I Believe In…

Love that is true and pure and scary and exciting. I hope that everyone gets to experience it!

Music that makes you think and feel and breathe a little bit differently for a long time after you first hear it.

Champagne for no reason and that being weak in the knees is a good thing. Unless you are a runner, in which case I believe you need more calcium in your diet and maybe some physical therapy.

Sunday mornings, the rainy day kind when you lay about all day, with no plans or anything to do.

Friendships that have lasted through the ages.

There is nothing funnier than a dog with a stereotypical human name and that maybe Lindsay Lohan isn’t all that bad. I believe in good handwriting and manners and that sometimes, it is okay to leap before you look.

A good night with cheap wine and close friends will cure any heartache.

Having a road to drive where you can sing as loud as your voice will let you to your favorite songs.

Laughter and how it allows you to forget all of your worries.

The love you feel when all of your family surrounds you.

I believe that a head-back-excessively-loud-oh-my-God-people-are-staring full belly laugh arguably feels just as good as sex and that black is the most acceptable color for toe nail polish.

Life is a gift and you should cherish the people who walk in your life every day.

Learning from your elders. There is so much you can learn if we just listen.

Second chances for everyone.

Everyone should try to play an instrument at least once and that shoes should be optional during the months of May, June, July, and August.

Every life is equal and precious.

There are low points and high points in life but there is always a light to be found.

Mistakes will be made but I will try to learn from them.

Your hard work and dedication will pay off.

I believe that wrinkles are the human version of a tree trunk’s rings and that freckles and Popsicle stained lips are reminders of summer.

Work is not my world and it should not ever be. We need to stop and smell the roses a bit more.

There are such things as good hair and makeup days and when you have them together… Watch out world!

Laugh loops.

Beating around the bush is for pansies. (That was a pun.)

Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness) makes people more attractive

Everyone is free to love whoever they want just because it isn’t the “norm” doesn’t mean anything.

Stand up for what you believe in- no matter what.

Always keep dreaming and never letting anyone dull your imagination.

If we are doomed to become a generation that communicates solely through e-mails and text messages we may as well make them witty and worth our while. Speaking of wit, I wholeheartedly believe in it; not only keeping them about you but also having a quick one.

Grilled cheese and vodka — not necessarily together though either goes great with pretty much anything.

There are good people and bad people in this world but everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves but I also believe in karma.

We are made up of bits and pieces of the people around us.

Just remember to always stay true to what you believe in and never let anyone make you feel as though you’re wrong!

A dogs intuition in never wrong.

Find a person who makes you feel your best every day- and marry them.




Can I Become A Morning Person?

I have come into a recent phase of my life called “adulting” where apparently you have no money, your house is always dirty and time goes double the speed it did when you were in college. I can never seem to get it all done. I leave work at 5 get to the gym for 5:30 and I’m home around 7:00. I immediately take my bra and pants off make myself dinner and before I know it it’s 2:00 AM.

So apparently there is an option to wake up early, which certainly has its benefits. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The sun has not caught me in bed in 50 years.” Let’s just say that the principal author of the Declaration of Independence knows something about achieving success.

I’ve never been a morning person. I can sort of understand why one might wake up early for mimosas or Christmas but really there is no other reason. However, things need to get done and leaving myself only an hour to wake up, get ready and get to work is not good for my stress levels or outfit choices. So I’ve decided to tack on a little more time to my morning routine.

First get yourself to actually wake up. I’m not expecting myself to immediately have a pep in my step and a song in my heart but I have to work up to that point. That’s like a person who never ran before being the first on out of the gate at the New York Marathon. Slow down, we can’t shock your soul into actually doing things. While this might not be the easiest to do, especially for my night owls, it does have its perks!

Wake Up With the Sun

One of the best things ever is to actually see the day begin. Watch as the sun gradually rises over buildings, bridges, bodies of water, and just soak it in. It gives you a sense of connection to this world we live in, and an appreciation for the little things we may overlook from time to time.

