing. They chose to post these images because they love themselves

So share your selfies because I want to see you and meet you! Tag them to Instagram at #TOGselfie! Comment below on what you think of the selfie generation! I can’t wait to hear!

Stay beautiful!



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