26 Thoughts While Binge Watching Netflix

Image result for dwight schrute i watched tv for 48 hours

How many seasons are there?

Oh, only four? This shouldn’t take long.

Can I consider this productive?

Maybe I’ll do some abs while I watch.

I’ve been watching this show for one day and I think I’m already emotionally attached to these characters.

Did I have work to do? Probably.

It’s still Saturday right?

Last time I looked the sun was out. But now it’s not. The sun sets at like 3p so it’s not a day completely wasted.

Maybe I should do something today that requires me to use my muscles or brain.

Would my parents be proud if I told them that this is how I spent my free time?

Uh, no. I’ll leave this out next time they call.

The dog even looks disappointed in me.

When was the last time I ate something that wasn’t covered in fake cheese?

I probably don’t need sleep. I only have three episodes left of this season anyway

God- I think I have an addictive personality.

Did I actually watch two whole seasons in only one weekend? Impressive!

Yes, Netflix, of course I’m still watching! I will tell you when I have had enough.

You mean to think that I’ve been (for example) cleaning my home while watching and maybe decided to do something so important I forgot to turn you off? No, not the case. The only thing I get up to do is pee and even that is a struggle.

Image result for when netflix asks if you're still watching

I wonder why they ask that only after 4 episodes of not touching the controller? I’m no chump.

So if I was 21 episodes in one week that’s like,three episodes a day? I mean I do really have like 5 hours to myself after work while not spend 60% of my free time watching TV.

Have been horizontal for 85% of this day.

One. More. Episode.

What time is it? Do I have work tomorrow?

Where has this show been my entire life? I feel like I belong in this cast… I could be an actress.


Get the hell out. She did not. I never liked her anyway.

*episode over* *3 AM*

Well, might as well finish the season.