Coffee Tastes Better in the AM

This is not based on science but from a girl who can drink coffee, all day every day, morning coffee is different. You’re relaxed, stress levels are minimal and you have a few moments to get lost in your own mind, it’s as good as it gets. There’s no rush to put in your order; there’s no hassle to transport it out into the world; there’s no rush to get caffeine induced into your mind – it’s just that perfectly poured cup of coffee in your hands to hug and drink at your leisure.

The Calm Before the Storm

It’s a crazy-busy-always-on-the-go type of place here, and the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. But, before all of that, there’s a silence in the city that only happens while many others are still asleep in bed. It’s a different world – a different experience – and it’s worth spending a few minutes of your time to acknowledge it. You’ll discover something new about your city that not everyone does.

More Time

There are only twenty-four hours in a day, we know this. It’s science. However (and this part, I can’t explain to you), when you wake up earlier, the day feels longer – you sense that you have more time. You can spend that time in the morning doing what you want, however you want, and free up time later for whatever it is that’s extremely-pressing-but-you’re-totally-swamped.

Mental Preparation For the Day

For me, there’s nothing worse than walking to work feeling like you’re entering a warzone. Getting whiplash from work emails/requests/clients/colleagues is painful. Truly. Okay, so you can’t always control this. BUT! If you can get your brain started a bit earlier, you’re mentally ready to take on what the day brings. It seems less like an attack, and more manageable when you’ve had time to gradually stimulate your mind.

New Look on the Day

We’re all a little bit crabby when we first wake up – sleeping is wonderful, I completely get that. However, that doesn’t change regardless of what time you wake yourself up. I’ve found that my days start off on the right foot when I’ve had time to prepare for the day ahead. Stress happens, yes, but if I can make sure I’m ready to rock and roll before diving head-first into the day…I’m more optimistic on the day’s events. If you can get yourself up and running earlier than usual, it’s sort of like stretching – you ease into it all. And you’d be surprised how well-equipped you are to bob and weave.


Fall Back In Love With Your Wardrobe

I love fashion and clothes and seeing what is new but there are days I hate getting dressed. But since that is illegal I forge on. This is when I come to the realization that I am completely bored of my wardrobe. Most of the time a quick fix is buying something new but more often than not it’s not the most practical option. Really, it’s just like any relationship where we need to bring that spark back! It’s time to get over that hump.

More is NOT Better
Most girls dream of a Carrie Bradshaw closet. I mean with so many choices getting dress should be a breeze right? Um no. I feel like less is actually more when it comes to your wardrobe. If you haven’t touched some items within a year- your closet might be in need of some weeding.

One of my tips is to take a bin and fill it with all the clothes you don’t wear. Yes this includes those sentimental pieces, items you’ve once loved and those “one day” clothes too. Close that bin and tuck it away. When you don’t reach for those clothes in over six months get rid of the whole lot. Give to friends, donate to charities, consign and for those pieces that can’t be saved- toss ‘em. When it comes to sentimental clothing, you need to learn how to separate emotions from the material items.

Shop Away
If you buy clothes every weekend- you got a problem. New should not equate to better. The thing is with shopping regularly, fashion starts to become more about having something new then the actual clothes. So, when you don’t have anything new to wear, you’re bored. You’re chasing the temporary high of having new things rather than appreciating and loving your wardrobe.

Look at your wardrobe and take a look at your favorite pieces. You know the ones that always look good, the ones that are comfy and make you confident. Take the common denominator and base a wardrobe around that. Some people like bright colors while others love different angles. Just take what you love and work with it.

Did Your Style Change? I hope so!
Maybe you’ve grown out of your youthful clothes and are going for something more mature, or maybe you’ve strayed away from loud prints are heading into a neutral zone, who knows! One thing for sure is that pieces you’ve labelled “not my style anymore” can still be incorporated into your current style in some way but it takes a bit of work. Maybe you don’t wear graphic tees anymore because they just aren’t “you”. Well make them blend into your current wardrobe- add a blazer or a full printed skirt- plus Pinterest is a huge help in creating outfits you could never conjure up yourself

Same Old Combos.
Most of my issues comes when I’m running late. It’s easy for me to fall back on my favorites. Have to be somewhere in 10 minutes- I grab that go to tee and throw on my favorite jeans and wear them together for the hundredth time. No wonder I’m getting bored. You need venture into the depths of your wardrobe and find new clothing combinations that you haven’t tried before. Ever worn a dress as a skirt? Take that chambray shirt and throw a vintage tee underneath? Always wear the same top with those high-wasted pants? Grab a crop top and show off some skin! So by all means pull out that fave top, but be sure to push yourself to wear it with something you’ve never worn before. Just try the combination on and you might be surprised!

