I Believe In…

Love that is true and pure and scary and exciting. I hope that everyone gets to experience it!

Music that makes you think and feel and breathe a little bit differently for a long time after you first hear it.

Champagne for no reason and that being weak in the knees is a good thing. Unless you are a runner, in which case I believe you need more calcium in your diet and maybe some physical therapy.

Sunday mornings, the rainy day kind when you lay about all day, with no plans or anything to do.

Friendships that have lasted through the ages.

There is nothing funnier than a dog with a stereotypical human name and that maybe Lindsay Lohan isn’t all that bad. I believe in good handwriting and manners and that sometimes, it is okay to leap before you look.

A good night with cheap wine and close friends will cure any heartache.

Having a road to drive where you can sing as loud as your voice will let you to your favorite songs.

Laughter and how it allows you to forget all of your worries.

The love you feel when all of your family surrounds you.

I believe that a head-back-excessively-loud-oh-my-God-people-are-staring full belly laugh arguably feels just as good as sex and that black is the most acceptable color for toe nail polish.

Life is a gift and you should cherish the people who walk in your life every day.

Learning from your elders. There is so much you can learn if we just listen.

Second chances for everyone.

Everyone should try to play an instrument at least once and that shoes should be optional during the months of May, June, July, and August.

Every life is equal and precious.

There are low points and high points in life but there is always a light to be found.

Mistakes will be made but I will try to learn from them.

Your hard work and dedication will pay off.

I believe that wrinkles are the human version of a tree trunk’s rings and that freckles and Popsicle stained lips are reminders of summer.

Work is not my world and it should not ever be. We need to stop and smell the roses a bit more.

There are such things as good hair and makeup days and when you have them together… Watch out world!

Laugh loops.

Beating around the bush is for pansies. (That was a pun.)

Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness) makes people more attractive

Everyone is free to love whoever they want just because it isn’t the “norm” doesn’t mean anything.

Stand up for what you believe in- no matter what.

Always keep dreaming and never letting anyone dull your imagination.

If we are doomed to become a generation that communicates solely through e-mails and text messages we may as well make them witty and worth our while. Speaking of wit, I wholeheartedly believe in it; not only keeping them about you but also having a quick one.

Grilled cheese and vodka — not necessarily together though either goes great with pretty much anything.

There are good people and bad people in this world but everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves but I also believe in karma.

We are made up of bits and pieces of the people around us.

Just remember to always stay true to what you believe in and never let anyone make you feel as though you’re wrong!

A dogs intuition in never wrong.

Find a person who makes you feel your best every day- and marry them.




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