Fall Back In Love With Your Wardrobe

I love fashion and clothes and seeing what is new but there are days I hate getting dressed. But since that is illegal I forge on. This is when I come to the realization that I am completely bored of my wardrobe. Most of the time a quick fix is buying something new but more often than not it’s not the most practical option. Really, it’s just like any relationship where we need to bring that spark back! It’s time to get over that hump.

More is NOT Better
Most girls dream of a Carrie Bradshaw closet. I mean with so many choices getting dress should be a breeze right? Um no. I feel like less is actually more when it comes to your wardrobe. If you haven’t touched some items within a year- your closet might be in need of some weeding.

One of my tips is to take a bin and fill it with all the clothes you don’t wear. Yes this includes those sentimental pieces, items you’ve once loved and those “one day” clothes too. Close that bin and tuck it away. When you don’t reach for those clothes in over six months get rid of the whole lot. Give to friends, donate to charities, consign and for those pieces that can’t be saved- toss ‘em. When it comes to sentimental clothing, you need to learn how to separate emotions from the material items.

Shop Away
If you buy clothes every weekend- you got a problem. New should not equate to better. The thing is with shopping regularly, fashion starts to become more about having something new then the actual clothes. So, when you don’t have anything new to wear, you’re bored. You’re chasing the temporary high of having new things rather than appreciating and loving your wardrobe.

Look at your wardrobe and take a look at your favorite pieces. You know the ones that always look good, the ones that are comfy and make you confident. Take the common denominator and base a wardrobe around that. Some people like bright colors while others love different angles. Just take what you love and work with it.

Did Your Style Change? I hope so!
Maybe you’ve grown out of your youthful clothes and are going for something more mature, or maybe you’ve strayed away from loud prints are heading into a neutral zone, who knows! One thing for sure is that pieces you’ve labelled “not my style anymore” can still be incorporated into your current style in some way but it takes a bit of work. Maybe you don’t wear graphic tees anymore because they just aren’t “you”. Well make them blend into your current wardrobe- add a blazer or a full printed skirt- plus Pinterest is a huge help in creating outfits you could never conjure up yourself

Same Old Combos.
Most of my issues comes when I’m running late. It’s easy for me to fall back on my favorites. Have to be somewhere in 10 minutes- I grab that go to tee and throw on my favorite jeans and wear them together for the hundredth time. No wonder I’m getting bored. You need venture into the depths of your wardrobe and find new clothing combinations that you haven’t tried before. Ever worn a dress as a skirt? Take that chambray shirt and throw a vintage tee underneath? Always wear the same top with those high-wasted pants? Grab a crop top and show off some skin! So by all means pull out that fave top, but be sure to push yourself to wear it with something you’ve never worn before. Just try the combination on and you might be surprised!

Buy What You Need
If it’s cold and miserable outside and you’re sticking with the same old comfortable clothes, then you might need to think about buying some more stylish comfortable clothes. For example, instead of your plain old crew cut  knit you’ve had for years go for this season’s highly coveted trend. If that isn’t your scene try new cuts, hems or styles.

Being bored of your wardrobe could come down to the fact that you’re buying things you like, but not the things you need. With a clear idea of what you need in mind, you can aim to buy things that you both like and need. So take note next time when you you’re looking for something that isn’t there in your wardrobe. If you don’t have anything that goes with those high-waisted palm print culottes, then find something that does!

Do you get bored of your wardrobe? What do you do to overcome it?


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