Buy What You Need
If it’s cold and miserable outside and you’re sticking with the same old comfortable clothes, then you might need to think about buying some more stylish comfortable clothes. For example, instead of your plain old crew cut  knit you’ve had for years go for this season’s highly coveted trend. If that isn’t your scene try new cuts, hems or styles.

Being bored of your wardrobe could come down to the fact that you’re buying things you like, but not the things you need. With a clear idea of what you need in mind, you can aim to buy things that you both like and need. So take note next time when you you’re looking for something that isn’t there in your wardrobe. If you don’t have anything that goes with those high-waisted palm print culottes, then find something that does!

Do you get bored of your wardrobe? What do you do to overcome it?

The Girl Who Takes Pictures of Everything

You going to take pictures of everything all night?

Yes I am and one day you will thank me for it. To remember the Christmas we could wear flip-flops or the last time Uncle Joe sang Ava Maria. Pictures allow us to remember the details of every human and event [that we want to] in our lives. One day these trivial details will have left our memory to be filled with more recent and perhaps more pleasant thoughts but we should never forget the people and times that developed us to become who we are.

Anyone who has met me will probably label me as one of those girls who loves taking pictures, and don’t get me wrong, I do. If you personally know me, it’s clear I like to capture every single moment — from what I eat, to what I wear and to where I go. Though I may say I do it to decorate my shelves with framed photos, sometimes post albums on Facebook or have options on which picture to post on Instagram, the real reason is my fear of forgetting or having those we have lost, be forgotten.

There will be a time, when places and people of my past will no longer be able to be visited but with photography we can always go back to an exact moment in time.

There are days you wish you could hold on to and with your camera, you can. I’m as interested in capturing our mundane routines as I am in capturing holidays and special events. Taking pictures helps you to hang on to those memories a little longer. There are images that can transport you to a different time and place. I love being able to express myself through my camera. I use it as an extension of myself to tell stories that people want to hear and remember.

I have this mentality that maybe if I just took as many pictures as I could of everything and everyone, I would somehow remember it all and those who have left this world would never be forgotten. I look on at the people that I love and laugh at the silly candid’s or yearn for the days I could hear my grandmother’s voice again. But all that is left are the documents that we hold on to.

I’ve realized that as our memory fades, photos become anchors to life events. I used photos to help fill in the blanks and to keep memories from evolving into happenings that didn’t really happen or spark details that may have been forgotten. I live my life through the lens of a camera because that is how I want to see the world I live in. Yes I need to have my camera, yes it will be in your face, if you don’t like it maybe you aren’t meant to be documented in my life.

In the distant, very distant, future when I become a mother, I want my children to know how I grew up and how lucky I was to have special people in my life. I want them to see how the relationships I had with these people helped me to become the person that I am or will be. The most important thing is to capture the moments that make us smile, make us laugh, make us happy.

My camera is a diary that captures everything from my bare feet in the sand to Wyatt sleeping on his bed to my mother decorating cupcakes as she laughs in the dining room. I take pictures because I love it and it’s that simple. Moments are fleeting, people come and go but worst of all time passes quickly before your eyes.

Photography should make you feel something, anything, whether it be good or bad. This past year I have documented anything that I wanted to with my Polaroid. Close to a hundred pictures I can physically hold and look back on. I go into 2016 with the same fun project to document my favorite people, events and places. This goes against all of the “live in the moment people” but this is how I live and relive the moments of my life.



True Life: I am Pro Selfie

Why shouldn’t we take pictures of ourselves? Why shouldn’t we share with the world a picture we look good in? People who aren’t a fan of selfies are haters and in the immortal words of Taylor Swift they’re gonna hate hate hate hate hate! So let them and selfie on!

We belittle those who post pictures of themselves yet those same people complain that girls should “be more confident”. So to that I say, let them take pictures! I love when my friends post candid pictures even if they are “staged candids”, all my millenials know what I’m talking about. Pictures of you are the best because it shows a true smile and the quirky, flawless you.

