The Girl Who Takes Pictures of Everything

You going to take pictures of everything all night?

Yes I am and one day you will thank me for it. To remember the Christmas we could wear flip-flops or the last time Uncle Joe sang Ava Maria. Pictures allow us to remember the details of every human and event [that we want to] in our lives. One day these trivial details will have left our memory to be filled with more recent and perhaps more pleasant thoughts but we should never forget the people and times that developed us to become who we are.

Anyone who has met me will probably label me as one of those girls who loves taking pictures, and don’t get me wrong, I do. If you personally know me, it’s clear I like to capture every single moment — from what I eat, to what I wear and to where I go. Though I may say I do it to decorate my shelves with framed photos, sometimes post albums on Facebook or have options on which picture to post on Instagram, the real reason is my fear of forgetting or having those we have lost, be forgotten.

There will be a time, when places and people of my past will no longer be able to be visited but with photography we can always go back to an exact moment in time.

There are days you wish you could hold on to and with your camera, you can. I’m as interested in capturing our mundane routines as I am in capturing holidays and special events. Taking pictures helps you to hang on to those memories a little longer. There are images that can transport you to a different time and place. I love being able to express myself through my camera. I use it as an extension of myself to tell stories that people want to hear and remember.

I have this mentality that maybe if I just took as many pictures as I could of everything and everyone, I would somehow remember it all and those who have left this world would never be forgotten. I look on at the people that I love and laugh at the silly candid’s or yearn for the days I could hear my grandmother’s voice again. But all that is left are the documents that we hold on to.

I’ve realized that as our memory fades, photos become anchors to life events. I used photos to help fill in the blanks and to keep memories from evolving into happenings that didn’t really happen or spark details that may have been forgotten. I live my life through the lens of a camera because that is how I want to see the world I live in. Yes I need to have my camera, yes it will be in your face, if you don’t like it maybe you aren’t meant to be documented in my life.

In the distant, very distant, future when I become a mother, I want my children to know how I grew up and how lucky I was to have special people in my life. I want them to see how the relationships I had with these people helped me to become the person that I am or will be. The most important thing is to capture the moments that make us smile, make us laugh, make us happy.

My camera is a diary that captures everything from my bare feet in the sand to Wyatt sleeping on his bed to my mother decorating cupcakes as she laughs in the dining room. I take pictures because I love it and it’s that simple. Moments are fleeting, people come and go but worst of all time passes quickly before your eyes.

Photography should make you feel something, anything, whether it be good or bad. This past year I have documented anything that I wanted to with my Polaroid. Close to a hundred pictures I can physically hold and look back on. I go into 2016 with the same fun project to document my favorite people, events and places. This goes against all of the “live in the moment people” but this is how I live and relive the moments of my life.




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