I want to see my friends and what they look like in the here and now! I don’t get to see them everyday so this is a nice trend we started here! I don’t want to see a picture of mountains or a sunset because honestly I could probably see better ones off of Google images! I want to see your beautiful self and what you do throughout the day.

In lieu of a boring status update about your delicious dinner or the restaurant you’re at, share a photo of yourself staring lovingly at your ice cream sundae or sitting next to your best friend enjoying a martini from your favorite bar. This selfie communicates so much more than a status could: what you look like, your expression, who you’re with, where you are.

You look perfect, yes it’s staged but what pictures aren’t? So what you put a filter on everything and highlight your eyes? It’s still you! The selfie is breaking down the barriers of what it means to be beautiful. The media’s narrow definition of beauty is being challenged by people who don’t fit that mold. We’re constantly encountering images of people of all shapes, sizes, skin colors and gender identities — and they look amazing. They chose to post these images because they love themselves

So share your selfies because I want to see you and meet you! Tag them to Instagram at #TOGselfie! Comment below on what you think of the selfie generation! I can’t wait to hear!

Stay beautiful!


You Are My Person

There are friends and then there are best friends. Being an only child my friends are always something so much more. They are family who know the ins and outs of my life; everything from where I keep the bottle opener to my biggest dreams & fears.

I hope everyone gets to experience what it is like to find “their person”. It’s amazing feeling whether days or weeks go by that they are always there for you, in good times and in bad. Spanning all over the U.S. no matter the time of day if you send a “you up?” message, you’ll get an immediate message. Nothing compares to a best friend, a person you can always be yourself around and never have to worry if they won’t like who you really are. No matter what you do or say they have your back and will defend you to the end because they always want the best for you.

A good friend lets you borrow her top but a best friend lets you borrow her toothbrush.

A good friend will cancel plans if something more important comes up but a best friend will stay true to your plans no matter what or invite you along because you’ve been to dozens of family events anyway what’s one more.

A good friend comes over ready to party! Your best friend is helping you scrub the floors because your house is a disaster and she knows how important a clean toilet is to you. Or she is the one refilling your wine as your vacuuming up the dog hair with curlers in your hair.

A good friend knows your general family and possibly a bit into the crazy dynamic of your life but a best friend can name all of your siblings middle names and all of the dogs you have ever had and where the name “Pudgy” came from.

A good friend makes plans and you have a good night out. A best friend alters and adjusts to make for ample fun.

A best friend has been through all the significant other drama and never left your side and you equally have her back. Plus she will never judge because “we don’t judge in this car”.

Good friends know people you don’t like but best friends share in the same hatred of your cousin’s ex girlfriends sister because when you were in the 3rd grade she pushed you on the playground and you still haven’t gotten over it.

Your best friend knows some weird shit about you that others totally shouldn’t. They also can tell you that you obviously sing the boy parts better and she always nails those high notes… kinda…

Good friends find out about bad nights after they happen while your best friend is the one sitting on the bathroom floor pouring the shots and offering true and honest advice.

Jealousy isn’t a thing between you and your best. You want to see them excel so you can brag about them to everyone! You never EVER think “why did she get that” or “why not me?” because you love them and they are a part of who you are.

A good friend and you will laugh until you cry but a best friend is the one who will be there to hold you when you can’t stop crying. And when they can’t physically be there they stay up with you as long as you need.

Good friends might talk about you behind your back but best friends see nothing to talk about. Typically when you gossip it’s because you see something wrong or annoying but you best friend can pretty much expect what your response or reaction will be. Plus you can have those difficult conversations while offering your opinion because your relationship helps grow each other.

Lastly my go to move. Not only am I a story repeater but I am a terrible story teller. So good friends will stop you if they have heard the story before but your best friend will let the rant go on. You best will know (when you leave out major details) exactly what you are saying, good friends just look on in a state of confusion.

Good friends can turn into best friends if you let them.  I feel like as we get older the more judgmental we become. Remember to be open and let more people into your life. Best friends aren’t always made when you are 5 years old some people are meant to come into your life much later. Life has a funny way of working out. Each person is put into our life for a reason. From riding our bikes to DQ to meeting up for a drink after a stressful day at work, friends make your life so much more than most can imagine. They are your number one fan and biggest supporter.


Hey Four Eyes!

When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher read from big, oversized books and we’d each stand up, one at a time, and read a sentence. One day, I stood up, looked at the page, and realized I couldn’t read a word; it was all a blur.

I mean this wasn’t shocker. It’s not like my family is a bunch of sharp shooters and I’m over here. To be honest I’m surprised my genetics took me this far.

Next thing I remember, I was sitting in an ophthalmologists’ office picking out a pair of glasses. Glasses? I imagined kids would call me “four eyes” (they didn’t). I imagined being picked on, being called ugly (I wasn’t). So I picked out the roundest pair I could find and chose confetti as the color- let your imagination run wild.

But you know what did happen? I COULD SEE! It took some adjusting and some resisting on my end but overall the ability to see outweighed my inability to read the chalkboard.

All that to say, I’ve been wearing glasses for a long, long time. I type this rocking a negative 4.5 in my right and a whopping negatie 6.25 in my left. I’ve had pairs I’ve loved, pairs I’ve hated, and pairs that have been run over, rolled over, and snapped. When kids couldn’t remember my name, I was “the girl in glasses” by default. It’s my thing.

So, as the woman in glasses, allow me to shed some light on ordinary and consistent problems us bad-sighted folk deal with:

1. When your glasses break, your empty wallet flashes before your eyes.

It’s not just an ordinary accessory. Either you drop hundreds of dollars on new frames and lenses immediately, rock some Urkel tape, or go through the Warby Parker try-on period and stay blind for a solid week.

2. Choosing the right frames requires at least a full day of indecision.

The decisions! Sometimes we like the “look” of a frame, but it doesn’t suit our face shape. Or, we worry that it’s too trendy. Or, too flashy. Or, too boring.

These things are going to be on our face, and I don’t know a single person who can pick out frames without a mild mental struggle and a few selfie texts to friends.

3. Eye exams are comparable to Medieval torture.

“Which one is clearer: number 1 *click* number 2 *click* or are they about the same?”
Ummm, the first one? No, definitely the second. Wait, can you go back again? Maybe they’re the same? And no, I would NOT like you to puff air into my eyes.

Unfortunately, a prerequisite to getting new lenses are these uncomfortable appointments, reminding us we’re slightly blinder each year.

4. And you can’t see sh*t when you’re swimming, either.

Let’s just say I spent my childhood summers as “Marco.

5. Rain storms leave you with blurry vision.

Bummer about your hair getting wet, but I can’t see right now.

6. Going into someone’s warm house when it’s cold outside …

Your glasses WILL fog up.

7. Drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee …

Your glasses will ALWAYS fog up.

8. Be prepared to lose your frames to infants who’ve hit their “grabbing” milestone.

No baby can resist grabbing these puppies straight off my face as I gently wrestle it out of their fiercely tight fists

9. Showering and shaving is done by memory.

We basically learn to shave by feel, not sight. And is this shampoo or conditioner? *squints at the bottle*

10. You’re too familiar with the unsettling feeling of people asking to try on your glasses.

Then you’re momentarily blind as they say, “Oh my gosh; you’re blind!” Yes, yes I am. Now stop stretching my frames.

11. You reach for your glasses in the morning and discover they’re missing.

Assume the position of crouching down and patting the rug. A minute of panic always comes over you when you think you slept on them for 8 hours. See #1.

12. We fit into three stereotypes: nerdy geek, sexy librarian, and well-read/smart.

I fit into the fourth- person who can’t see and just needs glasses to view the world around us.

13. Everyone has an opinion when you’re wearing your contacts or glasses.

I’ve actually had several people tell me I look better in glasses, which is a strange compliment because they’re essentially saying I look better when plastic is partially covering my face.

14. You instinctively go to adjust your glasses mid-conversation

Image result for pushing up your glasses gif

15. People who wear glasses strictly for fashion annoy you.

You don’t know the struggle and for that, we shun you. I literally can’t see if I don’t turn my hear. Hence I am blind if I look down/up/left/right.

Truthful Marriage Vows We All Want to Say

I know what you’re thinking. Why do marriage vows matter?

Here’s why. Vows are promises. But not just any promises. Vows are markers that guide your marriage. So, while I’m not against writing vows Casanova would applaud, I am against vows that are more romantic and emotional than practical and honest.

In a culture that idolizes romantic love, we don’t need any more Shakespearean vows. We need vows that will shape and impact marriages. They remind us to keep holding on or they raise red flags to aspects of a relationship that need some attention. But marriage vows tend to be lofty, idealistic promises dripping in romance or generic, one-size-fits-all covenants that leave no room for nuance or reality. They often don’t reflect the real promises needed in a healthy partnership, which are different for each couple.

“I promise never to expect a 50/50 marriage.”

“I vow to always listen and to not talk over you — especially when I know you’re right.”

“I promise to speak to you and about with kindness and compassion.”

“I pledge to give you an acceptable answer whenever you ask ‘where should we go eat?’ instead of saying, ‘I don’t know, where do you want to go eat?’”

“I promise to be there for you, to encourage your dreams, to help you become the man/ husband/ father you are destined to be.”

“I will always tell you when something doesn’t look good on you.”

“I solemnly swear to order my own fries if I want them, and not ask for a small bite of your fries after saying I don’t like fries, then help myself to roughly half of them.”

“I vow to never get tired of grabbing your butt and poking you and nagging you every single day we’re together, until the end of time.”

“I promise to embrace all the parts of you – including your flaws, your snoring, your farts, your gross habits, and your strange fashion taste- including the FF Little League cut-off.”

“I promise to be a safe space for your secrets and vulnerabilities.”

I pledge to share control of the television even when your taste in entertainment sucks.”

“I promise to always poop with the door shut.”

“I promise to never complain about our marriage, in general, or you, in particular, to others.”

“I sincerely promise to trust you and respect your boundaries – and not to transform into a monster when I get all cRaZy.”

“I pledge to be as fair as possible in terms of the household duties.”

“I promise to never make you do something that should be done with my girlfriends. Except my birthday celebrations- it’s now become our thing!”

“I promise to be your partner in parenthood — to back you up in your parenting decisions rather than secretly allowing our kids to do whatever you told them not to do.”

“I vow to always make time for you and to initiate us time with you, no matter how stressful and busy life becomes.”

“I promise to be clear with my needs and expectations, and not make it difficult for you to guess what’s on my mind.”

“I vow to thrill you each day – to amaze and astonish you – did I mention all the magic tricks I am learning.”

I promise to also acknowledge your necessities and respond to them in the best way I can – including your late night pizza cravings.”

“I solemnly swear to be your best friend and your greatest fan, to walk beside you through thick and thin, and to support and encourage your dreams.”

“I promise to always recognize what’s beautiful about you (and about us), especially in the midst of dark days.”

“I will always be there to decide when your brain can’t make anymore decisions after a long day- including what kind of Blizzard you want from DQ.”

“I promise to believe the best is yet to come, regardless of how good or bad things are today.”

“I will always turn on the air conditioning if you are hot and I am freezing.”

“I pledge to defend you to others, even if I don’t agree, because that’s what partners are for.”

“I vow to give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to our finances.” (DUH)

“I solemnly swear not to keep a scorecard of our wrongdoings.”

“I pledge to put your happiness before my own.”

“I promise not to care if you grow skinny or fat or old. Even if your hair is falling out, your skin is going flabby, and your waist is gaining a few inches, I’ll forever remember who we are, and love and cherish the person you are and you will be.”

Floral Kimono

I have to admit I’m laughing to myself as I write this because I always think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding when I hear the word kimono (which isn’t that often obviously…). But the scene is basically the father saying “the root of any word is Greek!”. So a little bratty girl challenges him with the word Kimono and well I won’t spoil it on you but it’s a must watch!


How to wear a kimono: A kimono is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe for the spring and summer. You can wear it over your bathing suit at the beach or pool and then change it up and wear it out to dinner with a pair of heels and jeans or over a dress!

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing

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Thoughts on the kimono? Comment below I’d love to hear!